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Poke-Trainer Vision: Chapter 5: Meeting With People

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Team Before:
Flame- Charmander (Male), Eevee (Female), Hoothoot (Male),
Mal- Pidgey (Female), Houndour (Male)
Steve- Scizor (Male), Sneasel (Female)
Charmander- Scratch, Growl, Ember
Hoothoot- Tackle, Growl, Foresight
Pidgey- Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust
Houdour- Leer, Ember
Scizor- Metal Claw, Giga Impact, Pursuit, Bullet Punch
Sneasel- Scratch, Quick Attack

Remember to check out @Typhlo.sion and @Devan_Plays for their sides of story!
"Hoothoot use Tackle." Flame said and Scizor was weakened.
"Scizor use Metal Claw." Steve said as the PIchu from earlier blocked it with Thunder Shock.
"What?" Flame questioned.
"I guess that Pichu likes yah." Steve said as Hoothoot came in with a new move called Peck.
"Wow, Hoothoot wants to be better." Mal said.
"Sweet." Flame said. "But we better stop because im meeting with friend later in New Bark Town."
"Scizor return." Steve said.
"Hoothoot return." Flame said as Pichu jumped on Flame's shoulder along with Eevee.
"I guess it wants to come with me." Flame said.
"Guess so." Steve said.
"Well we will see yah later." Steve said walking away with Mal.
*AT New Bark Town*
"I just realized I never put you in a pokeball." Flame said throwing a pokeball at Pichu and catching it. There a girl in the Distance.
"Piper, is that you?!? It's me, Flame!" Flame said running over.
"Flame? Wow, you got a Charmeleon! Ah nice bro! I just got my Chikorita." Piper said.
"Yeah, Charmander evolved on the way here actually. He just roasted some Sentrets... poor things" Flame said.
"OOOOhhh, ouch, whelp. Chikorita still only knows tackle and leer. *sigh* But hey, i am going to make her big and strong, isn't that right girl!" Piper said. Then another girl came running over.
"PIPER!." Becca said running over.
"Chikorita, come on out!" Piper said.
"Hi Flame! How've you been? I heard th- Oh! Charmander evolved?" Becca asked.
"OH I KNOW!!! Why don't we take our Pokemon to the PokePark?!?" Piper said
"Yes, that's a great idea!" Becca said.
"Let's go now!" Piper said.
"Sure, why not?" Flame said.
*At the park*
Flame let his Charmeleon out hopping it will listen to him.
Piper and Becca decided to have a battle so Flame decided to go to the first gym and get it over with. Charmeleon was returned into his pokeball and he was on their way with a Eevee on his shoulder.
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