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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 5: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No it's a Grovyle.

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Ry has left Solaceon town and is headed north. What could possibly go wrong.
Ry walked along the path. It was a cool afternoon and there was a fresh breee passing through. Ry's stomach growled. "I guess, it's time for lunch," he said sending out his Pokemon. Splashy and Fuego burst out of their Pokeballs, and smiled. "Okay guys lets get some lunch., Fuego, gather some berries, and Splashy, give him a hand." Ry said, bending over. He pulled out a large bowl, and got a set up going, to make food. Then he grabbed a few apples from a nearby tree.

Soon Fuego and Splashy had returned with the berries, and Ry cooked up a meal for his pokemon, and he ate some apples. Mid-way through his meal, he heard a noise.
Ry turned to face a bush the that made the noise. Then a large green Pokemon jumped out. It snatched up Splashy, and the Pokemon's food. "Give that back!" Ry shouted chasing after the Pokémon. "Grovyle!" It shouted. Then it jumped into a tree. Ry chased after him, with Fuego close behind.

Ry caught up to the Grovyle. The Pokemon nervously eyed Fuego. "How about a battle, if i win we get Splashy and the food back. If you win, then we'll leave you alone." Ry suggested.
The Grovyle nodded, and Fuego stepped forward.
"Okay use Mach Punch!" Ry shouted.
The Grovyle countered with Leaf Blade. The two attacks struck and they both stumbled back. "Now another Mach Punch!" Ry shouted. Fuego swung again at the Grovyle, while the grass type countered with a Quick Attack.

"Wow, you're strong," Ry said smiling. The Grovyle gave Ry a look, that was a mixture of pride and confusion.

The Grovyle charged again with another Leaf Blade.

"Use Thunder Punch!" Ry shouted. The two attacks collided. Then the Grovyle walked away, and picked up Splashy and the food. He walked over and handed it to Ry.

"Thanks, Grovyle." Ry said. The Grovyle gave a nod and jumped into the trees.

"You okay?" Ry asked Splashy. The Poliwag nodded.

A man rushed up to the trainer. "Did you just battle that Grovyle?" He asked Ry out of breath.

"Um yeah, but he left before we could finish." Ry said still looking off towards the spot Grovyle had run off towards.

"That Grovyle is a thief, and a bully. He was released as a Treecko, up in Solaceon, and he evolved and got meaner." The man said.

"It doesn't matter, he has a nice side," Ry said.

"Well you're the first person he's let near him, in a while. He must like you"

"Maybe." Said Ry. Then with his team he waved the man away and left. Unknown to him, the Grovyle was hiding in a tre listening to the entire converstion. "Grov,' he breathed quietly. Then he followed the trainer with the Monferno and Poliwag.