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Crystal Gems: Chapter 5: Gems on Watch

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Just read it.
It was the next day and the gems still hasnt returned.
"I wonder when they will be back." Flame said.
"No clue but have you tried bringing back that sword?" Chrome asked.
"No." Flame said.
"You might want to try so you can get good at it." Mal said.
"Good point." Flame said as a homeworld gem ship crashed into the ocean again.
"Not again." Aspen said walking outside.
"Its me again, and Jim will not loose." Gem said.
"Why you, we were hopping it would be the crystal gems." Chrome said.
"Shut it, they dont know that." Aspen said.
"Dont worry, they already know, sort of." Jim said coming out of the ship.
"Lets not do the same thing." Flame said as his right hand was engulfed by a flame.
"Cool." Chrome said.
"Lets finish this already." Flame said as a sword made of fire appeared in his right hand again. He got ready, gripping his sword.
"I got this covered." Jim said blasting Flame.
"That barely hurt." Flame said weakinly, he got up and gripped his sword again and lunged to Jim. Sadly Jim dodged the sword.
"Your not going to defeat me that easily again." Jim said blasting Flame back into the house.
"Flame!." The three said.
"Now its your turns to die." Jim said aiming his blaster. Mal charged up and kicked the blaster out his hands.
"What, no way." Jim said.
"All right Mal." Aspen said.
"Mess with Flame, you mess with us all." Mal said punching Jim in the face.
"You bastards." Jim said going back in his ship and fleeing. Mal went running back into the house to Flame.
"Uh." Flame said getting up.
"Oh no your arm." Mal said.
"Why do you care all of a sudden?" Flame asked.
"No reason." Mal said blushing a bit. "Just helping a friend."
"What ever." Flame said sitting on the couch, Mal wrapped his arm.
"Wow, Mal, i never knew you could be so nice." Aspen said.
"Shut up." Mal said angry.
"My bad." Aspen said.
"Man, that was something." Chrome said.