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Zombie Apocalypse: Chapter 5: Foundation of a New Base

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is a week later after the last chapter, they finally found a place thats great, but what are the costs, find ou by reading!
"Alright a town, we can finally rest." Flame said.
"We have to make sure its clear first." Doug said.
"Of course." Flame said as they entered the town, they stuck together and made sure there wasnt any zombies and there wasnt for some odd reason. They found a nice house and decided to go inside of it.
"Alright now you can rest." Stan said and Flame and Mal slouched to the ground.
"Ok, im going to check our food supply and stuff so I will be back." Doug said as he left the room.
"So what now?" Dan asked.
"No clue to be honest, maybe try and make this place an actual base." Stan said.
"Sounds good, but who is going to watch these two." Dan said poiting to Mal and Flame.
"We can hear you." Mal said.
"Sorry, but your kids and plus your not good at this yet." Dan said.
"Ugh, whatever." Mal said.
"I can watch them and you go." Stan said.
"Alright, im going to put up some defenses." Dan said walking away.
"So what do you guys want to do?" Stan asked.
"Sleep." Both said.
*Later at midnight*
"AHHHHHH." Stan said.
"What was that?" Dan asked.
"Stan, he must be in trouble." Doug said as the two grabbed their guns and went to the windows.
"Stan is eaten." Doug said.
"Aw shit." Dan said. The two shot the zombies and decided to take turns to stay awake and watch guard.