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Survival: Chapter 5: Day 2, Travel

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer In this chapter the two Flame and Mal, including Flame's dog Max. Will tavel and try to find the other two survivors.
*In the Morning*
"Come on lets go Flame." Mal said getting her supplies and started to leave. Flame got his stuff and Max on his leash and walked with Mal.
*12 Hours later*
"Looks a house." Flame said.
"Probs be good, its getting late and we need some rest." Mal said walking to the house. They went inside, Flame let Max off the leash once they made sure that there was no holes in the house and everything was locked like doors and windows.
"Lets set up for the night." Mal said and she started setting up their beds. FLame gave Max a bowl of water and a bowl of food.
"I wonder how much farther we have to go before we meet with the other two." Flame said.
"No clue, we just have to keep going." Mal said.
"Maybe we wait here and let them find us." Flame suggested getting into bed and Max lays beside the bed.
"No, it will take even longer and we need to be mobile just in case of one of the trials." Mal said.
"Alright, I just dont like to walk." Flame said.
"Just shut it and go to bed." Mal said blowing out the candle.
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