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Special Monsters of Chaos: Chapter 5 : Chaotic Bulb at the Maison

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen Series Replaced.
After Kiloude City Was Saved.Once Again The Battle Maison Was Closed Its Covered with Tainted Vines The Champions Of Each Regions (Excluding Kanto,Johto and Unova)They Were Sent to Investigate What Was Inside of it.Inside Was a Water/Chaos Type Plant (Basically Chaos is a Made up Type) all The Staff Was Charroupted by the Bulb They're Protecting The Bulb.The Champions Used All They're Might But Failed But a Trainer Took out This Bulb By Absorbing its Water Using Giga Drain The User Was a Unknown Trainer.Will The Champions Find Out Who This Trainer? Find out Next Time On The Charroupted Abomination