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Pokemon: The Kids from Kanto: Chapter 5: Brock's Battle

by Imperfect World

Imperfect World Ash, Misty, and Laura have left the Viridian Forest, and are headed for Pewter City for a Gym Battle. Will they succeed, and receive their first Gym Badge, or will they accept defeat and leave the city empty handed?
Laura, Ash, and Misty, along with their Pokemon Pikachu and Charmander, and just gotten out of the Viridian Forest. They were walking on a rocky path. Suddenly, Ash looked very happy. And Laura soon shared his excitement. they ran upon a high rock, to see the large and beautiful Pewter City, not far from where they were.

"We're here!" Laura said, happily.

"Yay, Pewter City!" Misty said happily.

Ash wiped pretend sweat off his head as he sat down.

"For a while there, I thought I was gonna be in that forest for the rest of my life!" Ash said.

"Pewter City is gray. The color of stone. This town has always been famous for stone." said a mysterious voice.

Laura jumped at the dark voice, and looked down, to see a middle aged man with a red cap on. He had a brown beard, and a yellow shirt, with green jeans and black shoes. He wore white gloves.

"You scared me!" Laura said with a sigh.

"Whoa, what the? Who's this old guy?" Ash asked.

Laura gave him a small nudge with her foot, as if to tell him to be polite.

"Never met him." Misty said.

"The names Flint. And you two are on my merchandise." he said, pointing to Ash and Laura.

Laura quickly stepped off the rock, and pulled Ash off too.

"Sorry." Ash said. "You sell rocks?"

"Pewter City souvenirs. Want to buy some?" Flint asked.

"I'm fine." Laura said.

"No thanks. I'm traveling, trying to become a Pokemon Trainer." Ash said.

"As am I." Laura commented, jumping from the ledge, as misty and Ash followed.

"Well your Pokemon sure look worn out. You should follow me." Flint said, standing up from his sitting position. "I'll show you to the Pokemon Center."

So Laura, Ash, and Misty followed, Laura carrying Charmander.

"See, looks can be deceiving! He's a nice guy." Ash said happily.

"Are you sure?" Misty asked.

"By the way, that will be a two dollar charge for resting on my rocks." Flint said, holding out his hand.

Ash and Misty sighed, while Laura took out a wallet. Her parents were very scared she'd have no food, so they gave her lots of money, counting the money she had gained from her allowance. She handed him two dollars, and continued to follow him.


At the Pokemon Center, Laura healed her Pokemon, as did Ash.

"I'd like to revive my Pokemon." Laura said.

"Um, as do I." Ash said.

"I'll gladly take your Pokemon, Ash and Laura!" said the cheery Nurse Joy.

Laura looked up to see the pink haired nurse.

"Nurse Joy?" Ash asked.

"But you were just back in Viridian City." Laura said, confused.

"That was my younger sister. I'm the older Joy." Nurse Joy said. "I've heard nice things about you both! Very nice things!" she said cheerfully.

"Thanks." Laura said with a smile.

"Have you seen that poster?" Nurse Joy said, taking the Pokemon away to be healed.

Ash and Laura turned around to see a large poster. It had a hand holding a Pokeball, and different Pokemon types around it. Misty had started staring at it too.

"Pokemon League Regional Championships!" Laura said with a smile. "No doubt am I going to that!"

"Alright!" Ash said with a fist pump.

"Ha!" Misty said, stepping up.

"What's the matter?" Ash asked.

"To compete in the regional championships, you need to beat gym trainers from different towns, and get their badges as proof." Misty said. "Can youdo that?"

"Of course I can!" Ash said.

"You bet I can!" Laura said enthusiastically.

Suddenly, the group turned around to a low voice, laughing. It was Flint, walking up to them.

"Don't tell me you plan on challenging Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader." Flint said.

"Of course I do." Ash said defensively.

"We're going into the Pokemon League Regional Championships, and we need Brock's badge to do it!" Laura said, folding her arms with a smirk on her face.

"As soon as our Pokemon are healed, we'll wipe the floor with Brock! Take me to his gym. We'll beat him." Ash said.

Flint just started laughing again.

"You'll beat him?" he said, still laughing.

Then he walked away.

"Heck yeah! You'll see!" Laura yelled after him.


Laura and Ash's Pokemon were healed, and Laura, Ash, and Misty were sitting in a restaurant for lunch. Laura had let Weedle out with Charmander, so they could eat too. Laura was sitting by Ash, and Misty was sitting on the other side of them.

"That Flint is trying to make a fool out of us..." Ash said angrily.

"You two really thought you could win?" Misty said. "Gym Leaders are different from your everyday Pokemon trainer. They're much much tougher!"

Laura was eating rice and chicken, and her Pokemon were enjoying two bowl of Pokemon food. Misty was eating spicy red noodles, and Ash was eating rice. Ash snarfed down the last of what was in his bowl.

"I'll tell you what, guys. If you ask me really nicely, I'll help you out." Misty said temptingly.

"I don't need any help." Ash said through a mouthful of food.

"I'll take you up on that offer then." Laura said excitedly.

Misty was mad about Ash saying no, but pleased that Laura had accepted the help.

"Okay, so Fire and Bug types are weak against Rock Types, which is what Brock, the Gym Leader, uses." Misty started. "So if you were to catch new Pokemon, lets say a Water Type or Grass Type for example, you'd have a better chance at defeating Brock."

"Thanks, but I'll stick with Charmander and Weedle." Laura said.

Misty crossed her arms, and made a 'hmph' sound.

"When you lose, don't come to me begging for help." she said, standing up and leaving the restaurant.

Ash didn't seem to care less. Until he looked at the bill however.

"Hey, you can't leave us with the bill, come back here!" he shouted.

"I've got it." Laura said, taking out her wallet.

She grabbed a wad of dollar bills, and put them next to the bill.

"Problem solved. Shall we go to Brock's gym?" Laura asked Ash.


Laura and Ash were on the dirt road facing the stone building. The sign said 'Pewter City Gym'.

"Can I battle first?" Laura asked Ash hopefully.

"Sure! Me and Pikachu would love to watch you, right Pikachu?" Ash asked, turning to his furry friend.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said with a smile and nod.

"Thanks." Laura said.

Charmander let out a happy cry, and he ran to the building, quickly followed by Laura and Ash. Laura pushed the doors to the building open. It was dark, and the only light was the sunlight that peered in from the doors.

"Hello? Mr. Brock?" Laura shouted into the gym.

"Hello?" Ash shouted, just as loud.

They both walked into the dark room, and soon they found themselves in the middle.

"Who goes there?" asked a somewhat deep voice.

A light went on, and under the light was the sitting figure of Brock. He had an orange T shirt on, with a green vest over it. He was wearing dark brown khaki's, and black shoes. He had strange eyes, and his hair was spiked up, a brown color. His skin was tan.

"Oh, hi! I'm Laura, and this is Ash. This is Charmander, and that's Pikachu." Laura said. "I've come for a gym battle."

"Is this your first gym match?" Brock asked.

"Yup! And I plan to win a badge!" Laura said.

"I'm just here to watch for now." Ash said.

"Gym matches are different than other battles. This match is for Pokemon League authorization. There are special rules." Brock said, not giving a cheery smile or anything.

"What rules?" Laura asked.

"We will use two Pokemon each, understood?" Brock asked.

"Yes." Laura said with a nod.

"How long have you been with that Charmander?" he asked standing up.

"About two weeks." Laura said.

"Your Charmander is in its weakest stage. It can't win." Brock said with a smirk.

"I'll be the judge of that." Laura said with a growl.

"Suite yourself." Brock said. "As gym leader, i have to accept every challenge. So let's just get this over with."

Brock snapped his fingers, and suddenly, the ground started to shake. The lights went on, and two garage doors opened from the side of the walls. A terrain of rocks started to roll into where the two friends were standing. Laura grabbed Charmander, and she pulled Ash by the wrist, as she started to run to the other side. She had to jump to make it before the terrain snapped together, and she along with her friends, skid along the floor. Brock jumped from his stone seat, onto his position on the battle field. He held out a Pokeball.

"Let the match begin!" he said.

"Alright, go Weedle!" Laura shouted, grabbing her own Pokeball and throwing it out on the battlefield.

The Pokeball snapped open, and there stood the caterpillar Pokemon, ready to fight.

"Onix, Go!" Brock said, throwing out his Pokeball.

Out appeared a huge Pokemon. Onix resembles a giant chain of gray boulders that become smaller towards the tail. It has a rocky spine on its head and a pair of black eyes right beneath it. Like a giant snake. It looked at Weedle menacingly, and Weedle started to get scared.

"Don't let it's size intimidate you! You'll do great! Use String Shot!" Laura said.

Weedle sprayed its sticky string all over Onix's body, and on it's head, covering its eyes.

"Onix, drag your body on the ground to get rid of the string!" Brock said.

Onix started to roll on the ground like a dog, yet the string didn't come off.

"Poison Sting!" Laura shouted.

Weedle shot a stinger from its head and another one grew out. The stinger that went flying hit the crack of Onix' neck and head, and became stuck. This poisoned Onix, and his health slowly started to drain.

"Tackle in front of you!" Brock said.

Onix came charging.

"Out of the way!" Laura shouted.

The Weedle started to inch away, but was run over by Onix. Weedle went flying, but landed on the ground.

"Poison Sting!" Laura shouted again.

This time, when Weedle shot the stinger, it went around the middle of the body, striking it for pain and becoming stuck. This went on for quite some time, and soon, Onix had fainted.

Laura returned Weedle, and looked at Charmander.

"Ready?" she asked.

Charmander nodded, and walked onto the battle field. Brock returned Onix, and sent out his next Pokemon, Geodude.

Geodude is a gray boulder Pokemon. It has bulging, rocky eyebrows and trapezoidal, brown eyes. Its arms are muscular with five-fingered hands.

"Charmander, Ember!" Laura said.

Charmander shot a burst of fire at Geodude, and hit it, but it wasn't very effective.

"Geodude, use tackle!" Brock said.

Geodude threw his rocky body at Charmander.

"Dodge it!" Laura commanded.

Charmander being quite swift, dodged the tackle.


Charmander honed his claws, and ran up to Geodude, scratching Geodude. Although it wasn't very effective, Charmander hit him in the face, which caused a critical hit.

"Geodude, use Harden!" Brock commanded.

"Now, while it's distracted, use Smokescreen!" Laura commanded.

Charmander opened it's mouth, and from it, came black billows of smoke clouds, making it extremely hard for Geodude to see. However, the smoke only clouded Geodude, so Charmander could see fine.

"Quick, Ember!" Laura commanded.

Charmander breathed in harshly, and then blew hard, a bundle of fire rushing at Geodude. This hurt the Pokemon, enough to roast it into fainting. Laura fist pumped, and smirked at Brock.

"I told you." Laura said.

Brock smiled at her.

"You've taught me not to judge. You deserve this badge." Brock said.

He reached into his pocket as he walked over to Laura, and when he reached her, he pulled out the badge. It is a simple gray octagon. It looked like a diamond in Laura's eyes, however.

"Thanks Brock." Laura said as she took the badge.


Laura couldn't stop staring at her badge as she walked to the Pokemon center with Ash.

"I can't believe I won! He told me I couldn't do it, but I did! I got my first badge on my first try!" Laura continued to say.

"Stop bragging!" Ash said, a bit annoyed.

"Sorry! But if you were me, you wouldn't stop talking." Laura said.

Ash rolled his eyes.

"Soon, you won't be the only one with a badge." he said.

"Yup! You will, and I know you can do it!" Laura said smiling.

Ash gave her a smile as they reached the Pokemon Center. Laura walked up to the front desk, and requested that her Pokemon be healed. When Nurse Joy took her Pokemon to be healed, Laura turned to Ash.

"Should we go get your badge? We can do it while my Pokemon heal." Laura asked.

"Yeah! You can watch me beat Brock!" Ash said, giving Laura a flex.

Laura laughed and grabbed his wrist, running to the door.

"C'mon! The badge won't come to you!"


Laura and Ash arrived in the Pokemon Center, and walked in. The lights were off again, like last time, and they flicked on. Brock was standing now.

"Why are you here?" he said, as if he was annoyed with the two trainers.

"Ash still needs to battle you." Laura said, as she sat down at the side of the battle field that was still there.

Ash smiled and ran to his spot on the battle field, while Brock ran to his. Brock explained the same rules, but he didn't make fun of Ash's Pikachu, which was a good sign that he learned a lesson.

"Okay Pikachu, I choose you buddy!" Ash said.

Pikachu nodded, and ran out onto the battlefield. Brock grabbed a Pokeball and threw it.

"Go, Onix!" Brock shouted.

Out appeared the Onix, who was now healed. Brock probably had some potions on him. Potions are special medicine kept inside a purple spray bottle. They are used to heal the low health of Pokemon. Onix gave Pikachu a menacing look, and Pikachu started to sweat, becoming frightened of the tall rocky snake. Pikachu ran back to Ash in fright, and hid behind him, crawling into his jacket. He grabbed Pidgeoto's Pokeball, but Ash pulled Pikachu away.

"Pikachu, this is your fight, not Pidgeoto's!" Ash said.

Ash gave Pikachu a small shove. Pikachu looked at Ash, who nodded to Pikachu. Pikachu walked tiredly onto the battlefield, and Laura got a bad feeling.

"Onix, tackle attack!" Brock announced.

Onix threw himself at Pikachu, who shrieked and ran away. Onix missed, and his head hit the ground, but he quickly brought it back up. Using his tail, Onix grabbed Pikachu around the waist, and lifted it up like a toy.

"Onix, bind it now!" Brock commanded.

Pikachu was struggling, as Onix started to squeeze it. Laura felt terrible by the minute.

"Pikachu, Thunder Shock!" Ash shouted.

Pikachu let out a burst of electricity. Onix however, stood there like nothing happened at all. Electric types must not have been very effective. Ash grabbed a Pokeball, and held it up.

"Pikachu, return!" Ash commanded.

But when the ray of red light tried to retract Pikachu, it bounced off of Onix's rocky body, causing Ash to worry. Laura looked at Brock.

"Come on, give him a chance!" she shouted.

Brock didn't answer. Ash kept staring helplessly at Onix strangling Pikachu. But Pikachu started to lose strength, and lessened his struggling. Suddenly, Ash lost his temper.

"Cut it out!" he shouted to Brock.

"Do you surrender?" Brock shouted from across the gym.

Ash stood there, dumbfounded for a few seconds.

"I...I do..." Ash said, sad to admit defeat.

A bell rang, signaling the end of the match. Onix let go of Pikachu, who fell to the ground. Ash grabbed Pikachu, who was hurt badly. Laura walked out of the Pokemon Center with Ash, putting a hand on his shoulder while they walked.

"Don't worry. You'll get them next time." she said.

It was late afternoon. They continued to walk on the path leading to the gym, until they were stopped by a familiar man. They looked up to see Flint, who stared at them for a couple second.

"Come with me." he said, putting his hands behind his back.

He turned and started to walk, Laura and Ash quickly following.


They soon found themselves in Flint's rock shop. Pikachu was resting, and Laura had taken a quick trip to the Pokemon Center to grab Charmander and Weedle. Ash was sitting worriedly by Pikachu, his hat off.

"Pikachu will pull through. Don't worry." Laura said to Ash.

Flint walked over with some tea, and three cups.

"Everyone loses sometimes. You can't let that get you down." Flint said, pouring tea into the cups.

"I know...but I didn't just lose, I stunk! Brock's way better than me...I can never enter a league match if i can't beat him!" Ash said.

Flint took a cup of tea and drank from it, Laura taking the two cups and giving one to Ash.

"Brock is very good. His own talents could take him much further than simply being the local gym leader." Flint said.

"Yeah, but why hasn't he been in a regional championship himself?" Ash asked stubbornly.

"He has his reasons..." Flint said mysteriously.

Ash turned around, his face surprised. Laura sipped some tea, and looked at Flint.

"What do you mean?" she asked.


Soon, Laura, Ash, and Flint were in front of a house. There were eight little kids inside, and a mother in the kitchen. She had an apron on, and a hair net covering her hair. She was washing the dishes. Suddenly, a little girl ran up to the mother from another room, and she started to cry.

"I tore my skirt!" she balled.

The mother turned around, and Laura, Ash, Flint, and Charmander all saw that the mother was a father! Brock was the person in the apron and hairnet!

"All right, all right. I'll sew it up for you." Brock said kindly.

Laura's jaw dropped in surprise.

"I didn't know Brock was a girl!" Laura said obliviously.

Flint smacked the back of her head.

"He's not a girl! He babysits his siblings!" Flint said angrily.

Laura rubbed the back of her hurt head.

"Oh..." she said.

Ash looked equally surprised about the mother being Brock. The little girl was pushing on Brock.

"Is it done yet?" she cried sadly.

"Just a minute..." Brock said.

Brock must've truly cared about his siblings. And he knew how to sew.


Laura, Ash, and Flint were walking the streets late that night. Charmander was asleep, and Laura was holding him in her arms. Ash, hands shoved in his pockets, started to speak.

"Well, I sure never thought of Brock like that..." he said weakly.

"Neither did I. He seemed extremely tough and cold hearted before..." Laura said with a sigh.

"He has ten little brothers and sisters to take care of. So he can never leave town for regional championships." Flint said.

"What about his parents?" Laura asked.

"Yeah, doesn't he have a mom or a dad?" Ash pressed.

"His good for nothing father left his family to become a Pokemon trainer and they never heard from him again. Brock's heartbroken mother tried her best to hold things together, but sadly she passed away. Brock's the only one his brothers and sisters have left." Flint said.

"I feel bad for him...my mom left the family when I was five because she broke up with my father. I have two siblings." Laura said, turning the conversation to her life.

"Brock's been through more than that." Flint said defensively.

"Sorry..." Laura said nervously.

"I better not listen to anymore sad stuff. Next time I have a match with Brock, I might not have the heart to beat him." Ash said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Flint turned to Ash in surprise.

"But you said...you said that you could never win a match with Brock." Flint said surprised, although his face had no expression.

"People say stuff like that all the time and never mean it." Laura said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah! I changed my mind about that! If I can power up Pikachu I'll beat him!" Ash said angrily.

Flint put a hand to his chin.

"Hm...I may just know a way you can supercharge Pikachu..." he said mischievously.

"You do?!" Ash said happily.


Laura, Ash, and Flint soon arrived at a place in the nearby woods. It was an old ramshackle shed, with a large wheel by it to supply energy. It looked as though there was supposed to be a river supplying energy to the wheel, but the river was dried out.

"What is this place?" Ash asked.

"It's a hydroelectric plant." Flint said, hands behind his back.

"Cool." Laura said.

"The wheel on the side, when moved by the river, is supposed to make electricity. If you hook Pikachu up to it, you may be able to give it a power boost." Flint said.

"Thanks mister Flint! That's a great idea! Gee...how do you know so much about Pokemon?" Ash asked.

Flint started to sweat.

"Me, uh...you see, well I uh...I just got lucky I guess! That's it, lucky!" Flint said.

"Okay..." Laura said with a curious look at Flint.

Ash turned to Pikachu, who was beside him at the moment.

"Well Pikachu, get ready to power up!" Ash said.

Pikachu yelped happily.

"Of course, right now the river is dry." Flint said.

"Called it." Laura said, as Ash and Pikachu fell over.

"Then what did we come here for?!" Ash asked, annoyed.

"I have another idea..." Flint said. "You can step on the wheel and push it to make power, like a treadmill."

He pointed to Laura, and she fist pumped.

"All right, leave it to me! Charmander, you go inside with Pikachu and Ash." Laura said, before running to the wheel.

Ash, Pikachu, Charmander, and Flint went inside the shed, and started to hook up electrical wires to Pikachu's red cheeks. The wires were connected to a machine in front of a window, where the large wheel could be seen. Pikachu tightened up, as if he knew it would hurt. Flint turned to the small window in the wall, and Laura could be seen.

"Pikachu's all hooked up." Flint said.

Laura nodded, and started to walk up the wheel like steps, holding onto one of the wheels supporters. It was tricky to get the old wheel to move, since it must've been inactive for some time, but after it started to rotate, the moving became easier. It was trying hard not to stop that became tricky.

"Alright!" Ash said from inside.

"Supplying power!" Laura said, as if she was in the Marine Corp.

As Laura continued to ascend to nowhere, the wheel began to rotate faster, causing Laura to need to pick up the pace.

"Is it almost done?" Laura asked in five minutes.

Pikachu had started to groan two minutes in.

"Take it easy, Pikachu. All this electricity may be shocking at first, but soon your body will be used to the high voltage." Flint said encouragingly.

Laura looked in to see Pikachu containing himself, and Charmander comforting him with pats. Ash and Flint were looking at him nervously. Laura was starting to sweat as she was moving. Suddenly, a sort of high-pitched voice was heard from behind.

"Hey! Laura!" the voice called.

Laura turned around to see Misty.

"Hey Misty!" Laura said, not daring to let go of the supporter to wave.

"Tell Ash that I said, 'Wouldn't it be easier to just ask me for help instead of going with this crazy power plan of his?'" Misty said, smiling.

Laura peered in the window.

"Ash, Misty says she thinks it would be easier to ask her for help instead of going with the plan." Laura said to Ash.

Ash and Flint turned. Ash scowled angrily.

"Tell Misty I said forget it! And I can win without her help!" Ash said, an angry look on his face.

Laura shrugged and turned to Misty.

"He says he wants you to forget it, and that he can win without your help. Sorry." Laura said, shrugging to Misty.

She gave a surprised look at first, and then gave Laura an angry face.

"What do I care..." she said, giving a hmph and walking away.

Laura turned back to the window.

"She walked away angrily." Laura said

"I'm gonna get a badge all by myself using the Pokemon that I'm training!" Ash shouted loudly, as he gave Laura an angry face.

"Stubborn. It would be a lot easier to use some of mine too." Misty said with a slight cock of her head.

She obviously heard him.

Laura was now sprinting quickly, trying to keep up with the wheel.

"All right! I can take it..." Laura said, panting. "Just a little more Pikachu!"

Pikachu's face was all scrunched up, showing that he was holding in the large boost of energy he was receiving. Sparks were flying from Pikachu's cheeks, and sweat was dripping down Laura's face. Laura looked out the window. But she couldn't see anything. There was smoke coming from the large machine. Blue electrical sparks came from the machine. Flint stood, and Laura gasped at the machine, trying to slow. But the wheel was moving so fast now, that it was practically impossible to slow down.

"It's gonna blow!" She shouted, worriedly.

Not only was the machine acting up, but Pikachu was as well. Giant bolts of electricity were sprouting from his cheeks. Suddenly, Laura was blinded. Pikachu let out a shriek, and electricity spilled from his cheeks, infesting the area with light and lightning.


Laura, Ash, Pikachu, and Charmander were standing back in front of Brock's gym, ready for Ash's second challenge, in hopes he'd win. Ash pushed the doors open seriously.

"We're back!" Ash said, a determined look on his face.

"Haven't you learned your lesson yet?" Brock said, stepping up to the group.

"Oh, we're ready for you this time Brock!" Ash said, Pikachu puffing out his cheeks.

"Ha, we'll see." Brock said.

The lights turned on, and Laura walked over to the viewing side. She turned to see Misty, quite surprised she had come to watch.

"Two Pokeballs!" Brock shouted, as soon as he and Ash had taken their spots.

"Got it!" Ash answered.

"I'll start with Geodude! Go!" Brock said, throwing a Pokeball.

Geodude appeared a mean look on his face. Ash turned his hat around, and took out a Pokeball.

"Pidgeoto, I choose you!" Ash exclaimed, throwing the Pokeball.

Out appeared the bird Pokemon, ready to fight. Charmander shouted a call of cheer, hoping Ash and Pikachu would win.

"Pidgeoto, Gust attack!" Ash commanded.

Pidgeoto flapped his wings harshly, picking up a gust of wind, making its way towards Geodude. Soon, Pidgeoto surrounded Geodude with gust, and you could no longer see the rocky Pokemon. Brock had a smirk on his face as the wind ruffled his hair. Soon, the gust disappeared, and Geodude was up and at 'em, fighting harshly. Ash looked dumbfounded. Brock looked at Ash, an eyebrow raised.

"Bad strategy. Don't you know flying Pokemon are weak against rock types?" Brock asked.

"Uh...I guess I forgot." Ash excused.

Misty was starting to look worried.

"Come on, Ash, use your head." Misty said, now kneeling and clutching the bars.

"He'll pull through." Laura said confidently.

Suddenly, three girls and three boys came to each of their sides. They were Brock's siblings, from when Laura, Ash, and Flint had looked into Brock's house. Laura wasn't paying attention, and when she looked back at the battlefield, Pidgeoto had fainted. Ash returned Pidgeoto.

"Are you giving up again, Ash?" Brock asked.

"No way!" Ash said.

Laura already knew who Ash would send out. It was obviously-

"Pikachu, I choose you!" Ash shouted.

Of course, Laura thought. Pikachu hopped onto the battlefield happily, determined to win.

"The Pikachu again. I feel sorry for it. Being raised by such a week Pokemon trainer." Brock mocked.

Pikachu, however, didn't seem affected by this comment, but Laura sure was. She started to shout at Brock for making fun of Ash, and she continued her rant. Misty cupped her hand over Laura's mouth, as Brock's siblings started to pull her back from the railing, for she continued to walk forward while yelling.

"Pikachu! Now's our chance to show him how weak we are!" Ash said, growling.

Pikachu shot one of the largest thunder shocks Laura had ever seen. She looked at it in awe, her eyes a bit blinded by the light. The electricity made its way to Geodude, and surrounded him. His face was full of shock, as he was electrocuted. His body had turned black and crispy, and he fell to the ground, clearly defeated. Laura started to clap, and Brock's siblings gasped.

"Wow Pikachu, nice going." Misty said to herself.

"Way to go!" Laura said, continuing to clap.

Brock looked amazed, but said nothing.

"Return, Geodude!" he said, holding up a Pokeball.

Geodude went inside the Pokeball, and Brock minimized it.

"It looks like you trained it better. But still, it's no match for Onix! Go!" Brock said, throwing out a new Pokeball.

It was no surprised when Onix appeared before them. Pikachu looked scared once again. In fear, Pikachu curled up and sprayed electricity everywhere. Laura ducked down as electricity flew her way. Ash jumped to the side as well. Electricity hit Onix in the neck, and he flew backwards. Electricity broke a rock on the stadium. And finally, electricity hit the lights, and caused them to light on fire.

"hey Pikachu, watch where you're aiming, huh?!" Ash said angrily.

Pikachu stopped, and looked up, just as Onix wrapped his tail around the mouse. Ash gasped as Pikachu was lifted into the air.

"Pikachu! Give it a thunderbolt!" Ash commanded.

This time, as Pikachu let out his electric power, Onix was affected immensely.

"Hang in there, Pikachu! it's working!" Ash shouted.

"Onix, bind it!" Brock shouted, irritated.

Misty, Laura, and Brock's siblings all gasped. Suddenly, Pikachu stopped with his electric attack, too weak to continue. Onix roared, and Laura looked worried. She was sure that Pikachu would get Onix down. Pikachu tried to sustain himself as he was being binded, but couldn't hold out any longer. Ash looked defeated again. Ash tightened his face and closed his eyes, ready to admit defeat. Before he could, he was interrupted.

"Onix, stop!" Brock said.

Onix let go of Pikachu, and Laura looked confused. Ash did as well, looking up. Onix let go of the beaten Pikachu.

"No, Brock! I want to play this match to the end!" Ash said, angrily.

Laura shook her head.

"Pikachu is weak." she said to herself. "Too weak to go on."

"There's no point in going on. I really don't want to hurt your Pokemon." Brock said.

Ash growled, and bent his head. Suddenly,the smoke from the fire on the lights made its way to the sprinklers, and they went off, spraying the stadium, as well as covering Onix. This was Ash's chance! Laura thought. Rock types were weakened by water, and electricity could cover body's of water in seconds! Onix roared, as he was hit by the water, and fell to the ground. Ash looked up in surprise.

"Ash! This is your chance!" Laura shouted, getting Ash's attention. "Onix is covered in water, and Pikachu can electrify the water on him, causing more damage!"

"Pikachu!" Ash said, turning back to the battlefield.

Pikachu let out an electrifying power. Looks like he wasn't beaten after all. The electricity surrounded the water on him, and Onix let out another loud yelp.

"Onix!" Brock shouted, worriedly.

"Pikachu, finish it off!" Ash commanded.

Suddenly, Ash felt a pull, and a moment of realization came over him.

"My conscience is holding me back! I can't bring myself to beat Brock!" Ash started.

Laura wondered if he noticed all the children on him.

"I'm imagining his little brothers and sisters stopping me from beating the one person they love!" Ash said.

So he did notice. Just didn't think it was real.

"Look down." Laura said.

Ash opened his eyes, and looked at himself, covered in children.

"You leave Onix alone! My brother worked hard raising it, you big bully!" Said one of the boys, hanging from the front of Ash's neck.

"Believe me kid. I'm no bully." Ash said, looking a little nervously at the boy.

"Stop it! Get off, all of you. This is an official match. And we're going to finish it, no matter what." Brock said, irritated.

"But Brock, we know that you love your Pokemon, so much!" said a little girl, hanging off of Ash's left shoulder.

"That's why we can't let Onix suffer from another attack!" said a scratchy voiced boy, who was hanging off of Ash's right arm.

"Pikachu, return!" Ash said, as Pikachu came running to him.

Laura wondered why Ash had given up so easily. Laura would've finished Onix off for all it was worth.

"What do you think you're doing? This match isn't over yet, Ash." Brock said angrily.

Ash set down a small boy, as the rest of the children climbed off of him.

"Those sprinklers going off was just an accident. Winning the match because of that wouldn't have proved anything." Ash said. "Next time we meet, I'll beat you my way fair and square."

Laura quickly ran down the observers balcony, Charmander on her shoulder. She followed Ash, and waved a goodbye to Brock.

"Maybe..." Brock said to himself, although Laura heard.

Misty sighed.

"Just when he gets a lucky break, he decides to be a nice guy too..." Misty said.

Laura and Ash were walking out of town now, and Laura had to look at Ash.

"Why did you stop? You were so close." She said.

"I didn't want to win the match because of those sprinklers. It's cheating." Ash said.


"I would've done it..." Laura said with a shrug, and a sad look on her face.

"Oh, sorry." Ash said nervously.

Ash then apologized for being tough on Pikachu, and Pikachu responded with a cute chirp.

"Hey, hey! Wait up! Ash! Laura!" said Brock's voice.

Laura turned around and saw him, dashing to them.

"Brock?" Ash and Laura said at the same time.

Brock stopped to catch his breath.

"Ash, you forgot this." Brock said, regaining himself and holding out his hand.

Resting on his palm was a grey Boulder badge, like that of the one Laura had received the other day.

"A badge? For defeating a gym trainer?" Ash said, staring at it. "I can't accept that. I didn't beat you. I gave up."

Ash looked away sadly.

"Nah. I lost to you. You beat me in battle, and being kind to all Pokemon." Brock said kindly.

"But-" Ash started.

"To tell you the truth, I get more pleasure from raising Pokemon than from making them battle. I don't care about becoming a great Pokemon trainer. I want to become the worlds best Pokemon Breeder! But I can't leave here, because I have to look after my brothers and sisters. Ash, I want you to take this, and for you and Laura to fulfill my dream! Can you both do it?"

Laura nodded, and Ash smiled, nodding as well.

"We will." Ash and Laura said at the same time.

"And I'll do my best to deserve this too." Ash said, taking the badge from Brock's palm.

"Brock..." said a deep voice, Laura recognized as Flint's. "You go follow your own dream."

Laura gave Flint a small wave.

"Hey, Flint!" Laura said.

"Oh, Flint." Ash said, surprised.

Without answering, Flint reached for his beard, and peeled it off. It was a fake. Then, he reached for the hat on his head, and underneath it was very spiky hair, which resembled Brock's own.

"What?! You're Brock's father?!" Laura said, surprised.

"My father." Brock said in disgust, glaring at Flint.

"Huh?! You mean, you're the good for nothing father who left home and never came back?!" Ash said, his face wide.

"That's right, it was me...I couldn't become the great Pokemon trainer I wanted to, and because I was such a failure, I was too embarrassed and ashamed to go back to my family..." Flint said, sadly.

"But why did you help me instead of Brock?" Ash asked, which Laura was also curious about.

"You reminded me of myself. You didn't seem to have a chance." Flint said.

"Ouch." Laura said, as Ash put on a sulking face.

"It's time I started taking care of my family. You go fulfill your dreams, and mine." Flint said, ignoring Ash and Laura.

"But first there are a few things I need to tell you." Brock said, still frowning.

"After all these years, I understand how you must feel about me, so I want you to get everything off your chest." Flint said.

Brock reached into his vest, digging in an inner pocket, before pulling something out in his clenched hand.

"Here." Brock said, placing it in Flint's gloves.

Flint brought up what was placed in his hand, and looked at it, as if it was a joke. Je was holding a needle, and a spool of thread.

"Susie rips her dresses, so you better learn how to sew, and Timmy only eats cold spaghetti for breakfast, Tommy likes Cornflakes for dinner-" Brock listed in run-off sentences.

"Slow down, I can't write that fast!" Flint said, writing everything on notepad.

"Cindy sleepwalks, so you have to tie a bell on her wrist, the twins never want to take a bath, so you have to..." Brock went on and on about each of his siblings.


It was night, and the group was walking with each other, heading to the next town.

"Hey, Laura and Ash, are you sure it's okay that I go with you on your Pokemon Journey?" Brock said, smiling.

"Sure we're sure!" Ash and Laura said at the same time.

"The more the merrier!" Ash added. "And it's good to have more than one person to talk to, other than Laura."

Laura smiled, happy he felt that way.

"Well...what about that other girl, that keeps following you?" Brock asked, looking behind his shoulder.

Laura and Ash turned as well, to see an angry looking Misty, stomping behind them.

"Don't forget about my bike, little losers!" Misty shouted, continuing to walk. "I'm gonna follow you until you pay me back!"

Ash and Laura stopped in their tracks, sweating.

"We know!" Ash and Laura shouted.

"Come on, let's try to lose her!" Ash said, grabbing Laura's wrist and pulling her along.

Laura was very surprised at first, but got used to it and kept running.

"Wait up, guys!" Brock said, running after them.

"You guys won't get away!" Misty shouted, running right after Brock.

Suddenly, Laura saw a hole, and three heads popped out.

"I told you I'd get us out of this." said a male voice, the head with blue hair.

"This was all-" said the pink haired head.

But she was cut off when Ash stepped on her head, and Laura stepped on the male's head. It was Team Rocket!

Laura kept running, but yelled, "Sorry!" to Team Rocket.

"You're fault!" the pink haired lady screamed.

So the group continued running off into the distance, wondering where the rest of their journey would take them.