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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 48: Fall of Team Rocket

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey This is it! The final battle! Team Rocket's Boss Giovanni versus The High Commander of Team Neos, Leader!
Chapter 48: Fall of Team Rocket

*DING* chimed the elevator as it reached the fourth basement floor. As soon as the doors opened, Arthias walked out with his claymore in hand. One of the Neos spies that had infiltrated Team Rocket had stuck around for the final battle to pass on valuable information. The spy told him that Giovanni had barricaded himself in his office in the fourth basement floor which could only be accessed via elevator. The spy was also in possession of a Lift Key, the only means to operate the elevator, and willingly handed it over to the High Commander. As Leader, he would see to it that the spy was justly rewarded after this mission for going above and beyond expectations.

“What the hell? How did you get down here?” interrogated one of two Rockets standing on either side of a door. There was no doubt on who was on the other side of that door.

“Who cares how he got here, we have to stop him!” declared the other Rocket. “Attack Sandslash!” he called sending out a Pokémon with a light tan hide, thick brown quills sticking out of its back, and large white claws on its hands.

“He can’t beat us two-on-one! Get him Arbok!” called the first Rocket releasing a long purple cobra with a demonic face pattern on its hood.

“You two are Giovanni’s last defense? How absolutely laughable!” mocked Arthias. He reached under his cape and took out a standard red and white Pokéball. Using a Pokémon for this would be faster than simply swinging his sword around. Without a word he threw the capsule releasing a large metallic blue disk with four bulky arms and a silver ‘X’ on its face framing its hollow red eyes. This particular Metagross had a scar over its left eye; a parallel to the scar on its master’s left cheek.

“Sandslash! Attack the Metagross with Slash!”

“Arbok! Kill the Trainer with Poison Fang!” The two Pokémon charged into battle ready to fulfill their orders.

“Crush them.” the War God commanded in a quiet voice. Metagross reared back on its back legs then slammed its weight down on its attackers pinning both under its claws. “Now!” declared Leader holding his claymore low with both hands as he ran towards the Rockets. They both instinctively lifted their arms in defense, but before they could utter any last words Leader swung his sword upward slicing one, then in a fluid motion, beheaded the other with a horizontal slash.

“Metagross!” he called only slightly turning his head to view the Pokémon behind him. The Iron Leg Pokémon roared in confirmation that Sandslash and Arbok were no longer threats. The War God turned back to Giovanni’s door which now had blood splattered on it. The door was metal meaning, while he could still hack through it, Giovanni would be alerted to his presence which would give the Rocket Boss time to prepare. But he had another way to get in quickly.

Arthias stood to the side then snapped his fingers. Metagross took its cue and with a single punch knocked the door clean off its hinges sending the now dented sheet of metal to the floor of the room. The High Commander stepped into the room which contained six potted plants, three on each wall, and a small table in the middle of the room. Sitting on an orange sofa behind the table was Giovanni with a furious look on his face. The Rocket Boss had on a black trench coat and fedora.

“You have a lot of nerve showing up here.” said Giovanni, his voice seething with rage. “Just who the hell do you think you are and what do you hope to accomplish?” he demanded.

“My name is Arthias though within Team Neos I operate under the codename Leader. It should be obvious why I’m here. I’m here to kill you.” Arthias answered condescendingly. The Rocket Boss scowled at the show of disrespect.

“But why? For what reason do you challenge Team Rocket and slaughter my men?” he interrogated furiously.

“The goal Team Neos fights for is to create a utopia where people and Pokémon can live in peace and harmony. Despite my position, my goal is not the same as the rest of the organization. I live for battle. I live for fighting. I want to fight strong opponents.” the warrior revealed. His thirst for combat had been what led him to Neos in the first place. The art of war was so deeply imbedded in him that he had been granted the position of High Commander so that he could oversee the combative aspects of the Team. No matter how anyone looked at it, Giovanni was no warrior. His influence however was impressive, plus he was a former Gym Leader. Arthias gave Giovanni a condescending smirk. “To be the head of the largest criminal empire to ever exist as well as a notoriously difficult Gym Leader means you must be exceptionally powerful. Show me that power!” he commanded. Giovanni got up from his seat, took off his fedora, and walked to face his foe.

“You had Team Neos spend the last year and a half ruining my operations, destroying my empire, and murdering my subordinates and you mean to say that was all in the name of fighting me!?” the Rocket Boss accused practically fuming. Leader let out a contemptuous grunt.

“I already told you why I was here. Don’t make me repeat myself cur.” he said coldly, pointing his claymore at Giovanni’s throat causing the Rocket Boss to recoil back. “So are you going to accept my challenge or not?”

“Looks like I have no choice. I will make you regret challenging Team Rocket!” growled Giovanni. “Bury him Dugtrio!” he called throwing down an Ultra Ball. There was a slight tremor as the Mole Pokémon buried its body underground before the white light of its emergence faded leaving only its three round brown heads exposed. Arthias smirked as he lowered his weapon and stepped aside to let his Pokémon do the fighting. He much preferred being in the heat of combat himself but a Pokémon battle would suffice against weaker foes. Just like his sword, Pokémon were tools of war that required training and strength to wield effectively. Hopefully Giovanni lived up to expectations.

“Strike with Hammer Arm.” ordered the War God. Metagross lifted its left forearm preparing to slam it down on top of Dugtrio.

“Use Dig!” Giovanni commanded. The three heads disappeared underground causing the Iron Leg Pokémon to smash its arm on the floor over the hole. Metagross roared angrily at the hole.

“Forget about it. Get in the air with Magnet Rise.” commanded Arthias uncaringly. Metagross did as told by using its psychic abilities to manipulate the magnetic field around it letting it float.

“What’s the matter? Afraid your Pokémon will get hurt?” Giovanni taunted as Dugtrio’s heads remerged.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Arthias rebuked. “What I just did is no different than what you ordered your Dugtrio to do. Evading an enemy’s attacks is an effective strategy.”

“That isn’t what I meant. Dugtrio are completely grounded leaving them vulnerable and unable to attack those that hover above them. I find your getting out of range to be more cowardly than strategic.” sneered Giovanni in an attempt to rile his opponent. Arthias didn’t react to the taunts for he didn’t care what the former Gym Leader thought. All that mattered was victory and if the only way Giovanni could win was through deception, he’d be dead before his next Pokémon was called out.

“Not buying it eh?” the Rocket Boss said with a mix of disappointment and admiration. “Then let me show you what makes me a Master of Ground-types! Not only was I one of the first people to realize Rhydon could evolve one step further, I was also the first person to discover that Dugtrio are just as fast on the surface as underground! Dugtrio! Arise!”

Tremors shook the room as a long arm with huge sharp claws burst through the floor a few inches left from the Mole Pokémon’s head. Then the right arm emerged. The two clawed hands firmly planted themselves on the floor to push the rest of the body out. Dugtrio were always measured at an average 2’4” tall and weighing 73.4lbs. But those were just the measurements of the heads. The monster that now stood before Arthias and Metagross stood around seven and a half feet tall and had to weigh over 500lbs.

The warrior got a wide smirk at the full appearance of his foe. He hoped Dugtrio was as formidable as it appeared. The Mole Pokémon’s heads were attached directly to its broad shoulders. Despite the lack of a neck the heads weren’t stiff and could move independently of each other. Its torso was solidly built with a slightly armored hide even though the Pokémon rarely exposed its entire body. As expected of a creature that primarily used its arms for digging, the legs were short and stocky but also clawed for maintaining position underground.

“How do you like Dugtrio’s true form?” inquired Giovanni boastfully.

“For your sake I hope it’s strong! Meteor Mash!” the warrior answered. Metagross jabbed a punch at its foe with the speed and power of a comet falling through the atmosphere.

“Sucker Punch!” countered the Rocket Boss. With unexpected speed for a Pokémon its size, Dugtrio ran towards the Iron Leg Pokémon and punched it in its jaw with an uppercut before taking the Meteor Mash to its left head causing it to stumble back. Arthias found himself impressed. It would seem Giovanni’s claim wasn’t just empty bragging after all. Perhaps the crime lord really would provide a worthwhile battle.

“Throw Dugtrio around with Psychic!” he ordered. Metagross’s eyes took on a blue glow before a similar glow engulfed Dugtrio. The Mole Pokémon was lifted into the air then thrown into the table smashing it to pieces. Giovanni glared angrily and the fragments. That was an expensive mahogany desk they just destroyed! He would make Arthias pay for that!

“Get up and attack that bastard Arthias with Tri Attack!” the former Gym Leader commanded. Dugtrio staggered up from the debris and shot a single elemental beam from each head. From the right head came fire, lightning from the middle, and the left shot ice. The three separate rays spiraled around each other into a single attack threatening to hit Arthias in the chest.

“That’s more like it!” the warrior commended holding his claymore in front like a shield to block the attack. “Metagross! Repay Giovanni in kind with Power-Up Punch!” he ordered. Metagross roared as it flew towards the Rocket Boss with its right claw pulled back ready to knock its enemy’s head off.

“Dugtrio! To me! Attack with Night Slash!” ordered the crime lord desperately. The Mole Pokémon raced towards its master with an aura of darkness surrounding its claws. Before Metagross could put an end to Giovanni, Dugtrio slashed it in the back. The Iron Leg Pokémon repaid the favor by spinning around and using Power-Up Punch on Dugtrio instead.

“Finish it with Bullet Punch!” commanded Arthias. At a speed faster than Dugtrio could detect, Metagross unleashed a rapid-fire assault on the giant mole until it collapsed to the floor.

“Damn!” growled Giovanni as he returned his Pokémon.

“Is that the best you can do? That isn’t even a warm up for me.” Arthias said boredly. He could feel his sword arm twitching. If Giovanni couldn’t provide a good fight than the War God wouldn’t waste any more time with him.

“I wouldn’t get cocky if I were you. My Honchkrow will defeat that Metagross of yours!” the Rocket Boss warned throwing down a Dusk Ball. Emerging was a large black bird with a puffy white chest and red feathers on its tail and the inside of its wings. Its head crest was reminiscent of Giovanni’s fedora which was still sitting on the sofa where he left it. The Big Boss Pokémon gave a loud caw to announce its presence.

“What is this? You call yourself a Ground-type Master and yet you send out a Pokémon that is not.” questioned the warrior looking the new adversary over.

“Being a master of a type doesn’t mean I restrict myself to that type. Only a fool would use only a single type outside of a Gym battle. Diversity is the key to victory.” Giovanni boasted pompously.

“The words of a weakling.” Arthias belittled. “True strength is eliminating your weaknesses, not hiding from them with hypocrisy.”

“Then let me show you what makes me the strongest Trainer in the world! Honchkrow! Use Swagger then attack with Foul Play!” the Rocket Boss commanded. The crow puffed out its chest then started cawing menacingly at Metagross to rile up its foe. Metagross responded to the agitation with an angry roar. Honchkrow then flew in close with a dark glow around its talons to use the Iron Leg Pokémon’s own power against it.

“Iron Defense!” ordered Arthias quickly. Metagross stared defiantly at its incoming opponent as its body shimmered brightly. Honchkrow pounded Metagross between the eyes causing it to cry out in pain but its hardened body help absorb what could have been a harsher blow. “No more games! Knock it out of the air with Hammer Arm then crush it with Meteor Mash!” commanded the warrior ruthlessly. He couldn’t help but admire Giovanni’s strategy of using Metagross’s own power against it, but that was also why Honchkrow had to be dealt with immediately. Metagross lifted its right front arm up and slammed it into the Big Boss Pokémon’s back sending the bird plummeting hard into the floor. It then landed back on the floor with a loud crash as Magnet Rise wore off. Metagross planted its left arm on the bird’s chest pinning it to the ground.

“Honchkrow! Shadow Ball!” called the crime lord urgently. Honchkrow opened its beak and began gathering the shadows in the room into a ball in its mouth. The Iron Leg Pokémon however wasn’t having it and smashed the crow’s head with a Meteor Mash with its right claw. It then picked up the corpse and shoved it in his mouth earning a horrified look from Giovanni and a look of intrigue from its master. As a seasoned warrior, Arthias was disciplined enough not to eat anything before a big battle and trained his Pokémon the same way. Apparently though Metagross was too hungry and wasn’t letting an easy meal go to waste.

“You said you were the strongest Trainer? What a joke. A Seated Officer could beat you, if not a regular Officer.” the War God said dismissively. The only battle he had ever lost in this life was to the man who could be considered the strongest Trainer. He was the one who gave him and Metagross their scars. Ironically for being so powerful and having the name Strife, that man was the one who held the naïve vision of the utopia Team Neos fights for. He should realize the only truth of this world was survival of the fittest. Arthias had seen it all before first hand. For millennia humans have struggled against each other in competition for resources or for such petty reasons as a dislike for one another. Everything Team Neos had done up until now and everything they would do hence forth was testament to that. Peace was a lie. There would always be fighting.

“You filthy bastard!” roared Giovanni furiously.

“Get over it. This is war. Disarming and killing your enemies is all part of the campaign.” Arthias scoffed. “Just be glad you haven’t given me a reason to end this quicker yet.” he added holding up his sword.

“You said before that true strength is eliminating weaknesses. You’re half right. True strength is putting together the potential of many to produce a huge power! That is why this time I’ll use Nidoking and Nidoqueen!” declared the former Gym Leader sending out a purple bipedal rabbit with a long horn and spikes running down its back and a smaller blue bipedal rabbit with smaller spines and horn. The warrior grinned. He liked these odds. Perhaps now Giovanni would actually be a challenge.

“Show me this ‘power of many’ then.” Arthias demanded.

“Why you arrogant! Nidoking! Nidoqueen! Attack Metagross at once with Earth Power!” commanded Giovanni taking note that Magnet Rise had worn off leaving Metagross grounded. The monster rabbits moved to either side off the Iron Leg Pokémon and dug their feet into the floor kicking up a wave of sediment to strike Metagross from both sides.

“Dodge with Agility, then use Earthquake!” ordered the War God. Metagross jumped backwards and spun like a frisbee leaving the two Earth Powers to collide with each other and cancel one another out. It then crashed itself back to the floor sending tremors throughout the room knocking over the plants. Both Drill Pokémon were brought to their knees while the Trainers remained steadfast and standing. For Giovanni he was used to the tremors of the attack while Arthias used his claymore to maintain balance.

“Nidoqueen! Keep Metagross busy with Crunch! Nidoking! Kill the Trainer with Shadow Claw!” the Rocket Boss ordered ruthlessly. The female jumped on Metagross’s back and started chomping viscously at its legs. At the same time the male came running at Arthias with his claws surrounded in a ghostly wisp.

“Come on!” Arthias dared. Nidoking swiped at him but the warrior expertly parried the attack with his sword. Nidoking tried again with his other hand in the opening Arthias left only for him to catch Nidoking’s claws in his own gauntleted hand.

“Not bad.” Arthias complemented as he struggled against the monster rabbit’s power. It had been a long time since he last engaged a Pokémon himself.

“You’ve got him! Kill that bastard with Horn Drill!” Giovanni commanded triumphantly. The Drill Pokémon’s horn began spinning as it threatened to pierce Leader’s neck.

“Psychic!” Arthias shouted. Nidoking became surrounded by a blue glow before being forcefully pulled away from his would be victim and thrown into the nearest wall. Metagross then roared as it lifted Nidoqueen off its back and threw her into her male counterpart. It then assaulted both at once by pulling at their sinews with its psychic power until both Pokémon went unconscious from the pain.

“What!? This can’t be!” yelled Giovanni in denial at his current predicament. He used two Pokémon at once and yet both Metagross and Arthias were still standing. What’s more he was down four while his opponent still had his first Pokémon out! His only option would be to take out Metagross and then kill Arthias immediately after. He could then steal whatever other Pokémon the warrior carried and rebuild Team Rocket with their power. No, use them to take over Team Neos!

“This ends now. You’ve attacked me twice, used Metagross’s attack against it, and even used two Pokémon at once. Unfortunately, you lack the power to actually follow through with your bold strategies. You’ve failed to impress me. This ends now.” Arthias said disappointedly as he raised his claymore. He would put an end to the Rocket Boss in one strike!

“This isn’t over yet! Don’t fail me Kangaskhan!” called Giovanni throwing an Ultra Ball. Emerging was a large brown armored marsupial with a thick tail, red eyes, spikes running down its back, and an empty pouch on its belly. The only two explanations Arthias could come up with for the empty pouch were either this Kangaskhan had never bred or Giovanni sold the baby on the black market. It didn’t matter to him anyway and he was done wasting his time on this trivial battle.

“Metagross! Finish this cur quickly. Hammer Arm!” the warrior commanded.

“Not so fast! Fake Out!” countered Giovanni. Kangaskhan dodged Metagross’s swing then smacked it in the face causing it to flinch. When Metagross shook off the shock it lifted its arm for another swing. “Hit it again with Sucker Punch!” the former Gym Leader commanded. If Metagross would only go down, this battle would be in the bag! The Parent Pokémon took another sneak attack on her foe by delivering a right hook before getting pummeled in the head by Metagross’s own attack.

“You’re trying my patience now.” Arthias warned irritably. He found Giovanni’s resolve to fight to the bitter end admirable, but as much as he loved combat, he couldn’t stand to see weaklings cling to the delusion of victory. The outcome of this battle was already decided. All Giovanni was doing now was buying time until his execution.

“I have had quite enough of you as well! Get your distance and use Earthquake Kangaskhan!” ordered the crime lord. The Parent Pokémon jumped backwards then came crashing back to the floor shaking the whole room again. Metagross was beginning to look worn out but still held strong. Giovanni scowled at it. Just how sturdy was that thing!?

“Then we end this right now! Finish Kangaskhan with Zen Headbutt!” Arthias ordered as he positioned himself to attack Giovanni at the same time. The Rocket Boss took out the Ultra Ball containing his last Pokémon as he turned to run from his assailant.

“Go Rhyperior! Attack Metagross with Rock Wrecker!” he yelled throwing the sphere before jumping over and behind his sofa. The War God used his claymore as a pole-vault to close the distance between them. The warrior then slashed at the sofa cleaving it in two to get to his opponent.

At the same time, a giant stone-grey Pokémon built like a tank with orange plates coving his body appeared on the battle field. His most prominent feature was his two long horns on his nose and forehead. Rhyperior lifted on of his cannon like arms and began excreting and condensing small rocks in his palm forming a large boulder which he then launched at Metagross. The Iron Leg Pokémon’s forehead was glowing blue as it was about to land the finishing blow on Kangaskhan but it was cut off from its attack by the boulder blasting it into the nearest wall with such force that some of the drywall collapsed on it.

“Now Kangaskhan! To me! Attack Arthias with Outrage!” Giovanni commanded victoriously. Kangaskhan roared as she let go of all of her senses and let her instinct for fighting come to the surface. She roared again as her anger exploded sending her into a frenzy.

“You think this will be enough to stop me?” demanded the warrior prepping himself for the onslaught. The kangaroo monster lumbered towards him and slashed downward with her left arm. Arthias spun his body to his left to avoid the attack then lifted his sword to strike her down. Kangaskhan proved to be just slightly faster as she was able to spin around and smack him in his ribs with her tail. The only thing sparing Arthias from damage was his armor.

“You’ve got him! Keep up the attack!” encouraged Giovanni enthusiastically. Kangaskhan attempted another strike with her right arm this time but Arthias dodge rolled to avoid it. He had to admit, she was faster than expected. Still, soon fatigue would set in and at that time both she and Giovanni were dead. As for Rhyperior…

“Get up Metagross! Attack Rhyperior with Flash Cannon!” he commanded dodging another attack. Metagross got out of the rubble with the ‘X’ on its face glowing bright white. It then launched a powerful beam at the Drill Pokémon knocking the behemoth back but Rhyperior was able to tank the hit with the only noticeable damage being gashes in the floor from where his feet had been dragged back.

“Finish Metagross off with Fire Punch!” ordered the Rocket Boss starting to feel a bit desperate. Rhyperior charged at Metagross with his fist burning hot as magma. At the same time Kangaskhan was punching at Arthias like a drunken brawler with every blow being blocked with his sword.

“Counter with Meteor Mash!” Arthias also commanded. The two Pokémon’s punches collided at the same time sending shockwaves through the room. The War God then kicked Kangaskhan in the stomach causing her to stagger back. Wasting no time, he slashed her vertically down the center causing blood and internal organs to spill out of her.

“Kangaskhan! How dare you!” the crime lord roared.

“You’ll be joining her soon enough.” the warrior promised darkly as he reached behind his cape and pulled out another Pokéball. This farce had gone on long enough. He threw the ball to the ground releasing an almost exact replica of his claymore but this creature had a golden shield held by ribbon like arms. “Pierce him Aegislash!” he ordered pointing his sword at Giovanni. Aegislash raised its shield and turned its body so that the tip of its blade faced the Rocket Boss. It then flew through the air threatening to impale him.

“Rhyperior! To me!” called Giovanni frantically. The Drill Pokémon tried getting to his master but his bulk made him much slower than Aegislash. Not to mention Metagross was still active if only barely.

“Throw Rhyperior in front of Giovanni Metagross.” Arthias ordered counterintuitively. Metagross’s eyes glowed blue as it did as instructed. Rhyperior became surrounded in a blue glow as he was flung in front of his Trainer just in time for the Royal Sword Pokémon to swing down and slash him in the back. Were it not for Rhyperior’s rock hard hide, he would have been skewered.

“Wha… What was that?” questioned Giovanni in shock as he fell to his knees. He was sure he was going to die just then so why did his mortal enemy just spare him? “What in the hell are you?” he demanded looking up at Arthias. The way the light reflected off of his red tinted glasses gave the impression of glowing red eyes staring back at him.

“Metagross! Aegislash! Flash Cannon!” he commanded instead of answering Giovanni’s question. The two Steel-types both blasted Rhyperior with beams of light until it completely collapsed.

“Bastard!” growled Giovanni angrily. Was his plan simply to humiliate me? he wondered.

“Giovanni Terremoto.” Arthias addressed in an authoritative voice with Metagross and Aegislash lining up on his right and left flanks respectively. “To answer your question, your Rhyperior was in my way. Rather than let my Pokémon kill you I decided to let them finish off Rhyperior so that I could kill you with my own hands. Now, are you ready to die?” he asked raising his claymore.

“W-wait a minute. Let’s negotiate terms here.” requested the Rocket Boss. “We’re both reasonable men. There’s absolutely no reason we can’t work together. I can get you money, power, Pokémon, anything you want, just name it!” he bribed in an attempt to spare his wretched life. At the sound of his words though, Arthias lowered his weapon.

“Anything I want you say?” he asked. Giovanni smirked believing he had gotten through to his foe.

“Yes, just name it and it’s yours!” Giovanni enforced. The warrior looked around what was left of the room. All the furniture had been completely destroyed, the floor was ripped to shreds and all the tiles smashed, and even the walls had been dented and busted up. Arthias then gave Giovanni a cold, condescending grin making the crime lord nervous.

“Does this facility have an intercom system?”

“What the hell are you?” cried a Rocket in fear as I lifted another one off the floor by his neck.

“Haven’t you heard the rumors? I’m the fucking Demon of Team Neos!” I proudly admit giving them a fanged smirk.

“You’re a monster is what you are!” said a third Rocket and only other one in the room.

“Save it.” I spat. I pulled my free hand back to ready a Dragon Claw to the face but a loud screech distracted me.

“Attention members of Team Rocket and members of Team Neos.” a voice rang out over an intercom speaker. I looked around the room trying to find the source but I couldn’t pinpoint it. “This is Giovanni Terremoto, the Boss of Team Rocket speaking.” the voice said. It wasn’t proud or taunting like one would think of Team Rocket’s Boss. It was quite the opposite actually, sounding defeated and broken. “It is with great regret that I inform everyone that I have been defeated by Team Neos’s High Commander. As of this moment Team Rocket is officially disbanded.”

At the sound of those words I got a huge grin. Giovanni suddenly gasped as if he had been struck by something with an audible thump as he hit the floor. Looks like Leader finally finished the job!

“I am Leader, the High Commander of Team Neos!” Arthias’s voice blared authoritatively replacing Giovanni’s. “My orders to Team Neos were to kill all members of Team Rocket without mercy. As Giovanni just said, Team Rocket is no more so those of you still wearing that emblem are advised to surrender to us immediately if you want to live. Anyone who still clings to the ideology of Team Rocket will be eliminated with extreme prejudice! Those of you in Team Neos are to accept the surrender of these ex-Rockets. We no longer have a need to kill petty criminals. That is all I have left to say on the matter.” With that the communications were shut off.

“…ren…der…” the Rocket in my grip choked. I gave him a fierce glare with my red eyes.

“We surrender! So let us go!” begged one of the others.

“Sorry, but no.” I refused mercilessly before snapping the neck of the one I was already holding. I then turned towards the others.

“Stop! Your boss said--Gah!” cried the Rocket before I used my already prepared Dragon Claw to rend their stomach open.

“Yeah, I don’t take well to authority. Besides,” I grabbed the third Rocket by the face and drove my Dragon Claw through their chest, “you were already dead the moment you met me!” With all three Rockets dead at my feet I began laughing maniacally and uncontrollably. I just couldn’t help myself. At last! Everything I’ve done until now has finally paid off!

“We did it Axel!” I cheered turning towards my Infernape.

We sure did!” he said with relief.

“We’ve done it Madison. We’ve won your revenge.” I said quietly feeling tears well up in my eyes. I closed my eyes to push them back and wiped my face on my shoulder. I then wiped my blood covered hands on my shirt to clean them off.

“Well then. Let’s go find Master Raiden and the others.” I declared walking up the hall.

What if we run into more Rockets?” asked my monkey. I turned to face him.

“Isn’t it obvious? We kill them!” I said with a big smile. “I don’t know why the hell Arthias wants to spare that trash, but I for one will never forget the crimes they’ve commit. Those who get away tonight and those who already defected should consider themselves fortunate they never met me!”

Much to my disappointment, I never found anymore Rockets before reuniting with my squad on the top floor of the hideout. Eve looked as conceited as ever, but the others were a bit more subdued. There was a huge dent with radiating cracks in Lloyd’s armor so I’m guessing he had a close call tonight. That would explain Zack’s somber look. Chane held her head low and appeared to almost be shaking. I can only imagine the horrible things she went through. I felt tremendously guilty for not being there for her but I also felt hatred towards Team Rocket for separating us in the first place! Raiden was in the worst shape of all looking pretty beat up and worn out. It was a stark contrast to the rest of us who appeared tired at worst. Since I doubt there would be any Trainer stronger than the Executives here, he probably had to battle several waves of grunts. Or maybe he was just sleep deprived. Yeah, that had to be it.

“You used your Dragon-Forme again even though you were told not to.” Raiden accused knowingly as he looked me over.

“How did you know?” I asked in surprise. I know I reverted back to Human-Forme before I got back here.

“You have blood on you again. That only happens when you kill someone with Dragon Claw or Dragon Pulse.” he said. Damn. He had a point there.

“Looks like I can’t hide anything from you Master. But I had to. After getting separated from everyone, it was just me and Petrel Lambda alone in a room together. I wanted to instill as much fear as possible in him before killing him. Then I came across a trio of Grunts while looking for other Neos. Since I was still alone, I kicked their asses in a Pokémon battle before ripping them new asses.” I explained.

“So you got to rematch that dolt of an Executive?” Eve questioned sounding intrigued.

“Jealous?” I taunted.

“Why would I be jealous when I got my payback on Ariana Sham?” she boasted.

“Awesome!” I congratulated giving her a thumbs up.

“Not to brag, but I defeated Executive Archer Kurtz, Team Rocket’s number two, with just Lloyd!” Zack said proudly as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. That would probably explain the damage to Lloyd’s armor.

“You beat an Executive without any help!?” asked Eve in shock.

“Yup!” he confirmed.

“Awesome!” I cheered. I turned to Chane next. “Did you ever meet up with Lance Proton again?” I asked. Chane looked down but gave a quick nod. “Chane?” I asked gently.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” she said quietly. Proton was the self-proclaimed cruelest and scariest after all. I can only imagine the things that bastard must have done to her. If he was still alive I would tear him apart after teaching him that I can be much crueler and scarier!

“He is dead right?” I asked. I only wanted that detail. Chane gave another quick nod. “That’s all I needed to know. I won’t ask anymore.” I told her.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Raiden said looking at the four of us with his eyes wide. “You mean to say that each of you defeated a Team Rocket Executive without any help?” he inquired in disbelief.

“You act like it’s a hard task Master Raiden. The Executives are weak chumps and we’re badass Officers of Team Neos. I’d even go so far as to call us main characters!” I boasted proudly.

“I would not go so far as to call you main characters.” Raiden shot down.

“We’re still just that awesome!” I praised. My master only shook his head.

“There are plenty of Trainers in this world who would destroy you.” he said dryly as if he was speaking from experience.

Before leaving, nearly every member of Team Neos started pillaging the Hideout for any loot we could find. We knew the police were already outside having a standoff with the Neos that stayed in the Game Corner. Once we left, the police would most likely raid this place and confiscate everything they can find. While most of us took whatever we could get our hands on, computer savvy people downloaded all of the files and data they could from Team Rocket’s networks before wiping the hard drives. Though they were criminals, Team Rocket had a lot of useful stuff that we could use. Plus, there was the fact that law enforcement thinks we’re terrorists so there was no way they’d let us have access to anything in here once we left.

On our way out of the Hideout after picking the place dry, Zack gave us the news that Lt. Deter had been killed by Archer while trying to interrupt the battle. He blamed himself for Deter’s death, which explained why he was less enthusiastic earlier, but Raiden assured him it was the Lieutenant’s own arrogance and temper that cost him his life.

Upstairs in the casino, the hostages were forced to wear Team Neos uniforms to allow our escape. With the hostages dressed like us, the cops had no choice but to let everyone in a Neos uniform escape unharmed. Upon exiting, we all scattered to parts unknown so that the huge mob would not be tracked back to our base. I never saw Leader in our escape so I don’t know if he stayed behind or if he had a different exit strategy. I also saw no Rockets which was fortunate for them. The hostages were released once we got far enough away from the Game Corner. Even if they ran back to the police blockade we’d be far gone by then.
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