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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 45: Third Offense

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey After being separated from her squad by the dastardly Spinner traps, Eve has her rematch with Rocket Executive Ariana Sham.
Chapter 45: Third Offense

It amazed Eve to no end how incompetent people could be. She had been separated from her squad by those Spinner traps and the group of Neos Officers she ended up with were trying to figure out how to get back despite her protests that they keep moving. From her experience in the Warehouse, the things were just a big circle anyway. Eventually they’d end up back to where they came from but for now taking care of the Rockets should have been first priority.

“HELP ME! AAAHHHH!” someone screamed. The cries echoed from the bottom of a nearby staircase.

“Oh joy. Someone just died.” Eve said uncaringly. She looked to the rest of the group who were still mulling over the Spinners. Did they not hear that scream? What a bunch of useless idiots!

Eve turned to the staircase. There were only three possible reasons for what was going on down there. A member of Team Neos just defeated a Rocket, a high ranking Rocket just killed a weak Neos who should not have even been on this mission, or somehow Brian was involved. Either way Eve was compelled to investigate. In the case the killer was with Team Neos, she had an ally who was hopefully smarter than the idiots she was currently with. If the assassin was a Rocket, then surely they’d be weakened enough to be easily picked off. She ran down the stairs curious as to what awaited her at the bottom.

“Good work Blade. Return!” said a male Neos summoning a Scizor back to its Sport Ball. Where the Scizor had been standing was the body of a Rocket.

“Nice job.” Eve complemented. The guy seemed startled at first not expecting someone else to be in the room but then relaxed when he saw she was one of his teammates.

“Thanks. As expected, these Rockets are weak.” he said mocking his fallen enemy.

“Tell me about it. Even the Executives are pitifully easy.” she said remembering how effortlessly Ariana Sham fell to her. Eve’s smile disappeared when she saw a long purple serpent stealthily slithering up behind her comrade. “Behind you!” she called pointing to the snake. The Neos only had time to turn around before the Arbok sprang up and sunk its fangs into his neck injecting deadly venom. The Neos choked and then fell limp in the Cobra Pokémon’s mouth. Arbok released its victim then turned its vertical pupiled eyes at Eve.

“Steelix!” she called sending out her metallic serpent as a deterrent to the enemy Pokémon.

“You really shouldn’t spread lies like that. You’ll tarnish the pride of Team Rocket if you do.” chastised Ariana coming into view.

“It’s not a lie if it really happened. I beat you once already, you can be damn sure I’ll do it again!” boasted Eve. The Executive scowled.

“I should have guessed from your sleazy uniform that you’re that crass bitch from Chrono Island!” she spat.

“Aww, don’t be mad just because I’m still pretty enough to actually wear sexy outfits and you’re old, fat, and ugly.” Eve taunted taking the remark as a complement. She had interacted with the Rocket Executive before so she knew exactly which buttons to push. It made her all too easy to manipulate and control during battle.

“This time I will KILL YOU!” yelled Ariana. “Freeze Steelix in place with Glare Arbok!” she ordered. The Cobra Pokémon gave Steelix a fierce gaze but Steelix had no interest in making eye contact with what he considered to be a lesser Pokémon.

“Steelix, kindly remind Ariana why bigger is better! Earthquake!” called Eve. The giant snake slammed his massive head to the floor cracking the titles and causing the room to shake.

“Give Steelix a taste of its own medicine! Use your own Earthquake!” Ariana commanded. Arbok also slammed its body to the floor but its tremors weren’t nearly as effective.

“Were you always this weak?” questioned Eve innocently. Battles were no fun to her. It was the banter during the battle that she found exciting. Would the opponents fall for her taunts and become easy picking? Would they fight even harder just to shut her up? How far were they willing to take things? Eve knew the answers to these questions from her last battle with Ariana, but seeing the Executive’s responses was still amusing.

“Shut your mouth!” barked Ariana. “Arbok! Bite Steelix with Fire Fang!” The serpent slithered towards its gargantuan foe with flames pouring from its mouth. It then snapped at the Iron Snake Pokémon sinking its blazing fangs into him. Steelix roared furiously at the smaller snake.

“Well smack it away with Iron Tail!” Eve told her Pokémon. Steelix grinned with malicious delight as his tail sheened silver. He swatted Arbok away like a parasite and then to add insult to injury bashed his cranium into the Cobra Pokémon with Iron Head.

“Now! Glare!” called Ariana quickly. Arbok gazed into the metallic serpent’s eyes before he could turn away paralyzing him. Steelix growled angrily at his predicament.

“You did that to yourself you know.” Eve chided. Sometimes that brute was too narrow-minded for his own good. “But ok. Trap Arbok in Sand Tomb!”

“Not so fast! Attack the Trainer while she’s vulnerable!” Ariana interrupted.

“You are so stupid! I am never vulnerable!” chastised Eve. A whirlwind of sand blew up between her and Arbok before the serpent was even in striking range. Eve relaxed her hand from Diva’s Dusk Ball. Had Steelix been too slow, the specter would have ended this battle. She would never allow herself to be vulnerable. Never.

“Why? Why can’t I just kill you!” yelled Ariana in frustration.

“Because I’m better than you?” suggested Eve saying each word slow enough that her opponent would understand. The Rocket was not amused by the condescending remark.

“Laugh it up bitch! When I’m through with you, you’ll be just like him!” spat the Executive pointing to the dead Neos member.

“I’ll admit, I was impressed with your ambush. I guess even weaklings can win if they attack an opponent when their back is turned. But really? Where is the fun in that?” mocked the Neos Officer. Ariana smirked triumphantly.

“The fun comes from distracting your foe long enough to see their horrified reaction when Sand Tomb wears off.” boasted the Rocket Executive victoriously. As she said that, the sand tornado billowing around Arbok dispersed leaving the snake free to strike its prey. Instead of being scared though, Eve returned her adversary’s sneer.

“I couldn’t agree more.” she said sweetly. Before the Cobra Pokémon could even move it was snatched off the ground in its opponent’s jaws. There were only six beings in this world that Eve fully trusted and all six of them were literally attached to her hips. With her wit and their power, they would always be in control of any battle.

“What!? How did it?” stammered Ariana at a loss for words. Eve was rolling with condescending laughter.

“You really should keep your eyes on the entire battle rather than just focus on one area. Just because Steelix is paralyzed doesn’t mean he still can’t get close enough to his foe to attack.” she ridiculed. “Isn’t that right?” she called up to him. Steelix answered by thrashing his head side to side with Arbok clutched tightly in his maw.

“Arbok! Break free! Use Fire Fang! Ice Fang! Aqua Tail! I don’t care!” shouted the Rocket Executive.

“What’s this? Do I detect concern for your Pokémon? That’s an unusual trait for a Rocket to have.” teased Eve.

“Of course! I can’t win without them!” retorted Ariana.

“Oh of course you can’t!” said Eve faking empathy. “Which is why Steelix is going to finish Arbok off right here and now!” she said dramatically throwing her arm in the air. The Iron Snake Pokémon increased the pressure in his Crunch until Arbok fell limp. When Steelix released his victim it was in two separate halves. Ariana looked in horror at her dead snake.

“When I said finish it, I didn’t mean finish it.” Eve reprimanded. Of her Pokémon, Steelix was the most brutal and the one least likely to hold back. Walrein was second, but not nearly as unforgiving. Ironically her two boys. Eve blamed the testosterone.

“So you’re going to kill my Pokémon is that it?” Ariana accused venomously.

“Not intentionally.” Eve said innocently.

“Then don’t expect yours to get out unscathed either! Let’s go Muk!” the Rocket called sending out the smelly pile of sludge. “Smash Steelix with Focus Blast!” The Sludge Pokémon concentrated creating a ball of energy between its hands which it then threw at Steelix. The metallic serpent’s body was too stiff from paralysis to dodge so he had no choice but to brace himself. The blast exploded on his body and with a weak roar, Steelix collapsed.

“Your turn Nidoqueen!” called Eve switching her Pokémon in one swift motion.

“What’s wrong? Scared I’d attack you or your fallen Pokémon?” taunted Ariana.

“You’re about as scary as your dead friend right there.” Eve said referencing the Rocket Blade killed. “I just know you’re the cowardly type to go after people and Pokémon you think can’t defend themselves.” she explained sweetly.

“The award for scariest Executive certainly belongs to Executive Proton, but I’m no slouch either! Blast her with Dark Pulse!” Ariana commanded. Muk gathered the darkness around it then blasted the dark waves at Nidoqueen. The monster rabbit was pushed back but looked no worse for wear.

“If you can actually beat me, then I will concede that you are scary. But until then you’re just a joke!” Eve mocked. “Use Earthquake Nidoqueen!” Nidoqueen jumped up and slammed all of her weight into the floor causing the room to shake once more. Eve noticed the floor beneath the Drill Pokémon starting to sink meaning there was another floor beneath this one. She made a mental note not to use Earthquake anymore lest she wanted her own Pokémon crashing through the floor.

“So I’m just a joke to you? Laugh at this then! Muk! Screech!” the Executive ordered. The Sludge Pokémon made a horrible shriek causing Nidoqueen to hold her ears. “Now use Rock Tomb!” Muk materialized several large boulders that it hurled at the monster rabbit which smashed on her and slowed her down by making it harder to maneuver.

“Oh believe me, I’m laughing on the inside.” Eve retorted. “Thank you for the ammo by the way! Show cum face our appreciation with Rock Smash and Rock Slide!” The Drill Pokémon broke up the boulders into smaller pieces that she then hurled at Muk. Nidoqueen then ran up to the pile of filth with two larger stones in her hands that she personally smashed into it.

“I guess it’s my turn to thank you for getting into close range! Use Ice Punch and Shadow Ball Muk!” commanded Ariana. Muk’s fist became covered in frost as it lobbed a Super-effective punch to Nidoqueen’s solar plexus. The Sludge Pokémon then created a ball of swirling shadows between its hands which it launched at the still stunned monster rabbit. Nidoqueen was pushed back further only managing to stay standing by using her tail as balance.

“You act like I don’t know how to play rough. Nidoqueen! See if Muk likes being cold as much as you do! Use Blizzard!” called Eve. Nidoqueen took a deep breath before letting lose a bone chilling wind that solidified the water molecules in the air into an icy winter storm. It may not have turned Muk into a block of ice but it was definitely cold after that attack.

“Since you’ve been fond of using two attacks at once, I think I will too! Follow up with Earth Power!” she continued. Nidoqueen dug her foot into the floor and kicked up the floor tiles instead of dirt. The effect seemed to be the same however as Muk was completely exhausted.

“Steal your energy back with Giga Drain!” the Rocket ordered. The Sludge Pokémon sent three green tendrils from its finger tips that tied themselves around Nidoqueen’s neck and arms.

“Be careful what you wish for.” Eve said mischievously. “Use Body Slam Nidoqueen!” The Drill Pokémon charged at her opponent throwing her whole body on top of the sludge pile. The fading of Muk’s Giga Drain was a clear sign the Poison-type had been defeated.

“I… hate you!” Ariana screamed in frustration.

“Most people do.” Eve said somberly in spite of herself. She had learned at an early age that most people wanted nothing to do with her idea of fun. Anytime she tried playing with them they got angry and resented her for it. After a while she decided to hell with them! She would have her fun, screw what others thought or felt about it! All that mattered was her own happiness and that she had six others she could share her joy with.

“Vileplume! Start with Sunny Day!” shouted Ariana replacing Muk with her Flower Pokémon. Vileplume wasted no time in shooting a white ball of energy to the ceiling that mimicked sunlight. “Now finish Nidoqueen with Solar Beam!”

“Counter with Flamethrower!” Eve called quickly. As Vileplume lowered its flower to fire a golden ray of solar energy, Nidoqueen spewed a long tongue of fire. The two blasts met in the center of the battlefield creating a massive explosion as neither one was strong enough to cancel the other out.

“Now use Giga Drain!” the Rocket Executive called. Once again the monster rabbit was ensnared, only this time every drop of energy was taken.

“Return Nidoqueen!” called Eve summoning back her Drill Pokémon. She was starting to get annoyed that two of her Pokémon were already beaten. If she was expected to carry out this mission properly, she would need to finish this fast without losing any more Pokémon. “Time to play Diva!” she said sweetly as she let her little terror free. The Banette let out an echoing hiss.

“Heeheehee! That Pokémon isn’t a Poison-type, nor do I believe it can learn any status healing moves. It’s helpless against my status moves!” Ariana bragged pompously.

“Go ahead and try. Diva is much craftier than you give her credit for.” Eve informed. Ariana glared at her not believing the claim.

“You’re bluffing! Taste Poison Powder!” commanded the Executive. A purple cloud of dust shot from Vileplume’s flower.

“Use Double Team Diva!” called Eve. A dozen ghostly images of the Marionette Pokémon spread around the room causing the toxic spores to miss the real one. Despite the situation, Ariana was smirking.

“So you weren’t bluffing. I still have a way to draw out the real Banette! Vileplume! Use Stun Spore on the Trainer!” ordered the Executive pointing at Eve. The Flower Pokémon shot out a cloud of yellow dust this time.

“Flash them Diva!” Eve commanded. All of the specters threw their arms up illuminating their bodies in a brilliant glow that lit up the entire room. Eve took this opportunity to run and avoid the Stun Spore. Ariana squinted trying to find her enemy. She saw Eve standing only a few feet from where she was earlier.

“Right there Vileplume! Kill her with Sludge Bomb!” she ordered victoriously. Vileplume shot a dense glob of sludge from its flower which hit its target and exploded. “YES! I got her! I finally got her! Take that you stupid whore! I win!” jeered Ariana triumphantly. Her smile faded however when visibility returned to normal and she realized that all she had struck was the floating corpse of a Rocket. “What the hell!?” she yelled in alarm.

“Surprised?” inquired Eve who was standing against the wall to the Executive’s left.

“How did you make that Rocket stand?” demanded Ariana angrily.

“Diva knows Psychic.” she responded as if the answer was obvious. The replicas all answered affirmatively. They released their hold on the dead Rocket causing it to fall back to the floor with a thud. “Now Diva! Time to go on the offensive! Attack Vileplume with Shadow Ball. The possessed dolls each got malevolent smirks as they gathered shadows in the palms of their hands. They then all threw the Shadow Balls at once to confuse Vileplume as to what direction the attack came from.

“Before Sunny Day fades, sweep this entire room with Solar Beam! Destroy all these damn copies and expose the real one!” commanded the Rocket Executive. The Flower Pokémon did as told, blasting the closest Diva with Solar Beam. A fake. Vileplume continued blasting Banette after Banette with that single beam until the artificial sunlight faded and only one remained. “That’s the one! Blast it with Toxic!” Vileplume spewed a nasty purple glob from its flower badly poisoning the Marionette Pokémon.

“Dammit!” cursed Eve in frustration.

“Oh you don’t like that?” taunted Ariana. “Make the Banette suffer with Bullet Seed!” Vileplume launched a merciless onslaught of hard seeds at Diva causing her to screech in annoyance.

“Don’t let her do this to you Diva! Destroy her with Psychic!” commanded Eve. A purple glow appeared in Diva’s eyes that then surrounded Vileplume’s body. The Flower Pokémon shrieked in pain as every fiber of her being was assaulted at once getting poked and prodded.

“Vileplume! Finish that creature of with Giga Drain!” Green tendrils shot from Vileplume’s flower wrapping around Diva’s neck and arms. As Vileplume began sucking Diva’s energy, the specter’s body began dissolving. “What the hell?” cried Ariana in shock. Eve began laughing hysterically.

“You have no idea how hard it was keeping a straight face that whole time.” she said lightly.

“What’s going on?” demanded the Executive furiously.

“I’ll show you. Use Will-o-Wisp Diva!” called Eve. The real Banette materialized above Vileplume with a purple flame in her hand. With a vengeful hiss, she slammed the flame into Vileplume’s flower causing the Grass-type to shriek in agony as it was burned from the inside. “Is that revenge for what Vileplume did to your Substitute?” Eve guessed. The possessed doll’s zipper mouth curled up into a smile.

“Substitute? You mean all this time Vileplume was attacking a fake!?” surmised Ariana.

“Pretty much.” Eve verified. “With the exception of the energy used to create the Substitute, you haven’t done anything to the real Diva yet.”

“Why? Why are you this strong?” the Executive questioned nervously.

“I told you already. It’s because I’m better than you.” Eve repeated. “Why don’t you just run away again? You already surrendered one base to me, why not give me this one too?” she offered.

“Never! It would be an insult to Giovanni if I just handed over our main headquarters in exchange for my life!” refused Ariana adamantly. “Take out the Banette Honchkrow!” she called summoning a large black bird with a puffy white chest and red feathers on its tail and the inside of its wings.

“So you evolved your Murkrow I see. Alright Diva take a break.” said Eve holding up the Dusk Ball. She didn’t call the Marionette Pokémon back though. Diva instead turned invisible so that the moment her mistress was done playing she could finish the job. Eve then sent out Luxray. The Gleaming Eye Pokémon glared at Honchkrow as every hair on her body stood on end. The oversized crow was clearly female.

“What’s the matter? Afraid Honchkrow would beat your Banette?” taunted Ariana.

“Not at all. I’m more concerned about embarrassing you when Diva destroys your bird.” Eve said playfully. She honestly couldn’t believe how stupid Ariana was to have not used Pursuit at such a golden opportunity. If she had done that though, the jig would have been up that Diva was still lingering around. It was also surprising that Ariana hadn’t noticed the temperature difference. Most people usually say that Diva gives off a cold presence.

“I know why you switched! You won’t fool me!” accused Ariana. Eve rolled her eyes. Rather than argue, she decided to let the Executive believe in her delusions.

“Whatever you say old lady! Luxray darling! I know you’re just burning to get in that bird’s feathers! Go for it with Thunder Fang!” Eve called. Luxray charged at the Big Boss Pokémon with sparks shooting off her teeth.

“Dodge with Fly Honchkrow!” countered the Rocket. The crow flapped her wings to get airborne, but Luxray wasn’t having it. The lioness jumped up into the air and mauled Honchkrow before she was out of reach. When Luxray landed see spit out the mouthful of feathers she had ripped out.

“Don’t worry Luxray. She can’t stay up there forever, so Charge your power for when she comes down!” encouraged Eve. The Gleaming Eye Pokémon spread her legs as electricity built up in her body causing sparks to shoot off of her fur. Honchkrow then made her descent slamming Luxray in her right flank.

“Thunderbolt!” Eve called lightheartedly.

“Sucker Punch!” interrupted Ariana. Before Luxray could release her pent up energy, the crow kicked her in her face. Luxray snarled murderously as she discharged powerful lighting that shocked Honchkrow to her core.

“Honchkrow! You can beat this mongrel! Use Night Slash!” Ariana commanded. The Big Boss Pokémon surrounded her wings in darkness then started beating Luxray with them. In her defense, the lioness bit down on Honchkrow’s left wing.

“Just a regular old Bite? You can do better than that!” Eve encouraged. Sparks shot from Luxray’s mouth as she turned Bite into Thunder Fang.

“Get that thing off with Dark Pulse!” ordered the Rocket Executive. Honchkrow launched a powerful wave of darkness from her beak point black in the Gleaming Eye Pokémon’s face. Luxray howled as she was forced to release her prey. The crow took the opportunity to get as far away into the air as possible.

“Good job Honchkrow! They can’t get you up there!” bragged Ariana.

“Wanna bet?” challenged Eve. “Use Discharge Luxray!” she called. Luxray’s released electricity from her body in all directions. Even Eve and the invisible Diva had to move around to avoid getting hit. In the air Honchkrow was doing every aerial maneuver she knew to avoid getting it. With all the damage she already sustained one more good hit would end it.

“Be careful who you make bets with Little Girl. You might lose!” chastised Ariana. “Hit Luxray with Night Shade!” she told the crow. Honchkrow let out a loud caw as her presence filled the room as if suffocating her opponent. “Now get ready for Sky Attack!” The Big Boss Pokémon began glowing as she charged her energy.

“Wait for her to come to you Luxray!” Eve advised. Honchkrow then dropped from the air like a bomb on a direct course for the lioness. “Now! Finish her with Charge Beam!” Luxray opened her mouth blasting a concentrated stream of lightning at the bird. Honchkrow collided with Charge Beam but her momentum continued her plummet causing her to tear through the beam and strike her target. Luxray’s attack however had reduced the power so much that it was more like a tap to her. On top of that, the strain had knocked the crow unconscious before she even reached the ground.

“Honchkrow! Honchkrow! Get up you damn Pokémon! Get up!” screamed Ariana frantically. “The dignity of Team Rocket hangs on you winning this battle! I will not allow you to faint!”

“It’s too late for that.” Eve said without pity. “And if you’re going to whine like a hysterical child then I guess I have no choice than to put you out of your misery. You’re really no fun when you’re broken.”

“So you’re going to kill me, just like you did to Charmaine?” the Rocket Executive guessed correctly.

“Exactly like her.” Eve said straightforwardly. With a malevolent hiss, Diva reappeared behind Ariana and shoved her hand through the back of the Executive’s skull so that her fingers stuck out of the Rocket’s forehead.

“No… No…” Ariana wept pathetically. Without mercy, Diva raked her claws back and slashed her victim’s brain with Shadow Claw. The Rocket Executive’s eyes rolled back as her lifeless body collapsed. Eve sighed. She always hated when things had to end this way if only because she would never get to play with this person again. It couldn’t be helped though. Leader had ordered the elimination of all Rockets and this one was pretty much broken anyway.

“You! What have you done do Executive Sham!?” demanded a Rocket who was joined by a few others. Great, another battle. Eve got a mischievous grin upon noticing the floor and that Luxray was still out.

“Oh no Team Rocket! Whatever you do, don’t use Earthquake to faint my Luxray!” she said faking weakness and vulnerability.

“Get her Rhyhorn! Use Earthquake!” called one of the Rockets sending out a stone grey beast with armor plating on its body. The rhinoceros reared up on its hind legs then dropped down sending tremors throughout the room. Eve quickly recalled Luxray and Diva as the floor started to sink. She then made a break for the stairs as the floor completely collapse to the room below taking all the Rockets with it. As the all screamed for their lives, Eve’s laughter could be heard echoing in the stairwell at how gullible those fools were.
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