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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 44: Second Struggle

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey After being separated from her squad by the dastardly Spinner Traps, Chane has her rematch with Rocket Executive Lace Proton! But will she be able to survive the encounter?
Chapter 44: Second Struggle

Chane nervously crept down a corridor of Team Rocket’s Headquarters keeping a tight grip on Jace’s Pokéball in case she was attacked. By now she was confident enough in her and her Pokémon’s ability to defeat the Rockets, but the part that terrified her was what would happen after the battle. The kill order. Brian made it look so easy. He gave his Pokémon the order with as much effort as he would any other command in battle, and that was when he wasn’t snapping necks or impaling his enemies himself. Even in self-defense there was just no way Chane could bring herself to take a life. It didn’t matter how evil the person was, such an act was completely against her nature.

Until now, Chane had reluctantly let Brian do what he did best to her defeated foes but the Spinner traps had separated her from him and the rest of her squad. When the traps dropped her off, she was with around six or seven other members of Team Neos but she split off from that group at the earliest opportunity. The Rocket Game Corner was notorious for giving away Pokémon as prizes and the Rocket Warehouse on Chrono Island had cages in the back where captive Pokémon were stored. It stood to reason that this base would also have captive Pokémon stored somewhere close by to be distributed to casino winners. Chane would rather wander the Rocket’s Hideout alone and search for those Pokémon than risk being forced to kill. Besides, most of the Rockets should be busy battling Team Neos by now, right?

“Move it you worthless grunts!” someone yelled followed by the sound of dozens of footsteps stampeding around the corner heading in her direction. “Team Neos had the balls to invade our turf! Show them the wrath of Team Rocket! Leave none alive!” ordered the voice. Chane froze in place. Fate really was cruel. There was no way she could take on that many enemies at once! She looked around in a panic trying to find a way out of this. She noticed a doorway into a room a little further down the corridor. With only seconds before the Rockets would round the corner and spot her, Chane decided to take her chances with the room.

She ran for the doorway and lucky for her the room appeared completely empty of people. There were also a few tables and chairs making it easier to hide. Chane ducked under one of the tables praying desperately that no one had seen her. The footsteps of the Rockets continued passed the room up the hallway Chane had just gotten out of. She took a silent breath of relief. She was safe for now.

“Fuck this bullshit!” shouted the angry voice that had commanded the grunts, the owner now entering the room. “Those insolent fools! How dare they show up at our base!” he shouted slamming his fist on the desk Chane was hiding under. She let out an involuntary squeak at the clatter above her. There was a slight pause which made her all the more nervous. “And it sounds like there’s a rat in my office!”

The desk was violently flipped over exposing the young Neos girl to the Rocket. Chane looked up at the man she would now inevitably have to battle. Her face turned pale when she realized she knew her opponent for they had battle once before.

“L-L-Lance P-Proton…” she stammered nervously at the sight of the cruelest and scariest of the Team Rocket Executives. He responded with a wickedly sadistic grin.

“It seems my reputation precedes me. Even knowing who I am you chose to face me alone. You’re a brave one!” he complemented mockingly. “But that won’t save you!” The Rocket Executive reached down to grab her only for Chane to smack his hand away.

“Jace! Please protect me!” she called throwing the Pokéball containing her Pidgeot. The Bird Pokémon emerged with a mighty screech and his feathers puffed out as if warning Proton not to lay a finger on his Trainer. Proton glared at Jace then to Chane. His eyes narrowed as the memories came back to him.

“You! I may not remember all my victims, but I certainly remember the ones who get away. You’re that little bitch from Cinnabar Island!” spat the Executive angrily. Then his smirk returned. “No matter. This time things will be different. Your friends aren’t here to protect you this time. I’ll make you regret sparing my life!” Proton said pulling out a Pokéball of his own. “Kill her Golbat!” In a flash of light, the large bat appeared shrieking at its prey.

“I… I won’t lose! I b-beat y-you once.” Chane said with determination. Proton however was unconvinced.

“Then why are you shaking? I’ll tell you why! You’re afraid, and for good reason. I will rip you apart! First your pathetic Pokémon, then you. You’re in my command center now little girl. When I’m done torturing you, death will seem like a generous escape!” the Executive threatened causing Chane to gulp fearfully.

“Th-that w-won’t happen. B-because I’ll w-win. P-please attack with Wing Attack Jace!” said Chane. She knew Proton was just playing mind games with her, trying to get in her head and shake her up. She knew she had to stay calm and focused. She needed to be like Brian and the others. Confident. Strong. Unwavering. She needed to remember that time on Cinnabar Island. She needed to remember Brian’s words of encouragement: ‘Stand up, be strong, and believe in yourself.’ She beat Proton once, she could do it again!

“Blast that bird with Toxic!” ordered the Rocket as Jace flew in to smack the Bat Pokémon. Golbat coughed up a purple gob that splattered on the Pidgeot’s feathers and proceeded to seep into his skin. Jace yelled out in pain as the poison entered his bloodstream making him feel incredibly ill.

“No! Jace!” cried Chane.

“Now hit it with Sludge Bomb!” called the Executive.

“Hurry! Use Quick Attack!” Chane countered. The eagle dashed at his opponent with incredible speed hitting it with a strong tackle before it could spit another dose of poisonous ooze at him. The Bird Pokémon lifted his wing to follow up on his previous command, however the poison was taking its toll causing him to wince. Golbat took advantage of the hesitation to spit up its Sludge Bomb dealing a great deal of damage to the Pidgeot.

“Good work! Hit the Pidgeot with Confuse Ray and then Bite it!” Proton commanded.

“Use Mirror Move please Jace!” requested Chane. Golbat glared at Jace sending a ghostly white light from its eyes. The Bird Pokémon took the attack only to reflect a similar white light of his own at Golbat. Both Flying-types looked dizzy from the attack, Jace looking increasingly worse for wear. The Bat Pokémon fluttered as if in a drunken stupor trying to recall what it was supposed to be doing. One look at Chane though and it recalled its command to Bite. Golbat let out a high pitched shriek as it dive-bombed at Chane.

“No!” she yelled pulling down the sides of her hood in a flinch. The ever vigilant Pidgeot slammed Golbat in the back with Steel Wing causing it to hit the floor instead. “Thank you Jace.” said Chane in relief. Her moment of joy was short lived though as her Pokémon was looking progressively sicklier by the moment. “Rest for a bit. Recover your strength with Roost.” she said gently. Jace nodded in agreement taking a comfortable perch on the remaining desk to rest.

“Get up you stupid bat! They’re vulnerable! Hit the bird with Air Slash!” commanded Proton. Golbat got up and sliced its wing through the air sending a white crescent of wind at the eagle.

“Please also use Air Slash!” called the young Neos. Jace also slashed his wing sending another crescent at Golbat’s. The Bird Pokémon proved himself as the stronger of the two as his Air Slash cut through Golbat’s attack and struck the Poison-type while the latter’s attack fizzled out after being broken. The Rocket Executive growled in anger at his attack being thwarted. Looking at the worn out Pidgeot, he figured he could at least take solace in knowing it would die soon if it wasn’t treated.

“What are you going to do my little Neophyte? If this keeps up, your Pidgeot will die. But if you recall it to its Pokéball, you die. What’s more valuable to you girl?” taunted the Executive malevolently. Chane hesitated as she looked back and forth between Jace and Proton. Her Pokémon were everything to her. It pained her every time they were hurt in battle. She would be devastated if anyone of them were killed. Likewise, if she died in a place like this, who would protect them from Team Rocket? Just the thought of anything happening to her or her Pokémon terrified her. There was only one way out of this.

“Please protect us Luna!” Chane requested sending out her Lunatone. “You did an amazing job. Thank you Jace.” she said warmly to her eagle as she returned him to the safety of his Pokéball. The Rocket Executive scowled at the recent change in events.

“You little bitch! I’ll teach you the wrath of Team Rocket! Poison that one with Toxic as well!” commanded Proton. More of the noxious purple ooze boiled up in Golbat’s mouth before it hacked the sludge at Luna.

“Protect yourself!” said Chane urgently. A pale misty barrier of moonlight shown around Luna’s body repelling the Toxic ooze. The Meteorite Pokémon maintained its barrier until the viscous liquid slid to the floor. “Now please take Golbat out of the fight with Hypnosis.” Chane followed up. Luna stared at Golbat with its piercing red eyes sending relaxing psychic waves at the Bat Pokémon. Golbat’s eyes began to droop and its breathing became more tranquil until it fell out of the air onto the floor.

“No! Get up! You damn stupid Pokémon! I order you to wake up!” shouted Proton furiously.

“It’s asleep and unable to fight. Please either switch it out or give up.” Chane advised in a measured tone. The Rocket Executive gave her a vicious glare.

“You! How is it that such a disgusting pacifist like yourself is so strong!? It’s hideous! Why the hell are you even here if you don’t like to fight?” he demanded. Chane remained quiet, shifting her eyes side to side. “Tell me!” shouted the Executive.

“Because you hurt Pokémon! P-people like you… y-you’re monsters! How c-can you hurt s-such wonderful creatures and not care?” responded Chane passionately.

“I’ll tell you why. Pokémon are nothing but tools. The reason they are such ‘wonderful creatures’ as you call them is because of their power and usefulness to humans. The pathetic and weak ones are nothing but trash. The common ones are just everyday commodities. And the rare and powerful ones are the most profitable and useful.” Proton scoffed.

“Y-you… you really are… y-you really are the cruelest member of Team Rocket.” stammered the young Neos member almost on the verge of tears at such a harsh statement.

“I am the cruelest. But you forgot scariest! Now let me remind you why I am called the cruelest and the scariest of the Team Rocket Executives!” Proton picked up one of the chairs and smashed it against Golbat’s back. The Bat Pokémon woke up with a shriek of pain. The Rocket Executive carelessly threw the chair aside.

“How could you do that to your own Pokémon!?” Chane screamed in horror.

“I can do whatever I want to my possessions! Now Golbat! Poison Fang!” the Rocket ordered. Golbat flew to the Meteorite Pokémon and bit down but had trouble sinking its venomous fangs into Luna’s rock hard body.

“Please finish Golbat with Psychic Luna.” Chane said. A pink glow surrounded both Pokémon, but Golbat was the one screeching in pain as the attack pulled at every muscle in its body and neuron in its brain. Finally, the Bat Pokémon passed out from exhaustion.

“Son of a bitch!” shouted Proton furiously. “You worthless creature!” The Executive recalled his fallen Pokémon and readied another one.

“Y-you would win if you treated y-your Pokémon better.” Chane said nervously, aware that her comment was probably falling on deaf ears.

“Don’t preach that bullshit to me little girl! Come out Weezing! Kill them!” called the Rocket Executive summoning his Poison Gas Pokémon. “Suffocate all of them with Smog!” Weezing opened its mouths belching out a thick black cloud of toxins.

“Safeguard Luna!” called Chane. A white halo surrounded both the Lunatone and its young Trainer from the deadly effects of the smog reducing it to just smelly air.

“Damn you!” growled Proton. “Blast them with Sludge Bomb!” The Siamese Pokémon contracted its body excreting the powerful sludge from its pores.

“Use Light Screen please!” Chane requested. A pink barrier appeared around Luna reducing the effects of Weezing’s attack.

“What!? Are you so scared you can’t attack? All playing defense does is delay the inevitable!” the Rocket taunted. “Weezing! Blind them with Smokescreen!” The Poison Gas Pokémon spat out a thick black haze that completely obscured the area. “Now hit them with Dark Pulse!” Luna howled an otherworldly cry as a wave of darkness hit her from an unknown location. The sound of chairs being knocked around from the attack could also be heard through the smoke.

“W-we have to get rid of this smoke! Luna, could you please use Shadow Ball?” Chane asked. The Lunatone howled as it gathered every ounce of darkness in the room, including the smoke, into one giant ball which it then launched at Weezing. The Rocket’s Pokémon cried out from being hit with such a powerful attack.

“I’m not done yet little girl! Thunder!” the Executive commanded. The Siamese Pokémon’s body expanded as it built up electricity then rapidly contracted sending all of that pent up energy at Luna. The Meteorite Pokémon was hit straight on with the powerful lightning.

“No Luna! Hang in there! U-use Psychic!” Chane encouraged.

“You’re done! Destiny Bond Weezing!” the Rocket ordered. Chane wanted to stop Luna from executing the attack but it was already too late. Weezing was surrounded by the psychic aura. The Poison Gas Pokémon shot a ghostly white beam from its body at Luna linking them. Luna let out a painful howl as all of its energy was sucked away with Weezing’s. Both Pokémon fell to the floor unconscious.

“Luna, I’m sorry.” apologized Chane regretfully. She lamented the fact that she had been so careless and let her Pokémon faint.

“Oh I’ll make you sorry. I’ll make you sorry you ever crossed Team Rocket! Show this little girl the wrath of Team Rocket Machoke!” commanded Proton sending out a tall humanoid Pokémon with large muscles, grey skin, a slightly protruding muzzle with four fangs in its mouth, and a tan crest on its head. The Pokémon wore a large golden belt with a red letter ‘P’ on it. At least it was a ‘P’ but obvious tampering to the belt had turned it into a red ‘R’ to match the logo of Team Rocket. The Superpower Pokémon yelled showing it was ready to follow its master’s orders.

“Help me Kermit!” the young Neos requested sending out her Azumarill. The Aqua Rabbit Pokémon’s eyes glowed with the determination to assist his Trainer anyway he could. “Please support yourself with Aqua Ring.” advised Chane. Kermit complied spraying a halo of water around his head to heal any minor injuries he might sustain.

“Machoke! This girl has made a mockery of me for too long. I want to teach her the meaning of fear. I want her to know what true agony really is.” Proton said sadistically as he clenched his fists. “Remove your Power Save Belt!” he ordered. The Superpower Pokémon turned to its master with a horrified look on its face as if begging for any other command but that one. “You heard me! Do it!” the Executive berated furiously. Machoke shook its head with the look of fear in its eyes.

“How dare you defy me!” Proton pulled a switch blade knife out of his pocket and slashed at Machoke’s belt.

“Proton no! It doesn’t want too!” Chane begged desperately.

“Shut up girl!” retorted the Rocket slashing again. Machoke was left with a bleeding cut in its waist but the belt had been removed. The metal power limiter fell to the ground with a loud clang. The Superpower Pokémon let out an agonized scream as all of its power came rushing to the surface. Every muscle in its body bulged. The increased blood flow throughout its body to power those muscles turned its skin red. The Power Save Belt, as it was called, served as a psychological restraint helping Machoke regulate its strength and control how much of its muscle power it used at any given time. Without it, the Superpower Pokémon would be completely out of control exerting 100% of its muscular strength. So much power entering its body at once caused Machoke to go into a berserk rage and its eyes to go white.

“H-how could you…? L-look what y-you’ve done to your own Pokémon! Y-you… w-w-wicked… evil…” Chane stammered in dismay. Proton only cackled evilly.

“You complement me little girl. This is the true might Team Rocket lives for! Machoke! Show her true power! Cross Chop!” the Rocket Executive commanded. The out-of-control Superpower Pokémon lifted up its massive arms and swung them down at Kermit.

“Get out of the way Kermit!” screamed Chane. The Azumarill dodge rolled under Machoke’s legs just as the arms came crashing down. The impact of its unrestrained strength smashed the floor and sent shockwaves throughout the room. Chane fell to the floor unable to keep her footing. Over the sounds of battle Proton had his left hand over his eyes with his head tilted back laughing wildly.

“Yes! That’s it! Crush them! Get the girl!” he ordered. The monster reached up to slam its palm into Chane.

“Kermit!” Chane cried. The Aqua Rabbit Pokémon got up and blasted Machoke in the back with Hydro Pump. The Superpower Pokémon screamed at the powerful gushing water striking its back. In true berserker fashion, Machoke turned its attention to Kermit and recklessly charged at him.

“Kermit! Move!” begged his Trainer. The Aqua Rabbit Pokémon jumped out of the way of the stampeding giant causing it to smash through the table reducing it to splinters. Machoke roared swinging its arms wildly. The Azumarill just happened to be within range when one of the giant masses struck him with the force of a sixteen-wheel truck.

“KERMIT!!” screamed Chane as the Pokémon smacked against the wall letting out a weak yelp and falling limp to the floor. Chane quickly returned the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon to his Net Ball.

“Please be alright. I’m so sorry Kermit. Please be ok.” Chane whispered to the Pokéball as tears fell from her eyes. Machoke made a cry that sounded like a harbinger of death as it made its way to Chane. “Izzy! Stop that monster!” the young Trainer called sending out the Mushroom Pokémon.

“Crush them!” Proton ordered gleefully. Machoke lifted its arms to punch Izzy. The Breloom struck faster with Mach Punch lobbing Machoke right in the stomach. Izzy knew Chane was too terrified and disgusted by the abomination Machoke had become to think fast so she did the thinking for her Trainer.

The berserker screamed in anguish as its power started to take its toll. Its muscles were exerting so much power they were beginning to tear. The ligaments were snapping from the bone while the increased blood pressure to power the muscles caused blood vessels to burst. Chane covered her mouth desperately trying not to throw up at the sight of the unfortunate Pokémon’s body falling apart at the seams.

Machoke’s screamed in a mix of agony and rage. The Pokémon’s sense of reason had completely devolved from a lack of blood and oxygen reaching the brain leaving it nothing more than a berserk rampaging monster. It flailed its arms smashing the chairs. It slammed its fists on the floor breaking up the tiles and sending massive tremors across the room.

“Damn you Machoke! Focus! Get her!” ordered the Rocket Executive furiously. His words could no longer reach the Superpower Pokémon though as it continued its indiscriminant rampage.

“Izzy. Please. Stop Machoke. It shouldn’t suffer like this.” begged Chane who was now crying for the suffering Pokémon. The Mushroom Pokémon nodded in understanding. She released a cloud of blue Spores to try to make Machoke fall asleep. The mutant roared as the dust entered its eyes. It began violently clawing at its face to remove the Spores tearing away the skin below its eyes in the process down to the bone. Machoke turned to face the Breloom and her Trainer. Its eyes were so bloodshot and swollen the scleras were a deep crimson. Blood poured from its tear ducts.

The monster screamed as it lifted its hulking arms to smash Izzy beneath its giant fists. The Breloom expertly blocked the Superpower Pokémon’s attack and channeled its immense strength into her tail. Izzy spun around slamming her tail into Machoke’s side for a powerful Counter attack. Machoke coughed up a mouthful of blood before falling to the ground defeated. Izzy then collapsed to one knee completely exhausted from her battle.

“No! Fuck! You!” Proton yelled turning a furious gaze on Chane. The young Neos channeled as much courage as she could to face her adversary.

“I… I’ve beaten you. Now please surrender.” she requested. She was now more upset with Proton than she was scared of him. Proton’s glare became fiercer.

“You think you’ve won just because all of my Pokémon are defeated?” he questioned. “Wrong! As long as I can still fight, you’re dead.” he said holding up his switchblade and licking the shimmering blade. “Let’s play little girl. I’m going to enjoy taking my time with you.” The Rocket Executive slowly walked towards Chane throwing the knife between his hands back and forth. He wanted the terror to sink in and to last as long as possible.

“S-stay back!” warned Chane. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. Have Izzy attack Proton? She was worn out from her fight with Machoke and Proton had a weapon. She could fight back, but again he had a weapon and was probably stronger than her anyway. Sensing her Trainer’s hesitation, Izzy got up and stood between Chane and Proton with her arms spread.

“Out of my way Pokémon!” yelled the Rocket smacking Izzy with his right hand. Had the Breloom not been so worn out from her bout with Machoke, she would have been able to stand up to the Executive better but was instead knocked to the ground. Proton gave Chane a sadistic smirk. “You just stand there and watch me kill your Pokémon.” he said throwing his knife back to his right hand and turning towards the Breloom.

“NO!” Chane screamed jumping on Proton’s back to protect Izzy. The Executive yelled as he staggered side to side and backward trying to maintain his balance.

“Get off of me you little bitch!” he shouted reaching back with his free hand and grabbing Chane. He violently threw her off and on to the floor. The Rocket then grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to her feet. “I want to see the fear in your eyes! Let’s have a look at that pretty face shall we!” Proton pulled back Chane’s hood with his knife hand and put the blade against her throat. Chane froze as she frantically thought of a way out of this.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you yet.” he said in a soft yet malicious tone. “I want to enjoy you as much as possible. Now where should I cut you first?” Proton lowered the knife to her chest. With the blade away from her throat, Chane could finally let her primal instincts take over.

“Get back!” she screamed kneeing Proton in the groin. The Executive screamed as he fell to the ground. With the Rocket incapacitated Chane ran for the exit. “Izzy return!” she called holding out the Breloom’s Pokéball. Izzy was dematerialized and sucked back to the safety of her ball.

Having caught his second wind, Proton kicked Chane in the back of the legs causing her to fall. He got up stood over her with a wrathful glare.

“Just where do you think you’re going girl?” he growled angrily. “It seems you have a little fight in you after all, but it’s not over until I say it’s over! And we’re just getting started! Now feel the wrath of Team Rocket!” Chane grabbed for Celia’s Pokéball but before she could call for her Pokémon’s aid she heard a zombified moan.

Machoke had gotten up looking and smelling like death itself. Buildup of lactic acid in the muscles from lack of oxygen had caused the tissue to begin dissolving. The Pokémon’s consciousness was all but gone, but it still had one vague memory. The memory of the man who had condemned it to such a gruesome fate.

“What the!?” Proton yelled as Machoke grabbed him in a tight bear hug and began crushing him. “Let go! I am your master! I command you! Let g-AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” he screamed as every bone in his body was shattered and every organ ruptured. Blood started bursting from every available orifice on his body; mouth, nose, ears, and eyes were just the visible ones. The Rocket Executive’s final thought was how this was such a hideous way to die.

With so much exertion on its part, Machoke’s body could no longer handle the stress of so much power. Its muscles were in shreds and its bones were fracturing from the stress. The once Superpower Pokémon collapsed to the floor unable to endure its suffering any longer.

As for Chane, the horrible odor and sight of the decaying Pokémon and gruesome fate of the Rocket made her sick to her stomach. She had to cover her mouth and nose just to avoid puking. She ran out of the room as fast as she could and began crying for the horrible fate that befell Machoke. She could see why Brian hated these people so much. In her time with Team Neos Chane had seen the evils of Team Rocket, but this went well beyond that. This was the most horrible thing she had ever seen in her eighteen years of life.

Chane deeply regret separating herself from the other members of Team Neos now. Her first priority however was to look for a safe place she could rest and heal her Pokémon at. Hopefully a place where there wouldn’t be any more Rockets. She still didn’t want to cross the line of killing someone nor did she want to be put in that position again. After that, she would seek out her fellow teammates. She could worry about any captive Pokémon once Team Rocket was dealt with.
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