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The Journal of Augustus Price: Chapter 4

by Lukenblaz

I wake up in a small pool of my own blood. The wound itself wasn’t entirely large but I will probably need stitches. I slowly stand up and grab the edge of my bed to support myself. I roll onto the bed and sit against the wall. Nothing in my room looks to be able to help with the bleeding. I look over at my door. It was only a few steps but for me it seemed like miles. Alas, it was my only way to safety and proper treatment. I swing my weight across my bed and land on the floor and begin to crawl towards the door. To me it felt like hours but I finally manage to make it to the door. As I near it my vision starts to fade. Just before I lost consciousness again I unlock the door and turn the knob. The door pulls into the room far enough to get my hand out. When I finally pass out my arm is through the doorway and a little bit out into the hallway.

I wake in what seems to be my room. I sit up from the bed and look around. A man was sitting at the desk and appeared to be sleeping. I feel the spot on my head where I hit it. The skin was together and I felt no scar or anything. Almost like I had never actually hit my head. But when I look at the corner of my bedpost I still see a little bit of head blood. The pool of blood where I had fallen was gone as well. So was my fridge. I sighed at the loss. The food in it may have been poisoned but it was still a good mini-fridge. The man in the chair stops snoring and wakes up. It was Max.

“Hello Augustus. Did you have a good rest?”

“As good as a person who busted their head open and then passes out.”

“Yeah about that… We analyzed those sandwiches someone sent you. It wasn’t a poison. Turns out you are allergic to one of the ingredients in it. Sorry no-ones trying to kill you yet.”

“Well that’s anti-climatic. Here I was thinking there was some conspiracy against me by the other refugees.” We both laugh at my comment.

“Alright. You’ll need to be more careful. Just ask someone if you need help. I’ll usually be in my office. See you later August.”

“Bye Max. Oh, I almost forgot. Did you find anything on those markings?”

“Nothing yet I’m afraid. I’ll tell you if I do though.”

I lay back in the bed. The rest of the day was uneventful. Several people came in to check on me including Taylor and others I didn’t know. The mailman brought a letter but I didn’t bother with opening it. I fell asleep like a normal that night.

I woke up the next day and changed into a fresh pair of clothes. The letter was still sitting on my desk unopened. I carefully used a letter opener in the desk to cut it open. Inside was a small piece of paper. All that was written on it was “Sorry about the sandwiches. “ No signature was anywhere. The letter was printed so I wasn’t able to recognize the handwriting. I fold the paper up nicely and store it in the desk along with the letter opener. After that I grab my jacket and leave the room.

I leave the mansion and head to the forest. Slowly I make my way back to cave where I found the sword. The body of the bear was no longer in the clearing. When I head back into the cave the light was still shining. I walked around the final corner and stopped. Around the lake are thousands of fireflies. I hear footsteps behind me.

“Marvelous isn’t it?” I nearly fall over into the lake from fright.

“Geez you scared me.” I turn around and look at the source of the voice. I did not recognize the person.

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before in the Refuge.”

“You haven’t seen a lot of people in the Refuge so that claim doesn’t really work. But for future reference I’m Stephen. I was the one who sent the fridge. Again I am sorry about the sandwiches. I didn’t realize you were allergic to something in it.”

“It’s alright. Nothing too serious. Hey, how did you find this place?”

“I followed you out here the first time. You were a rookie and Max wanted to make sure you didn’t get too hurt. He also told me not to interfere if it wasn’t serious.”

“Ah, thanks for that I guess.”

“Oh I almost forgot. Would you like a new mini-fridge? This one won’t have anything in it though. I can show you where to get food when you get back to the mansion. I’m in room 4. First floor. I’m heading back now. Bye August.”

“Bye Stephen. See you later.”

Once I made sure he left the cave I head out onto the bridge. After I reach the boulder I look around for any marks. Somehow when I was first here I managed to miss a lever on the back of the boulder. I pull the lever. The ground shakes again. Another stone bridge rises out of the lake and leads to the other side. A bright light shines on the other side of the bridge. I head towards the light. When I reach I find a small amulet on a stone pedestal. The markings on the amulet were the same as the ones on the bracelets and watch. I take the amulet and put it around my neck. It didn’t do anything at the moment but I felt I wouldn’t need it to do anything right now. I make my way across the bridge and out of the cave. Eventually I find the mansion. As I was walking out of the lobby my stomach growled louder than the bear that attacked me that second day. I looked around for Stephen’s room. It was the first door from the left. I knock and he opens the door.

“Oh hey August. You looking for food? Follow me.”

He leads the way to the other end of the first floor. A set of double doors is at the end. Stephen opens the doors to reveal a large banquet hall. Hundreds of platters line the tables. He hands me a basket.

“Take what you need and more. I already had the fridge delivered to your room.”

“Thank you so much man. I probably wouldn’t have found this without you.”

I then proceed to grab enough food to feed an entire family for a year and bring it back to my room. After a few minutes I manage to fit it all inside my fridge. I make a small dinner and eat the entire plate. For the first time since I arrived here I had eaten a full meal and not gotten injured from it. I jump into my bed and fall asleep.

End of Chapter 4