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How did I end up in Hoenn?: Chapter 4.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is a OC/Self Insert in Pokemon Emerald. Please Review!
If you haven't read chapters 1-3 you should!
Chapter 4~ Pokedex time!

I sighed of relief. I'm finally at the professor's laboratory, after walking around town forever. It wasn't a long walk from route 101 to the laboratory, it's just that I didn't know where it is. Little root town... is gigantic! At least that egg that dude gave me was going to hatch sooner or later. It didn't shake at all yet, so that's a relief.

Treecko sighed. That thing couldn't handle my stupidity. I hope that egg, or whatever Pokémon in that egg can handle it.

Let me explain how it took forever:

First off, there's a bunch of houses that makes it look like this place is actually a town. In the game there was only 2 houses... yours and your neighbors. But as curious as I was, I've always wondered where the other people in town lived. That question got answered today.

So I barged into everyone's house looking for items in their trashcans. Nobody questioned me or even batted an eye. I guess this is the usual for them.

And that's the reason why it took forever for me to get here. I walked in like a boss, and the first thing I saw were aides for the prof. Wait, since when did the hipster need help from these professor's in training? And then I thought to myself, if I can find Professor Sycamore... That'd be totally worth getting sucked into the Pokémon world. But meeting Birch is still cool too.

Birch cut my thought. "Ah, Azure there you are! I'd like to discuss some things with you."

I just got really annoyed."Like what? Can't you see I'm busy here?"

"You are?"

"I'm looking for a French dude named Sycamore."

"I don't know of any man named Sycamore..."

I cut him off. "Oh, well it's fine." That just confirmed my theory, that all professors change their names to be one with a tree. For female's it's a bush.

"Um... Azure can you help me with something?"

I tried not to have a rude tone, but the tone appeared by itself."Help you with what?"

"This." He handed me the most dreadful thing in all of humanity, which is humanly impossible to finish. And now it was shaped like a GBA.

"Ah, crap. I gotta finish that?"

"I'm not giving it to you yet, Azure. You have to go find my son, Brendan first."

My first thought is 'Why can't you do it?' But then I remembered the entire scene with the Poocheyana. "I'll help you."

"Thanks! He should be in Route 103."

I walked outside, and Treecko was already outside. Wait, did he even go inside? "How the- Oh forget it. Were going to route 103 to face my so called rival. You better win."

Treecko growled.

"I should have never said yes..." I huffed as I made it past Oadle own. Seriously, I'm not fit to run this much in an entire day. And on top of that I didn't even pack anything. I was dying of thirst. "Brendan! Please come out! Your dad needs your help! And I need your help! I'm gonna die out here, of thirst!"

The white hair*ahem* cap teenager ran to my aid. "Azure, what're you doing here?!"

I smiled. "Your dad got chased by a Poocheyana. And so I borrowed, well he let me keep one of his Pokémon."

"I'm not going back without a battle!"

"Do we really have to battle? I need to save my Pokémon's energy for any wild encounter-"

"Let's battle!" He took his Torchic out. "Torchic use Growl!"

I've always hated how trainers make their Pokémon use useless moves, like really did you think a chicken's growl was going to scare my salamander tree thing?

After a while Brendan reajusted his hat. "Azure, aren't you going to attack?"

"I don't know what Treecko's move set is. For all I know it could have learned Dragon Breath or something."

"Just say something!"

"Fine! Treecko, use tackle, or pound, or whatever attack move you have!"

Treecko attacked the Torchic.

"Azure, that move's called Pound." He readjusted his hat again.

It wasn't hot or anything so I wondered why he looked all red."Your sweating?"

"It's the heat of the battle! Can't you feel it? Torchic use growl again!"

"You seriously want to get schooled, don't you? Treecko, use pound!" Treecko went to the Torchic and slapped the thing. It fainted. Torchic looked dead though.

"Good game." We shook hands and silently walked back to Birch's lab, and took a pit stop at the Pokémon Center. Treecko growled when I tried to shove it back in it's poke ball.

We were finially back, and Birch noticed us. "Ah, you two are back! I have your Pokedex's right here!" He handed us a Pokedex.

"Thanks Prof!"He then went on with a lecture about Pokémon and his dream. Which by the looks of the Pokedex were empty. Dead Empty. He then handed us a bunch of poke balls. Well it wasn't a bunch, it was more like 5.

Brendan disappeared after Birch was done talking. I decided to head back to my so called 'House' and take everything that I have with me.

But before I go, I had to say something. "Smell ya later, Prof!" I walked out of laboratory.
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    Thanks! I have ideas, but I'm still working on it (Not telling them yet) . I do take ideas though! Love to hear them!
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    I going to assume you already have a team set, but if not, taking suggestions?
    P.S. awesome story!
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    But birch is chill, so he'll let stuff like this slide. Hopefully.
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