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Romantic Youth: Chapter 4

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 Its Yukko's time....
"Yukko..." Hayato said nervously, as Yukko blushed looking at her feet. Hayato blushed as well, and he looked away. Yukko grabbed Hayato's hand.

"I got a place to go. Just follow me." Yukko said as she started walking, and Hayato was pulled. Hayato didn't have any idea where she was going.

They were on this restaurant, but not too rich. Hayato was playing things on his phone of boredom, and turned it off. "So why exactly are we here?" Hayato asked with confusement.

Yukko frowned and blushed. I have to tell him soon, I can't just wonder here saying nothing!! Yukko looked up. "Just hungry." She said.

"Hah..." Hayato giggled nervously. "Fumiko is-"

"Could it be you like Fumiko? Or could it be she broke up with you?!" Yukko looked interested.

Hayato blushed. "N-n-no way! She is pretty annoying at times too, and I surprisingly also fight with her too, there is no way we could!"

"Are you living under the same roof?! Someone having a different gender, sleeping together is unnatural!"

"What are you talking about?! Its really natural!"

"Uh.... What would you like?" A lady asked next to their desk. The both gasped and turned to her.

"Oh! Sorry..." Yukko said as her face was deep red. She was pushing her two fingers together.

The lady giggled. "You two sure are super close. Are you two-"

Hayato and Yukko blushed. "N-n-n-n-no way! We are...." Yukko said waving her hands everywhere.


"Strangers!" Yukko said.

The lady walked away nervously thinking about their strange relationship. "S-s-sorry for wasting your time. You should think before you tell me anything..."

Yukko gasped and felt bad. "Aww..." She held her hand with her two hands. Hayato sighed and got up. Yukko gasped. "No no no! I'm not done yet!!" She said.

"Fine, I will stay. What is it exactly you want to tell me?" Hayato sat down and asked Yukko. Yukko stared at him and Hayato blushed and looked away. "oh, sorry. You just wanted to eat with me-"

Its time... Yukko thought. She stood up quick, and blushed hardly looking down. "I have liked-"

Fumiko was right next to Yukko. "Oh! Yukko-chan! Surprising to see you here! What brings you here?" She asked. Yukko's face was more red than before, and she was about to explode. "Oh, did I disturb you? Sorry, I guess you must be pretty mad."

Yukko calmed down and brang her head up. "Oh! Sorry for disturbing you Fumiko! Did you need something? Eh? Eh?" She said nervously. Everyone stared at Yukko. Yukko blushed and sat down quick.

"Can I sit next to you?"

"Uh... About that......" She said nervously. Fumiko sighed.

"I'll just sit in front of you." She went to the seat that was next to Hayato. "Oh, Hayato-kun!" She said surprisingly. Fumiko had a silver ponytail, with a blue dress, and a black trendy jacket.

As for Yukko, she had a white T-shirt with a brown jacket, and blue jeans and black long socks. Hayato had a plain white shirt with black pants.

"What's with the getup?" Hayato asked.

"What do you mean?" Fumiko asked fustrated. Fumiko and Hayato are quite used to seeing each other. "Well, I dress like this whenever I go out."

Yukko giggled. Yukko didn't get the chance to do what she was supposed to, but at least she had fun. Fumiko got up and ordered some things. She even ordered for Hayato. "Yukko, what would you like? I can order for you."

"Oh yeah! Um... Isn't someone supposed to come to our tables?" Yukko asked. Fumiko sighed grinning.

"You know I loved this restaurant since I was a kid. You can also order just going up there. Would you like the-"

"No! I know what I want, I am on fire!" Yukko said energized so suddenly.

In front of Yukko's house, Fumiko and Hayato waved goodbye to Yukko, and it was just Fumiko and Hayato. When they made it, Fumiko went the bathroom and went to bed straight away. "Hey. Aren't you gonna do your otaku stuff? I wanna make fun of you-"

"No. You would make fun of me if I did." She yawned. and closed her eyes as she began to sleep. "Well, night Hayato-kun."

Hayato sighed and went to his room. He was quite used to hearing things like music, even it was just one night. They have gotten so close and did so much, even though it has only been two days.

The door opened slowly as Hayato was sleeping. It was 9:00pm, so of course he was tired. Hayato got up, wiping his blury eyes. "Fumiko?"

"Sorry, my room freaks me out..."

"What do you mean 'freaks me out' exactly?"

"I'm scared.."

"Of what?"

"There are noises."

"..." Hayato started thinking. "Nah, that would be embarrassing." He said shaking his head red faced.

Fumiko squeezed in next to Hayato, there were lots of room. Hayato's face began to become redder. "What are you doing?! You aren't a baby anymore!!"

"Please don't tell this to anyone." She said quietly. She was fast asleep. Hayato lied down and started sleeping. Fumiko was already out, speaking with Hayato's sister.

"He got me and wanted me to sleep with him-" she said as Hayato came and tapped her shoulder.

"I'm not deaf you know." Fumiko saw him and waved.

"Hi! I told Onee-san that you pulled me out of bed and wanted to-"

Hayato grabbed Fumiko. "I did what?! You were the one who wanted to sleep there!" He said nervously.

Fumiko jumped and got out of Hayato's hands. "What are you talking about?! I would never act pike such a beansprout!"

"Do beansprouts even act like that?!"

"Who knows? You were just silly enough to tell me a lie from you, I eas expecting you to be kind and honest!"

The argue became stronger. Then they stopped and giggled. They may not like each other a lot, but they still trust each other. Their relationship was good. Hayato thought that as well, but he was afraid. Does he like Fumiko more than Aoi by any chance now?
  1. Sparklespot336
    (Certain people)
    Jul 31, 2016
  2. The AnimeFreak
    The AnimeFreak
    Lady man makes a harem. It's not what'd you expect, since a lady man doesn't usually make a harem, but this is honestly surprising how it's certain people.
    Jul 30, 2016