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Life of an Idol: Chapter 4

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 The girls are eating in a cafertiria. Yuuki figured out that Kanata was jealous. One of the girls in Sunshine Cats looked like Yuuki. Is it Yuuki's relative? Akari also meets a girl who cosplays as people in Aikatsu a whole lot!
Akari was walking out the classroom, as Rebecca and Jennifer were taking seperate ways. Kanata was running until she hit something. Yuuki gasped. "Tachi-chan!"

Kanata sat down and looked up at Yuuki. She gasped and got up quickly. She glared. "W-w-what?"

"Were you jealous of Akari?" She asked giggling. Kanata's face began quite red of embarrassment.

"No! Why would I?! I like myself just the way I am!" She stomped her foot on the floor.

Akari found Kanata and Yuuki with Honoka. "Girls!" She called out. Kanata gasped and faced Honoka and Akari twitching.

Honoka ran to Kanata and hugged her. "So, how was it not being in my class?" She asked. "This is your first time, right? At least you have Akari-chan!" She squeezed Kanata tighter.

Kanata pushed her away. "Get off! Everyone will think we are weird..." She said. Honoka was giggling. Yuuki was clapping very happy, as Akari, was sweating.

"Yuri-chan!" A familiar voice called out. Akari and Kanata looked. It was Jennifer. She was running towards a girl with purple straight hair. "Lets go look around the school!" She said happily.

Akari was confused. Yuuki came next to her. "Well, that was our only lesson for now. Some other people went to their rooms to pack up, and some just have a break. What do you want to do now?"

"Is this Aikatsu Stars 2.0?" Akari asked. Yuuki shook her head slowly. She grabbed Akari and Honoka's hands.

Honoka let go of Kanata. Yuuki faced Kanata. "Tachi-chan, go with Akari!" She said. Kanata was shocked and started sweating. She didn't follow Yuuki's command, and went with Honoka.

Kanata got Honoka's hand, and squeezed it strongly. Yuuki smiled. "Where do you wanna go, girls?"

"Caferteria! Caferteria!!!" Akari was jumping. Honoka nodded, and Kanata was shaking her head very fast.

Yuuki started running. "Yes! Cafertiria it is!" Akari was pumped with Honoka, and Kanata was sitting on the floor sliding.

The girls made it to the cafertiria. Yuuki was sweating, as Akari looked fresh and as good as new. Honoka was puffing very hard and it looked like she was going to faint.

Yuuki gasped. "Honoka!" She said.

"Honoka Kousaka!" Akari punched the air feeling like a hero. Yuuki got her shoulder and shook her head.

"I- sorry, I am not good with running..." She said. They got their food and sat near a table together. Kanata didn't order anything. She got something out her bag and started wrapping it up.

Honoka clapped once. "Kanata, do you have box lunch today?" She asked. Kanata nodded. "Yes! Lets eat together as friends!" Honoka punched the air energetically.

They all pushed their hands together. "Thank you for the food," the girls started eating. Honoka was the first one to finish. Akari gasped.

"Honoka-chan, you eat so quick!" Akari was clapping. Honoka grinned.

"Also, don't remember the only person I am friends with in this table is Honoka, not any of you!" Kanata pointed out her pointer finger at everyone.

Akari grinned. Honoka did as well. Akari gasped and turned to Yuuki. "By the way Yuuki, did I ask you this before?"

Yuuki smiled. "About what?" She questioned.

"How did you know my name the first time we met?" Akari asked. Yuuki gasped and started giggling.

"I will tell you when we get to our rooms." Yuuki said. After that, Kanata pushed her hand together fastly, just after Yuuki finished speaking.

Everyone in the table gasped. "Thank you for the food!" She said. Akari gasped and looked at her food. She did the same thing.

"Ueh?!" Honoka gasped. Akari grinned nervously. Yuuki was still eating. Everyone had a sweat coming down their cheeck.

5 minutes later, Yuuki finished. "You take forever to finish, Yuuki!" Akari argued. Yuuki was giggling nervously.

"Sorry, sorry!" She said giggling a bit. They were walking outside until some girls were running outside.

"The Sunshine Cats!" Everyone was squealing. Yuuki and Kanata were jumping. Honoka and Akari were laughing their heads off.

Yuuki and Kanata were shocked. "Why are you girls laughing?! I thought you guys were fans of idols!" Kanata stomped.

Honoka couldn't stop giggling, same with Akari. They started to slow their giggle. "Sorry, its just we aren't used to the name!" Honoka said.

Yuuki grinned. "For short, its TSC. That will make it sound better." She said. Honoka and Akari looked pale.

"T.. S.... C...?" Akari questioned. She looked puzzled. Honoka sighed.

"It sounds like a company name." She said. Kanata got really angry.

"Come on! Just call it SC! Its good enough!" She said. Honoka and Akari gasped.

Akari and Honoka stood up and raised their hands. Honoka and Akari looked serious. "Nothing happened, ma'am!" Akari said. Honoka nodded.

Yuuki started running. "Hurry! They are about to leave!" Kanata and the other girls were shocked, and they started running.

All the girls were squealing with excitement as the two girls were walking away. One of them had a blue thin long ponytail. The other one, looked sweet with her hair the colour of honey, thick hair thats 6 inches down her shoulder.

The SC were walking somewhere with some teachers. Akari looked so excited, and she climbed a tree far away to wave at them. "Just like Yume Nijino, my second best role model!" She said with glee.

But I bet this isn't a boy section of the school, no offense Kanata... Akari had one sweat streaming down her cheeck. A boy down looked at her. "What are you doing up there?" He asked.

Subaru's act?! Akari gasoed with confusement. "um... Do you have a uniform?" She asked. He started sweating.

"No..." He said weirdly. Akari jumped down. He screamed. She looked at him. "What? Oh, come to think of it you look just like Subaru kun! Just how?"

The guy took the hair off. It was a girl with blonde pigtails. Her hair ended with a pink colour, and Akari's ended with a brunette colour. "Heh," the girl giggled nervously.

"Y-Y-YUME-CHAN?!" Akari gasped. Yume took off the wig again. Akari started sweating. "W-w-who are you?!?!"

She smiled. "My name is Matsuko Subaru. I am Yuuki (or Yukki idk) Subaru's sister. A pleasure to meet you." She got out her hand. Her hair was a curly bright brunette colour, and her hair ended in her hips.

Akari gasped, then looked pale. "Is this a joke...?" She gasped.

"Excuse me?!" Matsuko said twitching.
  1. Sparklespot336
    Stories are like life! Just use your own imagination. Its more fun to make stories, since you decide whats going on, and get to do a story how you like it. Other stories already created, are already made and may not be exactly how you like it, but don't worry. Just see what happens and have fun with your brain!
    Jul 21, 2016
  2. Sparklespot336
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