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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 4

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Sorry it's been so long, but now it's finally here-- the fourth chapter of my Bonnie fanfic!!
A Big Appetite
"Chikorita, Dedenne, come on!! The cafe here has gotta have something good!!"
They walked inside to find chaos.
Very loud chaos.
"I can't hear myself think!! @.@ Chikorita, return!!"
Dedenne leaped into Bonnie's bag. Waiters and waitresses were scattered, running around everywhere. Most of them were chasing a blur of green and brown that sent tables crashing to the floor and food flying everywhere. Bonnie's stomach growled and she sighed. She took out her Pokedex that the Professor had given to her a little while back. He'd told her to use it on a Pokemon she couldn't recognize. She held it up to the blur.
"Skiddo, the Mount Pokémon. Because of Skiddo's mild temperament, they're thought to be one of the first Pokémon to live in harmony with people."
"That thing is a Skiddo!? It doesn't seem very mild to me!!"
She put her Pokedex away.
"HEY SKIDDO!!!!" She yelled as loud as she could. The Pokemon stopped, sliding to a halt. It looked over at Bonnie, and the whole cafe became silent.
"Skiddo?" It asked.
Well, now that I got its attention....
"You need to apologize to these people. Look what you did! You might not have tried to make a mess, but you just need to be careful."
Skiddo looked at Bonnie like she was talking a foreign language. It charged at Bonnie, using Tackle.
The tiny mouse used Nuzzle on Skiddo just in time. It stopped right in front of Bonnie who squished herself against the wall.
Skiddo blinked a few times, realizing what it had done. It hung its head.
"Aw, it's ok...."
Bonnie reached out and pet Skiddo. The Pokemon smiled.
"Will you go back home now?"
Skiddo nodded and walked out the door.
"You are amazing!!" One of the waiters said.
"Have a seat!! We're giving you a free meal!!"
"Really!? Yay!!"
Bonnie sat in her tent in Route 4, holding up her Bug Badge and looking at it.
"Now I'm going back home...."
Something rubbed against her tent.
She peeked out. Skiddo sat there.
The Pokemon reached into her bag.
"Wh--what are you--??"
It took out a Pokeball.
"Oh.... are you sure?"
Skiddo nodded.
Shake.... Shake.... Shake.... Bing!!