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The Legend of the Guardians: Chapter 4: War is Coming

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Melody is enjoying her new life as a Guardian, but how is her family reacting?
"What is a Pixie Legendary?" Melody asked Kallie. "Well, since you're part of the club, you better know! The Pixie Legendaries are Pokemon who float in the air without wings. I'm the only exeption, because any other pokemon with my proportions could not fly with these wings." Kallie laughed.
"So, When are you going to ask who is a Pixie Legendary? I'll introduce you!" Melody stared with happiness as the Child of Celebi rambled on. "So, we have..." Kallie went on, but here's what Melody caught.
Wish the Child of Jirachi
Azuli the Child of Mew
Knowledge the Child of Uxie
Emotia the Child of Mesprit
Willo the Child of Azelf
Diania the Child of Diancie
Ringla the Child of Hoopa
"And then there's the debate on weather Eona The child of Latias and Eos The Child of Laitos can join the Pixie club. I mean they have wings, but they don't use them.
However, they're not small and they're a dragon type, a type that most Pixies aren't. So that's the debate." Kallie finished, almost breathless. "Why don't you take a break and come with me to my 'habitat.'"
Melody smiled at the word. She walked towards a forest like area that she was quite attracted to. However, once she got into the forest, she had no interest in it. Instead Melody walked through multiple habitats before she made it to the place she felt was right. The place was unpopulated.
Flower fields dotted the seaside plains, and you could hear Wingull in the distance. When the wind blew, flower petals floated in the breeze, with not a care in the world. By now the sun was setting and the Sea reflected a beautiful orange color.
"Wow, its beautiful! Kallie! This is the place, I know it." Melody gasped in awe. "Well, This is Shay's home as well. The Child of Shaymin isn't very talkative, but she will enjoy your singing for sure."
Melody was confused by one thing. "Hey Kallie, one question, how in the name of Arcues did a Sea appear on a mountain?" Kallie snickered. "Actually, this is called Lake Petalsong. Maybe you are the reason why Godric named this lake that.
If you cross there to the north, You'll come to the waterfall near Central Square, where we were earlier. Ringla set up Dimentional holes everywhere, so its easy to move around to different places." The Child of Celebi started to fly off. "See ya tomorrow Newbie!"


Melody wondered how her Mom was faring with this situation. If her child was whisked away in front of her eyes, she would be so terribly frightened for her kid, not knowing how they were being treated.
Melody stared out across the lake, sitting on a rock jutting out near the shore. 'Maybe I should sing to get my mind off of this..." Melody thought. She took a deep breath and started to sing. Goosebumps raced across her skin as she was singing the Lullaby her Mom had taught her a long time ago.
Even without walls or some way of containment, her voice seemed to echo all across the plains and lake, reaching out to seemingly everywhere.

-------Back at the Village--------

"All citizens need to go to the center square! I repeat, all Citizens to center square!" A raspy voice echoed through a microphone as multiple people of the village piled into the small square. As soon as the town was assembled in the Center of the City, Multiple people in similar outfits portraying a golden A with a red line through it.
"Hello. And Welcome. I have important news. We have heard of the small child, Melody who has been captured. My troops and I know where she is. As a father of my own, whoever the parents of that child is, I send my deepest regrets and please know that Team Starless will aid you in your search for your lost child.
Cruel beings, known as Guardians, have taken away Melody to keep as prisoner for a sin she committed. We do not know of this Sin and we also do believe that Melody didn't commit any sins either. These cruel people are half pokemon and will do anything to stop you. You must gather more towns to help you, and gather pokemon friends.
We will attack the mountain as soon as possible!" The man's voice echoed on stage as cheers arouse from the audience, ready to avenge their lost child.
  1. EspeonTheBest
    Well, I'm not sure. I have plans but at the same time I don't have the energy and time to write it. Plus I'm really working hard in ELA on creative writing- and my creativity gauge is probably as small as a jewelry box. I just don't have enough time for this.
    Apr 2, 2016
  2. Shauna23
    When are you gonna write chapter 5?
    Apr 2, 2016
  3. EspeonTheBest
    Really? Yes! An excuse to write another chapter! I've been waiting for this! :)
    Sep 27, 2015
  4. Shauna23
    I can't wait for chapter 5!
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