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Animanimon: Chapter 4: Wakko Captured

by Flameyfur

Flameyfur Ralph sets a trap for all three warners... but Wakko has been captured, alas making him Ralph's new pet. Can Firework, Yakko and Dot save Wakko in time... or is it already too late?
Firework was playing with the only six items she brought along... Pokemon figures! "Can Captain Steelwater defeat the evil Blazeshock? Stay tuned!" said Firework. Because Dot gave her brothers pokemon langue lessons, they could now under stand what Firework was saying.

Meanwhile with Ralph, he was busy setting up a trap for the warners, never knowing that they had a pichu companion. Gahh, Yakko will love the first part, Wakko the second part, and Dot the third, Ralph thought. Ralph then hid behind bushes.

Firework looks ahead at the water tower. She was careful with every step, because she thought there would be traps abound. Now I feel like I want to go home, Firework thought.

Wakko walks outside and steps the ground, which then makes a remote controlled mega propeller boat come out, and, after 3 stops, thrown into a cage. Ralph, proud at his success, goes home, with only one of the warners.