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Pokehigh School: Chapter 4||Unknown Love

by Bellenette

Bellenette #Summercamp15
In the morning~
"Okay, I'm going up", Serena said to herself as she went up the stairs. When she stepped onto the rooftop, to her surprise, it was Miette! "Don't think I'm here because of that reason", "I did that to lure you here", Miette said. She was about to chase me but I ran into the hallway and saw Ash. I acted fast and peeled into his arms, I almost made him lose his balance but didn't. "Help me!!", I yelled. "Back off Miette, we are THROUGH!" He exclaimed and that left Miette stunned. We walked away together ♥. "Thanks, Ash, and By the way, can I ask you something?" I asked nervously, and blushing a little. "No problem, what is it?" He asked densely. "I think....I think", I started. "I think...I-I am...i-in l-l-love w-with you", I exclaimed. "Huh?" He looked surprised. "Oh you hate me now", I was about to run away , but that's when he grabbed my arm and kissed my lips. I was shocked. But I kissed back. I put my hands around his neck. I was infatuated. We kissed for a while, then I realized that we were being WATCHED! BY A GROUP, OF CLASSMATES! They were all taking pictures and videos and stuff, then they posted it on Pokesation! We both stood there and blushed. I was so embarrassed...I amost died! Well...mentally! In just ran away! "Serena...", Ash said. I kind of felt like Cinderella...

At night in the dorms~
"Omg, you really did that!"White exclaimed. "Wait...why are you so sad?" She asked. "He...isn't...he isn't the one", I said sadly. "What do you mean, "the one"?" She asked puzzled. "I mean that I don't love him!" I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. "I'm confused, I don't know WHO I love...", I said, whiping the tears away. "Wow...its fine...", White said. "I-just don't want to be involved in this complicated love life, I'll tell him tomorrow how I truly feel", I said. "Whoa",White said. "Yeah...I think I'll live my life single", I said and the tears were gone. "Oh, but won't you get lonely?" White said. "Nope, I have friends", I said. "I think its time I focus more on school", I said as I got out my study book. White was arranging her clothes, she made some of hers by hand, they were very beautiful and cute. "Hey White, next week is my birthday!" I said as I quickly, bit happily jumped out of my bed. "Wow, really! I have something in store for you", White said happily. "Hey how is everything going, did everyone survive without me?" Platinum said and winked. "Yes, and Serena is over Ash too!" White said with a smirk on her face. "Wha-really?" Platinum said confused. "Yeah, She just lost interest she said!", White said.

On Pokesation~
White started a conversation.
White: Hey guys, Serena isn't in love with Ash anymore.
Crystal joined.
Crystal: Omg Really? :o
White: Yeah, I'm not sure if its true though.
Crystal: Is it like a rumor or something.
Yvonne joined the conversation.
Yvonne: Omg she did!??!? :/
White: Why are you so sad? :(
Yvonne: I'm not, I'm just angry at Ash.
White: Oh ok.
Misty joined the conversation.
Misty: I heard some gossip is going on here.
White: Why R U here?
Misty: Cuz wynaut?
White: Omg that's like so last year.
Misty: Your face is.
Crystal: Hey I exist ya know!! :'(
Yvonne: Yeah why is jerkisty here? Misty.
White: I dunno.
Misty: Maybe I should tell.
White: Idc
Serena joined the conversation.
Serena: Yeah its true, I don't have feelings towards him anymore.
Misty: Omg then imma get with him.
Serena: Go ahead. Calem is cuter anyway.
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