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The Eroteric Odyssey: Chapter 4: Unexpected Foes

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm Dimrill Roos leaves Cherrygrove to go to Violet City, wishing to battle the gym leader there. He has to get a few battles under his belt first, so what will it be?
Unexpected Foes

The sun shined brightly above us as we headed north. But our peaceful stroll was interrupted by a crowd of people in the middle of the road. Naturally I approached it, thinking it was an event going on or something. Turns out I was partially right.

About 50 men, women, and kids were surrounding a trailer, which had been built like a stage. On the stage was a boy, maybe about my age, speaking to the crowd.

“You shall witness the power of my unstoppable Pokemon! It has no weaknesses! Does anyone dare challenge me?” There was a moment of silence. “Come one, somebody! I didn’t come all this way just to talk in front of people. I’ll even throw in a prize for whoever can beat me!”

A young girl came up to the stage. “I’ll challenge you!” She had a Pokeball in her hand and as she tossed it in front of her, a Squirtle appeared in front of her.

“Ha! Should have thought this one through,” he laughed. He sent out his Pokemon, Eelektrik. This battle ended easily. Eelektrik summoned a Thunderbolt to strike Squirtle. The Squirtle dodged it but the Eelektrik blasted Squirtle with a Shock Wave, knocking it out.

The girl recalled her Squirtle and got off the stage in tears. Her father came up to challenge the boy himself. The man sent out a Trapinch, thinking that this Eelektrik would not hurt Ground-types. But again, the battle was quick. Trapinch sent a wave of dirt at Eelektrik, who seemed to be immune to it.

“What!” the man exclaimed. “How did that Bulldoze not hurt your Electric-type?”

The boy chuckled. “Eelektrik’s ability is Levitate. It’s immune to Ground-types.”

So the Eelektrik used Water Pulse to knock out the Trapinch. The man recalled his Trapinch and got off the stage.

The boy laughed. “Does anyone else dare to challenge my unstoppable Pokemon?”

I looked down at Shinx, and he nodded. I pushed through the crowd and got up on the stage, followed closely by Shinx. “You’re foolish enough to battle me knowing that you’ll lose?”

I remarked with, “I’m smart enough to teach you a lesson.” The crowd cheered. I tossed a Pokeball in front of me. Charmander emerged from the ball. “Char!” he cried.

Charmander got the first hit. He sent an Ember attack straight into Eelektrik’s mouth, burning it. Eelektrik tried to counter with a Water Pulse, but barely hit Charmander. Despite dodging most of the attack, Charmander was badly damaged by the water. Charmander finished off the Eelektrik with purple flames (Dragon Rage).

Eelektrik collapsed from all the damage by Charmander. At first there was silence. The boy’s jaw dropped. Then the crowd roared and cheered. The boy recalled his Pokemon and shook my hand. “Well done, man,” he said. “As promised, here is your prize. Any one of these 3 Pokemon.” He gestured to three Pokeballs sitting on the table at the back of the stage. I stared at the three Pokeballs for a while.

“What’s inside?” I asked him.

“It’s a surprise,” he responded.

I reached for the Pokeball on the left when Shinx snatched the one on the right and ran off. ‘Shinx! Come back!” I yelled. Charmander and I chased after him, leaving the other Pokeballs and the crowd behind. Charmander was having a hard time keeping up because he was damaged by the Water Pulse, so I sprayed some Potion on his back and returned him to his Pokeball. Finally I found him surrounded by 3 men and 1 woman in blue jumpsuits. It looked like they were going to capture him and the Pokeball he had in his mouth. I jumped out from the brush.

“Hey!” I addressed the 4 people. “Leave my Shinx alone!”

They all turned to me. “And who might you be?” the woman asked.

“My name is Dimrill. And I don’t like what you’re doing to my Pokemon!” I said louder.

“My, my. Don’t you have an attitude?” the first man said.

“We’re taking your Shinx, that Pokeball, and whatever Pokemon you have on you,” the second man asserted.

“And make it snappy. We have to return to home base soon,” the third man finished.

I grabbed Charmander’s ball from my belt. “You’ll never take my Pokemon. Ever,” I said defiantly.

“Well I guess we’ll have to settle this the old-fashioned way. With a Pokemon battle,” woman challenged, and all four of them pulled a Pokeball from their belt.

“Shinx! Come here bud!” I called and he ran over to me and handed me the Pokeball. I released Charmander from his ball, and then the 4 goons sent out theirs: Pidgeotto, Axew, Phantump, and Makuhita. This was going to end up being a 4 versus 2 battle. Not looking good. Then I stared at the ball Shinx gave me. This was key to this battle, whatever Pokemon it was. I released the Pokemon and an Eevee emerged from it. “Eevaii,” it roared.

The Pokemon were about to clash into an all-out fight, when the bushes began to rustle. Everyone stared at them until a trainer with orange hair emerged from them. It was Mark!

Mark looked back and forth between me and the goons. “What exactly is going on here?” he questioned.

“There’s no time to explain,” I answered. “Help me out here.” He ran to my side and sent out his Pokemon: Butterfree and Zubat. But something was funny about the Zubat. It was green instead of purple.

The goons gasped. “Is that a shiny Zubat?” the woman exclaimed. “Who are you?”

There was no time for him to respond. The Pokemon from each side attacked the other as hard as they could. Shinx shot Spark attacks at Pidgeotto, Charmander blasted Phantump with Ember, The opposing Makuhita thrust punch after punch at Eevee, but Eevee surprised me. She leaped back out of the way and blasted Makuhita with pink energy. Butterfree and Zubat teamed up on Axew. Axew, being a dragon-type, was a tough opponent.

Pidgeotto played defensive in this battle. It flew around Shinx, trying to dodge Spark attacks. Eventually it Quick Attacked Shinx, but as it struck Shinx, he summoned a Shock Wave, knocking out Pidgeotto.

Phantump was a little tougher to defeat. First it Leech Seeded Charmander, slowly draining its health. Charmander shot an Ember attack at Phantump, but it vanighed and reappeared behind Charmander. He tried again and Phantump again vanished and reappeared on his left. This went on for a while, as Charmander’s energy was slowly drained. Fortunately, Shinx came to the rescue and used Bite when it reappeared again, knocking it out.

Eevee was truly a wonder. Makuhita, having the type advantage, lost brutally. It went in for Arm Thrust, but Eevee blasted it with pink energy. I pulled out my Pokedex, curious about that attack. The Pokedex scanned Eevee and it bega to relay information. “Eevee, the evolution Pokemon. Due to its many options of evolution, it can learn moves of those types early, such as Buzzy Buzz and Freezy Frost. Its psychic-type attack is known as Glitzy Glow, which also boosts defense against special attacks.” I put away my Pokedex as Eevee finished off Makuhita with a Double Kick.

Fortunately, Butterfree and Zubat had no problems dealing with Axew. Mark’s Pokemon had definitely developed good teamwork. The goons recalled their Pokemon. “You boys are very strong,” the woman said.

“Who are you people, and why are you here?” I said angrily.

The woman chuckled. “You don’t know who we are?” she asked. “We’re Team Moon. An organization determined to create a Pokemon Army to take over the world. And none of that concerns you.”

And with that the four enemies headed through the brush and were gone. I recalled my Eevee and Charmander and turned to Mark and he recalled his Pokemon.

“Good timing man,” I said. I would have been toast if you hadn’t helped me out.”

“Well,” he said. “Anything for a friend. Anyways, what were they saying about a Pokemon army? And taking over the world? It doesn’t sound good.”

“I guess we could let the gym leader in Violet City know about this, since he’s in contact with a lot of powerful trainers,” I said. We then began to walk east until we reached the main road. As we followed the road to Violet City we caught up with each other. He watched all my battles in Cherrygrove City and found the Zubat in Dark Cave, slightly north of where our battle was.

By nightfall we arrived in Violet City. We stopped at the Pokemon Center to restore our Pokemons’ energy. After receiving our Pokemon back, we went to the PokeMart and purchased some healing items like Potions, Antidotes, and Paralyze Heals. At last we went to the Campground near the Pokemon Center and set up camp. After an exhausting day, we all went to sleep and slept well.
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  1. PokeStorm
    @The Ultimate Lucky N Thanks! I put a lot of effort into it.

    I originally didn't have the Eelektrik thing in the rough draft, I added it when I typed it. In addition, the Team Moon encounter was originally Dimrill catching them stealing all the berries, but I decided to make it more "endangering"

    I'm glad you liked it! :love::love::love:
    Mar 6, 2019
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  2. Vacat1o
    Very nice.

    This is actually good.
    Mar 6, 2019