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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 4: To Oreburgh City

by MegaloX

MegaloX Adventure finally begins.
Blake woke up bright and early in the morning just as the sun was coming up. "I can't believe it. Today is the day I finally start my Pokemon journey for real." he said excitedly. He ran down stairs and greeted his parents who were already awake. "Hi honey. Are you ready to start your journey today?" his mother asked. "You bet mom. I'm gonna become a better Pokemon trainer than even you and Maya someday." he said proudly. Raylee laughed at her son's comment, "I'm sure you will one day Blake." she said with a smile. Just then, Blake dad, Henry, walked through the door with some items. "Hey son I know you are going to get some stuff from the professor to start but we also got you some things as well." he said. Blake smiled and approached his father. "First off, we got you a new backpack just in case you needed it. Secondly, some extra Pokeballs cause you can never go wrong with those. We also got you a sleeping bag and I even added my boy scout kit from back in the day. You never know, it could come in handy." he said, laying down the items on the coffee table.

Blake smiled and took the items off the table one by one and placed them in the bag. He put his new backpack on and smiled excitedly. "So I guess I'd better go find Cody. He said we could go to the next town together and get our Pokedex and stuff like that." he said happily. Just then, Maya came bounding down the stairs. "Alright guys I'm off. I've got a lot of ground to cover if I want to make it to Floaroma Town in time to join my friends." she said. "Hold on a minute Maya. At least take your brother with you to Sandgem Town on the way." her father said, catching the teen just before she got out the door. "Okay sure thing. Come on slowpoke let's move it." she said, exiting the house. "Okay my mom bye dad." Blake said while waving.

The boy followed his sister on the trail along with his best friend Cody who also joined in for the adventure. "So Maya where do we have to go first?" Cody asked. "Well first I'm taking you two to Sandgem Town so you can meet Professor Rowan and get your Pokedex. After that I'm going to leave because I need to be in Floaroma Town. You guys will need to travel to Oreburgh City if you want to challenge Roark and get your first gym badge." the girl explained. Blake and Cody looked at each other and blinked a few times. "That seems really complicated." Blake said. "Look alive boys. Sandgem Town dead ahead." Maya said.

The three entered the small town and Cody and Blake were surprised. "Wow Blake this is the first town we made it to since we started. our adventure." Cody said. Maya took the boys to the lab and led them inside. "Alright boys the Professor is over there. Maybe I'll see you around. Until then cya later." Maya said before turning back and walking out of the lab.

"Professor Rowan?" Blake called. A man came around the corner and greeted the two young trainers with a smile. "Hi there boys I'm Professor Rowan. What can I do for ya?" the man asked nicely. "Well Professor I'm Cody and this is my friend Blake. We would like to get our Pokedex so we can start our adventure." he said. "Ah I see. I always enjoy launching new trainers into their adventurous lives alongside their Pokemon." he said. The man in the lab coat walked away for a minute and returned with two Pokedex machines and two of something else that neither boy recognized. "Here you go boys. Each of you gets a Pokedex and a badge case. Collect all your Sinnoh Gym Badges and show them as proof to enter the Sinnoh League." the man explained. The two boys claimed their items and smiled, "Thanks professor." they both said with a smile.

"Now you two better get going so you have time to get to the next town. If you leave my lab and go left down that trail you'll arrive in Jubilife City. From here someone will help you to Oreburgh City where you can earn your first gym badge from Roark." he directed.

Blake and Cody smiled at each other and nodded. They thanked the professor and quickly left his laboratory starting on the path that would take them to Jubilife City and eventually Oreburgh City.
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