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Crystal Gems: Chapter 4: Passing Time

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Steven was out with his father but he comes back upset, what happened. You might find out, in this series if not just watch the actual show.
Flame, Mal, Chrome and Aspen were outside training when Steven came back upset and ran into the house.
"I wonder what that was." Chrome said.
"Im sure they will tell us later." Mal said.
"Im sure your right." Flame said as Garnet came out.
"We have to go, you can handle yourselves?" She asked.
"Yep." Aspen said. "With some jokes."
"Alright we are leaving." Garnet said following the group only to leave the planet.
"Welp, its just us what now?" Chrome asked.
"Find some enemies to battle." Mal said.
"Figured that could come from yah." Chrome said as a ship blasted into the ocean.
"Guess that solves our problem." Flame said gripping his sword. Then a couple of people came out.
"Where is the Crystal Gems?" The dude asked.
"They went to do something but they will be back." Chrome said.
"Dummy, we are them two." Mal said smacking the back of Chromes head.
"So, the main ones are gone and its only newbies." Girl said with a smirk as Flame got out his sword and it lit up.
"Oh, you think you can face us?" Dude said laughing and Flame was getting steamed up a bit, his fists were on fire, literaly.
"Flame whats going on?" Aspen asked him.
"Huh?" Flame said looking at his hands. He put his sword back on his back and put his hands in the air in a fist and a sword made of fire appeared in his right hand.
"That must be a power." Chrome said.
"Must me." Flame said ready.
"Thats it." Dude said pulling out a blaster.
"Oh crap." Flame said as he aimed and shot. Flame blocked it with his sword, then he charged in and stabbed the dude.
"You wont get away with this." Dude said and the two went back into the ship and blasting off. Flames fire sword had disappeared along with his hands being on fire.
"I wonder what that was about." Mal said.
"We might actually find out sooner or later." Flame said looking into the sky.