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Pokemon Gust: Chapter 4, Newhill Town!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Adam And Ash Gets Ready For Route 103!
Ash: Welcome to Newhill Town!"
Adam: These names are crazy...."
Adam: So, lets go heal our pokemon!"
Adam And Ash Go Inside The Pokemon Center.
Nurse Joy: Your pokemon are fully healed. Heres your pokemon!"
Adam And Ash Go Out Of The Pokemon Center And See A Pokemart Employee.
Pokemart Employee: Hello trainer! Looks like your a beginner pokemon trainer! Heres 10 potions to both of you!"
Adam And Ash: Thanks!"
Pokemart Employee: Don't need to thank me!"
The Pokemart Employee Does A :blush: Face.
The Pokemart Employee Walks Into The Pokemart.
Adam: Now lets go and buy pokeballs so we can catch pokemon!"
Ash: Okay..."
Ash Does A :'| Face.
Pokemart Employee: What do you need?"
Adam: 12 pokeballs please!"
Pokemart Employee: Okay! That would be 2400 pokedollars please?"
Adam: 2400 pokedollars?!"
Ash: Okay! Its on me!"
Ash Does A :) Face.
Pokemart Employee: Heres your 12 pokeballs!"
Adam: Thanks!"
Adam: Okay.... Lets go to Route 103!"
Adam And Ash Ran To Route 103.