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Poke-Academy: Chapter 4: New Evil

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer People/pokemon before:
Chrome- Litten, Rockruff, Alola Vulpix
Mindy- Popplio, Alola Rattata
Bob- Rowlet, Alola Grimer, Pikipek
Danya- Mimikyu, Komala

Litten- Ember, Scratch, Lick
Rockruff- Tackle, Bite, Howl
Popplio- Pound, Water Gun
Alola Rattata- Tackle, Quick Attack
Rowlet- Leafage, Tackle
Alola Grimer- Poison Gas, Pound
Pikipek- Peck, Echoed Voice, Rock Smash
Mimikyu- Wood Hammer, Astonish, Scratch
Komala- Rollout, Rapid Spin
It was the next day and they were in school. Litten and Vulpix were laying down asleep next to Chrome's desk.
"Is anyone else bored?" Chrome asked.
"And hot." Bob said.
"Well then, Popplio I choose you." Mindy said.
"What are you doing?" Chrome asked.
"Use Water Gun and make it like a water fountain." Mindy said and everyone started cooling off.
"Makes sense." Bob said.
*Meanwhile outside*
"A Popplio, Alola Vulpix and Litten." A boy said.
"This could be very useful." A girl said. Both of them were in a bush. Then Litten, Vulpix, and Popplio was snatched.
"Tuff luck kids." Girl said running away with their pokemon along with the boy.
"Come back here." Chrome said running after them.
"Just who are you?" Danya asked.
"Im Mack." Dude said.
"And im Harley." Girl said.
"Oricorio I choose you." Mack said.
"Oricorio come on out." Harley said.
"Both have the same name but look different." Bob said.
"Doesnt matter, I need Litten and Vulpix back." Chrome said. "Rockruff I choose you."
"Rattata I choose you." Mindy said.
"Rockruff use Bite." Chrome said and Oricorio was weakened.
"Peck lets go." Both of them said, Rockruff and Rattata was weakened.
"Rattata use Quick Attack." Mindy said and Oricorio was weakened.
"Litten you can break free, just use Ember." Chrome said and Litten was free.
"How could you forget that fire would melt and steel bars?" Harley said.
"I didnt make the cages." Mack said.
"Rockruff use Tackle, Litten use Lick." Chrome said.
"Rattata use Quick Attack." Mindy said and the two were blasted off.
"Disaster will win against you one day." Mack said blasting off.
"Disaster?" Mindy said as Chrome freed Vulpix. Vulpix was so happy to see Chrome.
"I have heard of them, but didnt think they would come to Alola." Danya said.
"But who are they?" Bob asked.
"They are Team Disaster, they are a team of evil who steals pokemon." Danya said.
"Woah." Mindy said.
"They are from Kalos, there is a trio who were legendary for that team at one point but started failing once they met a group of friends." Danya said.
"Who are they?" Chrome asked.
"The trio are Casey, Harlin, and Jack." Danya said. "The friends are Flame, Mal, and Aspen with a couple of other friends of Katie and Chrome."
"Woah, they sound awesome." Bob said.
"They are just people who stop evil like we just did." Mindy said.
"Maybe our lives will be connected somehow." Chrome said.
"All I know is that Disaster being here means no good." Danya said.
"Your right." Mindy said.
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  1. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    Oh I love the twist in this chapter.
    Jan 19, 2017