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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 4, Mt. Moon!

by Sylvious

After beating Brock's dad in a epic fight. Ace gotten the boulder badge. And is ready to actually START his journey. To get to the next town, Cerulean City. Ace has to go through the monstrous Mt. Moon to get there. But first. We have to do a couple of battles. Ace still has potions because he didn't use any one the fight with brocks dad. Now. Ace has to go through route 3 to get to Mt. Moon. Theres going to be no pokemart. Only pokemon center, entering Mt. Moon. This took quite a while. But after beating trainers. Ace heals his pokemon. Then enters Mt. Moon. this will give a lot of exp to charizard and pidgeotto. So thats also good. So he enters. Having tons of Zubats, Onix, and Paras. Charizard and Pidgetto got tons of exp. But.. Ace decided to catch a Zubat. Probably not for his final team. But he thought it would be cool. Ace: Charizard! Use tackle! Go Pokeball!!! Yes I Catched a Zubat!!!" And after many battles. Leveling the zubat kinda. And Ace found two fossils. Ace takes the dome fossil not knowing what it would do. Ace gets out of Mt. Moon and trained his pokemon to high levels. Since the upcoming gym has water types. Charizard isn't going to be a big help if its weak against water types. On the way. Zubat evolves into Golbat! So. Ace gets to Cerulean City. Stocks up on potions. And gets ready to fight misty!
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  1. Sylvious
    Mt. Moon. Remember the pain in red, blue, and yellow? I do.
    Jul 25, 2015