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Landon's Adventures (Origins): Chapter 4: Enter Team Galactic

by PyroGaleZX

PyroGaleZX When following the wild Bronzor, Landon comes face to face with an organization called Team Galactic as well as one of the heads, Mars and her powerful Purugly, is Landon strong enough to defeat Team Galactic and help Bronzor?
Landon continued to follow the Bronzor, racing through the forest until he saw a cave with some people in white suits with blue hair running around it, Bronzor quickly hit Landon down to the ground so he wouldn't be spotted. Landon slowly moved his head up and saw that the cave was lit up entirely but there was something weird about the lights, they were all shaped like Bronzor.

"I don't see why you needed to bring me out here Bronzor those are all just lights," Landon commented. Landon turned his attention back to the cave and saw that one of them was slowly dying out, but when it went out the light was shocked and there was a scream of agony coming from it. "No way, those are all Bronzor," Landon realized, he got up slowly trying not to get spotted, "Don't worry Bronzor, I'm going to get your friends out of there," Landon assured Bronzor and he tip-toed his way towards the cave, making sure to avoid any contact with the strangely uniformed people. Landon quickly hid behind a truck, he was almost there, as he was about to make a final sprint he heard some people talking nearby.

"Mars we've located the stone tablet," one of the blue-haired men said.

"Good, soon Team Galactic's mission will be fulfilled," a lady who was wearing a dress of the same color scheme as the others replied.

"So these people call themselves Team Galactic," Landon whispered to himself, as he waited for the two of them to leave. Luckily Landon didn't have to wait to long, they left soon after they finished their discussion, that gave Landon the perfect chance to run and free the Bronzor. When Landon was inside the cave he reached for a Bronzor but was immediately shocked, "Man, they sure don't want the Bronzor removed," Landon commented as he looked around.

"Well what do we have here," a voice called, it was the same voice as the red-haired girl, Landon quickly turned and saw her along with quite a few of her grunts, she smiled as two of the grunts carried the Bronzor that had led Landon here and set it up as a light, Bronzor screamed in agony and the electric current began to harm it immensely, "Thanks for bringing us our lost Bronzor, but we can't risk you telling anyone you saw us here," the girl took out a Pokeball and threw it, "Go Purugly!" A large gray cat Pokemon burst out and gave Landon a menacing glare.

"And you are..." Landon paused as he took out his Pokedex, "Purugly, the Tiger Cat Pokemon. By rounding its tail around itself, it can appear to be bigger, and when locking eyes with another, it can stare forever." Landon looked at the Pokemon and could tell it wasn't anyone's first choice for a house pet. Landon found himself corned by the Team Galactic people with no Pokemon or fighting chance, when he suddenly heard a brave cry from his partner Mizu who ran as fast as it could to help Landon, it used one of the grunts as a springboard to leap over the rest and in front of Landon before giving a bow. Landon was touched to see his friend had come to help him, "Thanks Mizu, now let's beat these guys, use Peck!" Mizu charged at Purugly using Peck.

"Purugly, get rid of that puny Pokemon with Slash," the red haired girl called, Purugly slashed Mizu and sent it flying back.

"Mizu!" Landon yelled as he ran over to Mizu. As he ran to Mizu he saw a cord leading from the cave and towards an electrical box and it gave Landon a great idea. Landon picked up Mizu and explained his idea, Mizu smiled, then leaped out of his arms and back towards the battle.

"You think you can beat my Purugly," the red-head stated in a cocky manner, "Whatever, Purugly Slash!"

"Mizu, go with the plan!" Landon told Mizu as they both leaped out of the way of the Slash attack, "Bubblebeam!" Mizu instantly shot a Bubblebeam attack at Purugly.

"Lucky dodge," the red-head stated angrily, "Purugly use Slash and don't stop until they are both begging for mercy!" Purugly continued to slash at Landon and Mizu, they both continued to dodge and Mizu would continue to hit Purugly with Bubblebeam until they both seemed to be cornered by Purugly, "Finally, Purugly! Slash!" the red head shouted, Purugly leaped up and dove at Mizu and Landon with Slash. Landon grabbed Mizu and slid underneath the Purugly, revealing the electrical box was behind them. Purugly couldn't turn back, Purugly's Slash caused a large explosion that freed all of the Bronzor and defeated the Purugly.

"Mars, what should we do?" one of the grunts asked the red head.

"Have you retrieved the stone tablet?" Mars asked.

"Yes ma'am"

"Then go, I need to deal with this pest," the grunts understood and fired up a nearby helicopter, "How did you stop my Purugly kid?"

"Simple, I lured it towards the electrical box and soaked it using Mizu's Bubblebeam," Landon replied, "You should know that water conducts electricity."

"Why you little!" Mars yelled before a rope ladder was dropped behind her, "You got lucky kid and that's it," Mars grabbed onto the rope ladder as the helicopter took off.

Landon watched as the helicopter left for someplace else. Once it was gone he walked over to all of the Bronzor, "You guys should be safe now, the Team Galactic goofs shouldn't bother you anymore," the Bronzor all grew happy and cheerful expressions on their faces. That night Landon went back to his belongings and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning Landon saw a small dark-blue figure looming over him, when Landon processed what he saw he realized it was a Bronzor. "Hey you're the Bronzor from last night," Landon exclaimed as he sat up, the Bronzor nodded in response, "Well, where are all of your friends, are they in trouble again?" the Bronzor shook it's head in response and used a Psychic attack to lift an empty Pokeball from Landon's bag and dropped it in his hands, Landon smiled, "So you wanna come along with us Bronzor?" he asked, Bronzor nodded gleefully as a reply. Landon got out of his sleeping bag and stepped back a bit, "Alright if you say so," Landon smiled as he readied his Pokeball, "Go, Pokeball!" he cheered as he threw his Pokeball and hit Bronzor, as it opened a red beam brought Bronzor in and, after some shaking, Bronzor was caught. Landon quickly ran over and picked up the Pokeball, "Oh yeah, I caught a Bronzor!" he and Mizu both cheered, Landon then threw the Pokeball again, "Come on out Bronzor!" Bronzor popped out of the Pokeball happily, "Welcome to the group Bronzor!" Landon welcomed his new friend, "How about I call you Bronz?" Bronzor nodded happily as a reply.