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Dry Ice {Pokemon}: Chapter 4- "Another Day"

by ZRoberts555

ZRoberts555 So... yeah, umm... Here's a Chuck Norris joke. Umm... Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer...

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Chapter 4- "Another Day"

The helicopter continued on a steady streak for a while, not losing any speed. The sky was dark, starry, and filled with nocturnal bird Pokémon. The inside was silent, and both of the occupants agreed to keep it that way.

"Man, look at the view!" Vincent commented. "At night, you can really see the awesome Kalos sky!"

"Yeah, it really is nice," the woman muttered, checking her side mirror. What the hell? she thought, squinting to get a closer view. Is that a police helicopter? Soon, the woman got a nice view of what was behind her because they turned their headlights on. "Oh no, it is," she muttered.

"What?" Vincent muttered.

"You have a police helicopter on your 6," the woman said. "I'll get on the top and distract them, and you get us away, affirmative?" the woman demanded, pointing to her skilled pilot friend.

Vincent nodded and threw an oxygen mask off of a rack, handing it to the woman. "You'll need this," he said.

"Thanks," the woman muttered, strapping it on. "It's go time," she muttered. She walked toward the back of the plane, and took a ladder off of the wall. She then proceeded to lay it down and climb up the ladder. She then knocked a hatch off of the roof of the helicopter, sending a lot of wind into the cabin. "I'll put it back!" She yelled. She hoisted herself onto the roof of the plane and kicked the hatch back into socket. "Alright, now it's go time." She turned to face the headlights, squinting.

Soon, a cop came out of the helicopter. "Ma'am, what are you doing illegally driving that helicopter?" he yelled.

"I'm not driving it, you retard!" she yelled back. "Why are you following me without evidence of a crime?"

"You're driving a stolen plane!" He yelled. "You're technically breaking the law!"

"Oh, shut up!" the woman yelled. "Accelgor, go!" the woman yelled. She threw a Poke Ball onto the plane, and it popped open, materializing a Pokémon in a cloud of blue light. The Pokémon that appeared was a small, ninja-like Pokémon. It had a red, shell-like head and a ninja star emblazoned on its forehead. From its neck down was a gray cloak that resembled a cocoon and which enveloped Accelgor. The Bug-Type grunted, ready for battle. "Accelgor, attack the plane with Focus Blast!"

"Alright, Flareon, let's go!" the cop screamed, throwing a Poke Ball onto the plane. The ball popped open, materializing a Pokémon. That Pokémon was a dog-like Pokémon, having a dominantly orange body. Around its neck was a golden tuft of fur, and its tail was mostly a huge tuft of fur as well. Atop its head was a slicked-back piece of fur that resembled a flame.

"Flareon!" the Fire-Type cried.

"Now, use Flamethrower!" the cop called. Flareon launched a beam of flames directly towards Accelgor.

"Dodge!" the woman commanded fiercely. Accelgor stopped charging its attack and performed a backflip on to the very top of the helicopter. "Nice, now recharge your Focus Blast!"

Aceelgor charged up a ball of raw energy in its hands, a process that took up a while. "Vincent, I need you to stall!" the woman yelled. She heard a faint reply from the inside, and soon held on for dear life as the vehicle changed directions. Accelgor stayed concentrated as the police helicopter mimicked the actions of the helicopter it was on. Soon, Accelgor fired the ball of raw energy, and it travelled across the sky at an alarming rate. The police helicopter screeched to a halt, but to no avail. The attack exploded on the plane, sending it flying. After a minute, the plane came into view again.

"Alright, Accelgor, can you go another round?" the woman yelled.

"Accelgor!" the Bug-Type yelled.

"Ok, use a rapid-fire Energy Ball!"

"Flareon, use Flamethrower again!" The two attacks parried, but Flareon's move had the advantage and took over, hitting Accelgor and doing massive damage. "Now, Fire Spin!" Flareon sent a circular vortex of flames towards the back of the plane.

"Accelgor, use Swift, and make it swift!" the woman cried. Accelgor threw out ninja stars at an alarming pace, parrying Flareon's attack and buying time for its Trainer. After a while, Flareon's flame sputtered, and the attack gave up. "Nice, Accelgor, use Energy Ball again!"

Accelgor charged up a green ball of energy, and fired it to the left of the plane, causing it to move to the right. Accelgor then charged up another, smaller ball, and fired it just below the propeller blades of the plane, and then instantaneously fired one at the engine. They both collided with the helicopter, sending it flying in the direction it came from.

"You don't know what you're doing!" the cop yelled. Soon, the helicopter vanished out of sight, and the remnants of the plane had crashed somewhere in a massive explosion.

'Oh, then you'd be damned to know' the woman thought. She pulled out a Poke Ball, returning Accelgor. She walked around the top of the vehicle, squatted, and opened the hatch. She jumped in, and took off her oxygen mask upon landing. She took in a big breath, and proceeded to stretch.

"Way to go, youngster!" Vincent complimented. "Nice job out there!"

"On the contrary, you did stunning as well," the woman replied.

"Why, thank you," the old man replied. The woman walked back to the copilot's seat and strapped herself in. "We should be arriving in an hour or so, so don't get too comfortable."

The woman nodded and slumped back in her seat, attempting to get as much sleep as she could. "Thanks for the ride, Vincent," she muttered as she dozed off.

Jonathan yawned and stretched, looking out at the morning sky. 'Man, that was a really good night's rest!' he thought. 'Well, it's time for another day,' he thought, changing put of his pajamas. He proceeded to wake up his two Pokémon, both of which seemed rather exhausted. He walked out of his tent to find that Miles was sitting down in the grass, quietly tending to Chespin.

Miles looked at Jonathan in a friendly way, seeming wide awake. "Morning," Miles greeted casually. "How was your rest?" he asked.

"Good," Jonathan said, finding a bowl laying beside Miles. Inside the bowl were an assortment of berries. Jonathan took a handful and stuffed his face with them. "Wow, these are good. Really good. Where in the world did you get them?" he asked.

"I got 'em in Santalune Forest," Miles answered. "It's a forest nearby-"

"-Well no duh, it's a forest," Jonathan retorted.

"Anyway," Miles continued, chuckling a bit. "It's a forest nearby that has a wild variety of Pokémon and berries. I also discovered that a rural town, Santalune City, is just down the road from the forest. So we might need to head down that way to get there."

"What's so important about Santalune, anyway?" Jonathan asked through a mouthful of berries. "Can't we just... not go there?"

"Well, the city does host a Pokémon Gym," Miles said, as if to advertise.

Jonathan spat out his mouthful of food. "Wait, it does?"

"Yeah, it does," Miles answered, holding back laughter. "And I heard that this Gym is good for newer Trainers, so it may be a great place to get your first Badge!"

"Okay, that's good," Jonathan responded. "We've gotta book it there if we want to have a shot at a Gym Battle!"

Then, Olivia walked out, Fennekin by her side. She yawned. "So, what's up?" She asked. "Anything interesting?"

"No, not really," Miles started. "Jonathan and I have simultaneously agreed to head through Santalune Forest today, because there's a city hosting a Gym just on the other side."

"Good idea. Are there any Showcases?" Olivia asked.

"As far as I'm aware, there's one in a neighboring town tomorrow night," Miles replied. "However, you need at least two Pokémon in order to compete."

"I'll find one in the forest, I guess," Olivia retorted, pointing to Santalune Forest. "May not be bad to start practicing."

"Yeah, that's a good idea for all of us," Miles added, looking at both of his friends individually. "I mean, having multiple Pokémon is a good tactic defensively if we get attacked, and you'll need more later on. So start now," Miles finished.

Jonathan was in the woods training and looking for a new Pokémon to catch. Froakie and Riolu were by his side, ready to defend him at all costs. "Alright, guys, if any Pokémon attack you, attack them back," he commanded.

His Pokémon cried softly in agreement. As they roamed the forest, they heard cries of many different Pokémon, and one was screaming in agony. "Froakie!" Froakie cried. "Kie Kie Froa!" it yelled.

Soon, they found the source of the noise. A group of monkey-like Pokémon were attacking a hidden Pokémon, and they were being ruthless. Riolu and Froakie instantly turned to Jonathan, seeking orders.

"Okay, Riolu, use Quick Attack to mow them down, and Froakie, use Bubble to get the rest!" Jonathan called. Riolu ran through all of the Pokémon in one fell swoop, whereas Froakie attacked them from a range to stress them out. But one attacker remained. It was a blue, monkey-like Pokémon who was relentlessly punching what seemed to be a tiny, robin-like Pokémon. "Riolu, attack that Pokemon!" Jonathan called, pointing to the aggressor.

Riolu and the monkey-like Pokémon then got into a sparring match. Riolu kicked and punched, and its opponent would block the attacks. It dragged its leg across the ground in a swift motion, but Riolu jumped back and kicked it in its stomach. Meanwhile, Jonathan picked up the bird Pokémon and fed it Oran Berries from the bowl he had that morning. Then, Riolu fiercely threw an upper cut its opponent and the unknown Pokémon was sent flying. Riolu's breathing was slightly heavy and forced. It then bent down to relax as the tiny Pokemon slowly got up.

Jonathan was caring for the unknown bird Pokémon, and decided to scan it with his Pokedex. "Fletchling, the Tiny Robin Pokémon," his Pokedex rang. "Fletchling has a beautiful, deceptive voice. It mercilessly defends its territory from intruders and calls upon other of its kind to help when in need," it added.

"Fletchling, huh?" Jonathan asked, feeding it another Oran Berry. Jonathan then turned it over and found a small cut on its left wing. "Oh, that's a problem," Jonathan said solemnly. "We'll have to take you to the Pokémon Center to get that fixed as fast as we can," Jonathan added. Fletchling shook its head immediately. "No, huh?" he asked. "Well, at least it doesn't hurt that much" Jonathan chuckled. "You're one stubborn Pokémon, I guess."

"Fletch!" Fletchling cried after being fed another Oran Berry. It then flew around Jonathan's head and landed on the boy's cap. "Fletch Fletchling!"

Jonathan chuckled, and scanned the attacking Pokémon into his Pokedex."Panpour, the Spray Pokémon," the Pokedex rang. "The water in its tuft can make plants fully grow in just a day. However, Panpour does not do well in dry environments."

"Well, I'm glad that you're happy, Fletchling," Jonathan responded. He hen looked at where the Panpour was, and it was mad. "Alright, Fletchling, you're gonna beat up Panpour, okay?" Jonathan requested. Fletchling nodded and swooped into Panour, attacking with its beak and creating strong winds with its wings. Panpour tried to scratch it, but failed due to the aerial disadvantage. "Froakie, Riolu, get in there and help out!" Jonathan called. Then, Riolu and Froakie attacked Panpour as well, and soon it was knocked out. "Okay, good job," Jonathan commented unergetically. Jonathan then looked at Fletchling in deep thought.

"Riolu?" the Emantaion Pokemon asked, running toward its Trainer.

Jonathan then nodded and walked up to Fletchling. "Hey, Fletchling," he started. "You're a realy cool and powerful Pokémon, and I'm really impressed by your amazing skills. You've obviously got the drive to keep fighting. I'd love it if you joined me on my journey, since I need another Pokemon to help me for my Gym Battle... so, do you accept my offer?" Jonathan asked, pulling a Poke Ball out of his pocket.

Fletchling nodded slowly. "Okay, if you say so," Jonathan concluded, tapping the Tiny Robin Pokemon with the Poke Ball. It spun around a few times, making whirring noises. After a while, it clicked. "Amazing!" Jonathan cried, picking up the Poke Ball. "I just caught a Fletchling!" the boy whispered, amazed at the fact that Fletchling, a hard-headed Pokémon and a strong battler, had joined his lineup.

Meanwhile, Olivia was looking for a Pokemon to join her performance team. She decided that practicing would attract a Pokémon's attention, possibly, so she had Fenekin work on its flips. "Now, Fennekin, do a frontflip!" Fennekin did so, landing on all of its paws. "Good work! Now, try landing on just one paw, okay?" Olivia requested. Fennekin tried, and fell after doing so. "It's okay, keep working on it, Fennekin!" Olivia called. Fennekin slowly made progress on its flips, sometimes succeeding, and failing other times. "C'mon, Fennekin, nail it three times in a row for me! That way I know we've got it down!" Olivia encouraged. Fennekin landed the trick once, then again, making both it and its Trainer rather excited. Soon had it nailed three times in a row. "Amazing job, Fennekin! Keep up the good work, and that Showcase is ours for sure!" she cried.

Then, a yellow mouse Pokémon came into Olivia's field of vision. "Pika?" it inquired. "Pika Pikachu?"

"Oh, hello! Are you lost, buddy?" Olivia asked. Pikachu shook its head. "Do you need help?" Olivia inquired. Pikachu shook its head again, and then started to dance, making Olivia gasp. "Wow, you're a great dancer! I think you'd be a good performer as well! Would you like to join my Performance team?" the girl asked.

"Pi! Pikachu pi!" the Pokémon cried, implying a desire to join the girl's team. "Pika!"

"Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon," Olivia's Pokedex rang. "Pikachu's cheeks are full of electricity, and it shocks anything it comes in contact with that is unfamiliar to it."

"Okay, Pikachu," Olivia stammered. "Here we go," she whispered, throwing a Poke Ball at the Electric Type. The Poke Ball rolled around, making whirring noises as well. Then, it clicked, signaling that Pikachu had been caught. "Nice," Olivia commented with a smirk on her face. She instantly threw Pikachu out of its Poke Ball. "Hi, Pikachu!" Olivia greeted happily.

"Pika pi!" the Electric-Type cried. "Pikachu!"

"Pikachu, since you're new to my team, I want you to meet my other Pokémon, being Fennekin!" Olivia cheered, pointing toward the Fire-Type. Pikachu walked up to Fennekin, and the two shook hands. 'Wow, they're getting along well. Hmm,' Olivia thought.

"Fennekin!" the Fox Pokémon cried happily.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu exclaimed.

The two Pokémon began to chase each other happily, playing competitively. Fennekin would catch up to Pikachu, and Pikachu would run away. Then, the Mouse Pokémon would catch up to Fennekin, and the Fire-Type would mount an escape. This cycle continued for some time, bringing a smile to Olivia's face. 'What did I do to deserve this?' Olivia thought. After a moment, Pikachu and Fennekin migrated to Olivia and rested on her shoulders. Olivia couldn't help but smile at her Pokémon.

"You guys ready to train?" she asked, raring to go. Her Pokémon seemed to feel the same way, instantly hopping off the girl's shoulders and seeking direction. "Here we go, guys! Start dancin'!" Olivia called. The three started dancing, enjoying themselves and keeping in sync with the others. "Now, flip!" Olivia's Pokémon jumped in the air, did a high-five, and landed on the ground in sync as well. "Nice touch, guys! Great work!" Olivia cried. "Now, do it again!" Fennekin, however, missed the high-five at the peak of the jump, and came rearing back down. Pikachu did the same, missing the landing. 'Huh, just a fluke.' Olivia thought. "Alright, let's work on something else," Olivia announced. Fennekin and Pikachu stretched their limbs, taking a break. "We need to work on moves. So, Pikachu, use a weak Electric attack in the air, and Fennekin, you'll use Ember to combine with Pikachu's sparks. It hopefully is gonna look great. So, let's try that, okay?" Olivia encouraged.

"Pika pi!" the Electric Type exclaimed.

"Fen! Fennekin!" Fennekin cried.

"Alright, go!" Olivia cheered. Pikachu launched a ball of a sparks into the air, and Fennekin launched a small ember. The attacks collided, creating a beautiful display of flames and electricity. Soon, they made a small explosion, raining gold sparks around the trio. Olivia was dumbfounded. "Wow, you guys are naturals! That was simply stunning!" Olivia cried. "Now, after that, I have a plan that can only work if we do it right, so pay attention," she started.

While Olivia trained with her Pokemon, Miles took a Pokémon, that looked like a golden cocoon, to a place of rest and fed it a Sitrus Berry. "Okay, you'll feel better soon, buddy," Miles reassured it.

"Kakuna," it groaned weakly. Kakuna then had a flashback of how it had gotten there. It was gathering food for its tribe, when it was suddenly attacked by a duo of green, monkey-like Pokémon. Kakuna, having been its pre-evolved form, a caterpillar-like Pokémon with a tiny little stinger on the top of its head, had used String Shot on both of them, tying them up. It also used Poison Sting to defend itself, and suddenly, it felt rapid change in its body. It then was in a cocoon, and after returning to its tribe of Weedle with the food it had collected, had been attacked and deprived of the food that it had collected. Then, a boy came in and intervened, taking Kakuna in his arms and running away with it. "Kakuna," the Cocoon Pokémon groaned again.

Miles was watching over it, giving it water and nutrients to supplement its health. "There, you'll feel better," Miles said again. "I'll help you in any way I can," he added.

"Kakuna," Kakuna groaned again, but soon felt better. "Kakuna!" it cheered excitedly. It tried to move, but to avial. The cocoon-like Pokémon winced in pain.

Miles scanned the Pokémon into its Pokedex. "Kakuna, the Cocoon Pokémon," Miles's Pokedex rang. "It stays practically immobile in its cocoon, but is busy preparing to evolve. Its cocoon is always rather warm due to this state."

After an hour of Miles feeding Kakuna with berries and healing it, the Bug-Poison Type showed evident signs of recovery. Miles smiled in excitement and relief. "Thank goodness you're okay!" the boy commented. He then pulled a Poke Ball out of his pocket. "Hey Kakuna," he started. "I was wondering if maybe... you could come with me on my journey throughout Kalos? You're a really cool Pokémon, and I'd love to be pals," Miles said, extending the hand with a Poke Ball.

Kakuna sat for a minute, considering what it could do. It then tapped the Poke Ball and went inside. It rolled around for a minute and made whirring sounds as it did so. It then clicked, and Kakuna was caught.

Jonathan looked up at the sky, and saw that it was getting dark. He had done immense training after catching Fletchling, and the four had developed a strategy for their upcoming Gym Battle. The boy had decided to set up camp with the help of Riolu and Froakie. Fletchling had collected some water and berries from the area, and Jonathan distributed the food and drink to his Pokémon. After eating a light meal, the Trainer and his Pokémon went to sleep.
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