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Poke-Trainer Vision: Chapter 4: Another Battle

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Team Before:
Flame- Charmander (Male), Eevee (Female), Hoothoot (Male)
- Pidgey (Female), Houndour (Male)
- Scizor (Male), Sneasel (Female)
Charmander- Scratch, Growl, Ember
Hoothoot- Tackle, Growl, Foresight
Pidgey- Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust
Houdour- Leer, Ember
Scizor- Metal Claw, Giga Impact, Pursuit, Bullet Punch
Sneasel- Scratch, Quick Attack

Remember to check out @Typhlo.sion and @Devan_Plays for their sides of story!
Flame brought the Pichu to the pokemon center and it was being healed. After a little the boy and girl showed up with his pokemon, Eevee and Charmander both ran and jumped on Flame.
"Good to see your free." Flame said. "Hey, how about a battle?"
"Sure, but dont you want to know our names?" Boy asked.
"Oh right yeah." Flame said.
The name is Steve." Boy said.
"Myn is Mal." Girl said.
"Lets battle." Flame said.
*On the battlefield behind the pokemon center*
"Sneasel I choose you." Steve said.
"Cool a Sneasel, lets see." Flame said.
"Man, big bro pokemon battle." Mal said sitting down.
"Charmander I choose you." Flame said and Charmander jumped onto the battlefield.
"Sneasel use Scratch." Steve said and Charmander was weakened.
"Charmander use Scratch right back." Flame said and Sneasel was weakened.
"Sneasel Quick Attack." Steve said and Charmander was weakened.
"Charmander use Ember lets go." Flame said and Sneasel was defeated.
"Sneasel return, Scizor I choose you." Steve said. "Scizor use Metal Claw." Charmander was weakened.
"Charmander use Ember." Flame said and Scizor was weakened.
"Scizor use Bullet Punch." Steve said and Charmander was weakened. Then it began to glow.
"Woah, Charmander is evolving." Mal said and Charmander had evolved, but it was laying down.
"Huh, Charmeleon get up." Flame said but it didnt.
"Looks like it doesnt want to get up." Steve said. "Scizor use Metal Claw." Charmeleon was weakened, it got up.
"Sweet, now use Scratch." Flame said but it used Ember.
"Looks like its not listening to yah." Steve said.
"Aw come on." Flame said sadly. "Charmeleon return." Charmeleon was back in its pokeball.
"Looks like this battle is over." Flame said.
"But dont you have any other pokemon?" Steve said pointing to Eevee which was sitting next to Mal on the bench.
"Welp, you see that is a baby and know no moves and Hoothoot is weak." Flame said.
"Lets try anyways." Steve said.
"Alright." Flame said. "Hoothoot your up."
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