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Zombie Apocalypse: Chapter 4: A Troubled School, Part 2

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Last chapter two characters were introduced and had to leave the base, they found a school that Flame use to go to and decided to go inside. After a while they heared a sound for help but to got to the person they had to get through all the zombies ahead of them. Will they make it in time or perish some deaths? Find out in this chapter. Enjoy :)
Doug got out a rifle, Dan got out a sword, Stan got out a Crossbow.
"Sweet, thos are your weapons?" Flame asked.
"Yep, let us handle this." Doug said as they started chopping up some zombies. Blood was going everywhere. After a while of killing zombies, there was none in their way.
"I though she was over here." Stan said.
"Me two." Dan said.
"Nope, she is over there." Doug said heading to her. He killed the zombie trying to kill her.
"Thanks." Girl said.
"No Problem." Doug said helping the girl up. She was wearing a black dress with no sleeves, black gloves, she also had a purple book bag.
"For someone who is wearing black, you have a purple bag." Flame said.
"It was the only bag I could find, could have been pink or yellow." Girl said.
"My bad, what is your name?" Flame asked.
"Its Malinda, or Mal for short." Mal said.
"Well nice to meet you." Flame said. "Im Flame."
"My name is Doug." Doug said.
"Dan." Dan said.
"Its Stan." Stan said.
"Wanna come with us?" Flame asked.
"Sure but I have no weapons." Mal said picking up her bag that was on the floor.
"Dont worry, leave the fighting to us." Doug said.
"By us you mean not to include me?" Flame asked.
"Yep." Doug said.
"Man, I though we were friends." Flame said.
"Well, we have to have some laughs in this time dont we?" Dan asked.
"True." Flame said. They left the school and decided to continued on.
"Next place we will have to stay because of the dark." Dan said.
"True, they get worse at night." Stan said.
"Just like The Walking Dead." Flame said.
"Stop referencing everything to that show." Doug said.
"My bad." Flame said. They found a place to stay the night.