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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 38: Challenge of Water and Ice

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey This chapter features two firsts for the series. The one is the first true appearance of a Generation V Pokémon. By this point, Gen V had been around for about two years but I hadn't included any of the new features because I wanted to keep the fic Gen IV. However, realizing how long it would take me to finish the damn thing, I just decided why the hell not! The second first is cameos of Pokécharms members! One cameo is of one of my wonderful kohais and the other is of a former member. Enjoy! ^_^
Chapter 38: Challenge of Water and Ice

Our hunt for Team Triad had led us to Floe Island. We had been relentless in our pursuit of them trying to find their hideout so that we could purge the Sevii Islands of their presence. And here in the town of Four Island we found a gang of them harassing the local Pokémon Day Care trying to steal the Pokémon being kept there. It reminded me of my first mission with my squad only this time there were more of us and we were more refined.

“Piloswine! Take Down!” I commanded. My mammoth boar rammed into the enemy Rocket’s Noctowl. The bird gave a weak hoot as it collapsed to the ground defeated.

“Damn you! That was my last one you bastard!” yelled the Rocket.

“Too bad. Fury Attack him Piloswine.” I said uncaringly.

“Me!?” he cried in disbelief. He was answered by the Swine Pokémon grunting then charging at him. The Rocket screamed in pain as he was repeatedly gored by Piloswine shaking his head side to side jabbing him with his tusks.

“Good job!” I congratulated when my Pokémon backed away leaving the bleeding carcass to fall to the ground. Now I just had one more opponent to take out. “Chane! You ready for me?” I called behind me.

“Y-yes… This one won’t say anything.” she replied mournfully.

“Heh! I won’t squeal! Not to any of you!” bragged the Rocket.

“Oh I wasn’t going to interrogate you.” I said evilly. “Piloswine! Use Ice Shard on that Rocket!” I commanded. Piloswine blew a breath of cold air that froze the moisture in the air into jagged blades of ice. The force of the wooly pig’s breath sent the Ice Shards flying into the Rocket’s body; neck, chest, arms, and legs since they were softest. Any that hit the head simply shattered on the skull.

“I miss the days when we could only leave them unconscious for the police to handle. Killing them is so… so cruel and unnecessary.” Chane lamented.

“It couldn’t be helped. They did this to themselves.” I reassured. Looking around it seemed like everyone else was finishing off their respective opponents. All the Aqua, Galactic, and Rocket bodies were being gathered into a pile for disposal. Just like our previous missions, a helicopter will come as soon as we call in that we’re done and carry them away. Unfortunately, for now the elderly couple living at the Day Care will have a nasty graveyard in their front yard.

“You scoundrels!” yelled the voice of an old woman. Standing in the doorway of the house was the Day Care couple. Behind their legs were some of the Pokémon staying with them.

“Look what you’ve done! You’re worse than those crooks!” chastised the old man.

“Really? How about some gratitude you old fart!” shouted a Neos.

“That’s right! We just saved your sorry asses from these guys. You and all of your Pokémon should be thanking us!” said another.

“Thank you? You’re murders! Those gangsters were violent, but Team Neos is downright evil! There was no reason to kill them!” the old lady reprimanded. An Eevee with silver fur came out from behind the couple’s legs and yipped at us. “You tell them Lyni!”

I stood their taking the insults because I didn’t care how other people viewed us. I did what had to be done. If I had to do evil to destroy evil, I would and I would have no regrets. Others however didn’t seem to share my sentiments. Chane had her head down in shame while some others looked like they were ready to fight the couple next.

“If you disapprove of us so much then why not take us on!” Feng challenged. I was wondering when he’d throw in his two cents. “Just be ready for us to kick that Shiny Eevee around like a football!”

“Enough! We accomplished what we came here to do. Let us leave it at that.” Raiden said stepping in.

“He’s right. Let’s just call it in.” Skylar said. “Oh, and it would be a really bad idea to call the police about those corpses. We’ll have a cleanup crew take care of it but they won’t come if there are cops around.” she told the elders. Each of us then threw down smoke bombs to cover our escape.

I stared at a full map of the Sevii Islands that hung on the wall of the local Pokémon Center while I waited for my Pokémon to heal. This was our third strike on Team Triad since we arrived and yet we were still no closer to finding their base. We did a full sweep of Boon Island since that was the smallest of the seven and found nothing. All that remained on Floe Island that we hadn’t investigated was the Icefall Cave. I didn’t think anything would be there, but considering Team Magma’s base was in a freaking volcano, anything is possible. Triad could have set up there because of how unlikely it was.

“Sir. You’re Pokémon are ready.” the nurse said calling me over.

“Thanks.” I replied. “Have a nice nap?” I asked Axel.

Fucking Hypnosis.” he muttered grumpily.

“Well I have an idea that will really wake you up, but I have to ask Master Raiden about it first.” I told him.

And what idea is that?” the monkey asked with interest. I motioned him outside so that people in the Pokémon Center wouldn’t hear me.

“Call me crazy…”


“…but I was thinking that we go in Icefall Cave.” I finished.

Forget crazy, dumbass is more like it.” Axel corrected. “Have you forgotten that you can’t stand the cold? And yet here you are willing going into a frozen cave where there isn’t even sunlight to keep warm. Dumbass dumbass dumbassdumbassdumba--” I punched Axel upside the head to shut him up.

“I’m aware of that.” I said annoyed. “The fact that cold and ice are my weaknesses means I just have to correct that right? We’ll go in for training and if we find Team Triad we kill them. That’s all there is to it. Besides, I’ll have you for warmth.” I explained.

As if I’d let you snuggle me and take my body heat.” replied the monkey sarcastically. “Alright fine. It’ll be good training for me too since I know you plan on sparring.

“Indeed.” I affirmed. I walked back inside and told Raiden of my plan.

“Interesting proposition. Very well, but Zack goes with you.” he agreed.

“What? Why? I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Besides, I don’t think anyone with any trace of sanity would want to join me in a freezing hole in the side of a mountain.” I defended.

“There are two reasons why you need a chaperone. The first is in case there really is Team Triad activity you two can work together. The second reason is because your probation prohibits you from wandering around on your own.” Raiden informed.

“That didn’t stop me when we were in headquarters.” I pointed out.

“You were never alone. You were in our base surrounded by our people. There you only needed to check in with me. Here the situation is a bit different. Take my offer or do not go.” Raiden negotiated sternly.

“As you wish Master.” I reluctantly agreed.

“Sorry about this Zack. I’m sure you had other things to do then babysit me.” I apologized as we trekked to the north side of the island.

“Don’t worry about it. If you think about it, I’m the only option you had really. Raiden has his obligations, you and Eve don’t get along at all since she turned you into a popsicle, and I’m sure you and Chane would be too busy trying to keep each other warm if you know what I mean.” Zack said the last part with a naughty tone.

“Actually, I’m not sure what you mean. Explain.” I told him. I knew exactly what he was implying, I just didn’t understand why.

“Never mind.” he said deciding to drop it. As I thought. He was just trying to imprint his dirty mind on mine. “Anyway, I have something to gain from this too.”

“Do you now?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yup! Skylar wants a strong Trainer so by going in Icefall Cave I’m proving how tough I am!” boasted Zack going so far as to puff out his chest. I shook my head with a smile. He was hopeless but still so amusing. I actually hoped he would succeed this time.

To get to the cave, we had to Surf across a shallow lake on Lloyd and Snorlax. The moment we walked inside every hair on my body stood on end. Goosebumps ran up and down my exposed arms, neck, and face. I sighed from the rush of cold air and was able to see my breath. And this is still the entrance!

“Well then, shall we go deeper gentlemen?” I invited.

Yeah sure.” said a not-so-thrilled Axel.

“After you.” offered Zack politely. The deeper we went in the more uncomfortable it got. My fingernails were already turning blue for crying out loud! Since it was only me, Zack, and our Pokémon, I activated my Dragon-Forme for the first time since I returned from the Battle Frontier.

“Ah what the hell was I thinking?!” I yelled now feeling more uncomfortable than ever. I grabbed my head and started flailing around trying to elevate my body temperature.

You were thinking about this!” Axel yelled punching me in the chest. I stumbled back holding my ribs. “That was for hitting me earlier! And this is for willingly making both of us cold!” The Flame Pokémon swung a kick at me. I was able to recover in time to catch his leg. With a quick pull I was able to knock the monkey off balance causing him to fall on his back.

“Are you still mad about that Noctowl earlier?” I asked him knowingly.

Yup! And I’m taking it out on you because you’re my favorite punching bag!” he admitted jumping up and trying another kick which I blocked.

“Remember, this punching bag punches back!” I reminded throwing a right hook of my own which he caught in the palm of his left hand.

I wouldn’t have it any other way you Dragon-typed freak!” he said with a smile. The monkey then pulled me in and kneed me in the stomach. While I was keeled over I felt Axel’s elbow slam into my back making me fall to the icy ground. Contact with the frozen earth actually hurt worse than any blow Axel could dish out. I pushed up and spun my body to kick at the monkey’s legs.

Too slow!” taunted Axel jumping over my leg. He then swung his tail between his legs smacking me in the face.

“Why you!” I yelled grabbing his tail and throwing the Infernape down.

That kind of hurt you know!” The Flame Pokémon did an uppercut which I avoided by leaning back. The two of us continued trading blows, dodging or blocking as many as we could.

“You’re right Lloyd. As much fun as it is to watch them, it’s too cold in here to just be sitting around.” I heard Zack say.

“Say huh?” I asked turning my head to them.

Distraction!” called Axel hitting me in the nose.

“OW!! You simian bastard!” I screamed stumbling back holding my nose. I moved my hand and felt something wet leak from my nostrils. If that damn monkey gave me a nosebleed, he’s getting a major ass kicking! I wiped my nose with my arm only to find the substance was stickier and slimier than blood. “Ew! Snot! Damn cold making my nose run!” I grumbled.

“Hey Brian. Me and Lloyd don’t really spar like you and Axel do, so why don’t you and I have a battle? Ya know, so we aren’t just standing here freezing our balls off.” Zack suggested. That actually sounded like a pretty fun idea.

“Alright, you’re on! One-on-one, Axel vs. Lloyd, no restrictions!” I declared. Lloyd made some taunting sounding quacks.

No way! You’re the one who’s going down Ducky!” retorted Axel.

“Let’s get started then! Lloyd! Reduce Axel’s fire power with Water Sport!” called Zack. The Golduck bathed himself with a light spray of water and continued to soak the field around himself for maximum effect. How that didn't give him hypothermia on the spot boggles my mind.

“You think I would have used fire on a Water-type? Ha! Axel! Attack with Mach Punch!” I called. The Flame Pokémon tightened his fist and then ran at Lloyd with incredible speed.

“Slide left!” Zack commanded. Lloyd jumped to his left and effortlessly slid out of Axel’s way. As for my Infernape, when he got to where his opponent was, he slipped and skidded forward on his belly.

“Wha?” I looked around in shock trying to figure out what happened when I noticed a ring of ice around where the Duck Pokémon was standing. So that’s what he did! The Water Sport froze as soon as it touched the ground allowing Lloyd to escape and cause his attacker to stumble. Brilliant move!

“Not bad Zack. Not bad at all.” I complemented. “I should have seen this coming from you, but whatever. Now that I know what you’re up too, I think I will use some Fire-type moves! Flame Wheel!”

“Just because you know what I’m doing doesn’t mean you can stop it! Water Pulse Lloyd!” countered Zack. While Axel spun at Lloyd in a fiery ball, the Golduck responded by blasting shockwaves of water at the monkey. Even with the damage he took, Axel still managed to land his hit, though it was weaker than what it could have been. I cracked my knuckles. Things were getting exciting now!


“Hold on!” Zack cut off. He seemed to be concentrating on something else coming from behind him.

“What?” I questioned.

“Listen.” he said putting his finger to his lips. I walked over to Zack trying to pick out any unusual sounds. Amidst the echoes of the cave’s Wild Pokémon going about their business, I heard speaking.

“Really? Then where is it?” demanded a female voice.

“I told you, rare Pokémon. We just have to keep looking around the water that’s all.” a male voice replied.

“Should have brought scuba equipment with us in case it’s hiding underwater.” the female said snarkily.

“Nah, we have our Pokémon for that. I’ve got that really powerful one I lifted off of some sap not too long ago. It finally started listening to me too.” boasted the male. I snarled at hearing that this person stole a Pokémon from someone. Rocket or not, they’re dead now.

“Let’s go Zack.” I said waving him to follow me.

“Hold on. Let me lead this one. If you follow my cues, we can use the terrain to our advantage.” he proposed.

“Works for me. Now let’s kick ass!” I shouted.

“Did you hear that?” the unknown male asked.

“We’re not alone in here!” the female figured out.

“Woops.” I said uncaringly with a big grin. Too late to ambush them. Running into our section of the cave were two people dressed in Team Aqua uniforms. The outfits were modified with long black sleeves coming from under their pirate shirts. Obviously they prepared for the cold more than Zack and I did.

“Who are you two?” demanded the female Aqua. She had black hair coming out from under her bandana down just above her shoulders and brown eyes.

“I’m a man looking for a lady to share my bed with. Will you be my lover?” Zack asked flirtatiously.

“Sorry but I’m taken by this ruggedly handsome man.” she said referring to her partner. He had a broad face, blue eyes, and no visible hair under his bandana. His eyebrows suggested he had brown hair.

“That’s too bad.” said Zack feigning disappointment. The man looked over at me and seemed to go from a serious face to an angry face.

“These two are with Team Neos! I’ve heard the Rockets talking about a brutal Trainer with a golden Infernape!” he figured out.

“Oh dear. Looks like the Meowth is out of the bag.” I said sarcastically. Still it might start getting dangerous if my enemies can identify me without my uniform.

“Dammit! These Neos are everywhere! Sean! We should kill these two here and now!” the female proposed grabbing out a Net Ball.

“You got it Abby! Especially if that one with the Infernape is as dangerous as the rumors say.” agreed Sean taking out his own Net Ball. “Sharkopath! Lunch time!” he said throwing the ball.

“Save some for Carcharias!” Abby said throwing her ball too. The Net Balls burst open revealing two almost identical torpedo shaped Pokémon which were dark blue on top and white on their bellies. They had glowing red eyes, two gill slits, a yellow ‘X’ on the top of their heads and on their rears, and long dorsal, pelvic, and pectoral fins. Their mouths were filled with long sharp teeth that were made for tearing flesh. Differentiating the two Sharpedos were the number of notches in their dorsal fins. Sean’s had three notches while Abby’s had two. Likewise, Sean’s had two claspers behind his pelvic fin indicating he was male. Since Abby’s lacked claspers, hers was female.

“Alright Axel, you think you can take these guys?” I asked already knowing the answer.

Bring ‘em on!” the Infernape dared pounding his fits together.

“Lloyd! Help out Axel! Remember Brian, follow my lead.” Zack advised.

“You got it!” I agreed. “Axel! Mach Punch anyone of your choosing!” I allowed.

“Intercept the Infernape with Aqua Jet Sharkopath!” Sean commanded. The Brutal Pokémon surrounded his body with water and shot at Axel like a torpedo while the monkey ran at it with his fist pulled back. Both Pokémon collided with each other doing serious damage to one another.

“Carcharias! Attack the Infernape while it’s vulnerable with Brine!” ordered Abby.

“Not so fast! You forget about me Beautiful?” Zack called jumping in. “Lloyd! Aqua Jet Carcharias!” The Golduck slammed into the other Sharpedo at high speed causing her to spew her salt water attack on Sharkopath instead of Axel.

“You ginger bastard! How dare you make me hit Sean’s Pokémon!” she yelled at him.

“Now that’s just plain rude.” defended Zack. “I don’t have freckles.”

“Don’t worry about it Abby. Sharkopath barely felt that. Now I say we go after the Golduck first! The Infernape will be easy once it’s alone!” Sean foolishly believed.

“You’re right! Carcharias! Eat that duck with Crunch!” commanded Abby.

“Lower its guard with Screech Sharkopath!” added Sean. His Sharpedo gave a terrible high pitched roar while the other made her way to Lloyd with her jaws wide open.

“You should never turn your back on an enemy!” I chastised. “Use Brick Break on Carcharias Axel!” The Flame Pokémon ran after the attacking Sharpedo, jumped in the air, and used his momentum to kick her in the gills with both feet.

“Nice save man!” Zack thanked.

“Don’t worry about it. Got a strategy yet?” I inquired. He smirked letting me know things were about to get good.

“I wouldn’t get too happy! You’re unguarded now!” Sean said to me. “Abby, take care of the Pokémon!”

“Right! Wash them away with Surf Carcharias!” she ordered. The Brutal Pokémon jumped into a nearby pool of water. She then rose out bringing a large tidal wave with her.

“Now rip him apart Sharkopath!” The other shark swam through the air at me with his mouth wide open ready to devour me. Axel and Lloyd had their own problem to deal with so I was on my own. I concentrated on gathering my draconic energy into my palm.

“Brian! Track right! Lloyd! Ice Beam!” Zack called breaking my concentration. I did as told only to find myself now sliding uncontrollably on a patch of ice. Instead of using Dragon Pulse like I intended, I instead converted the attack into Dragon Claw which I used to slow myself down. I whimpered as my fingers were now painfully numb.

On the other side of the battle, Carcharias was stuck at the top of a wall of ice thanks to Lloyd freezing the water. Like the silly Fire-type that he is, Axel was crouched with his hands over his head bracing for the Surf’s impact. When he realized what had happened, the monkey got up and acted bravely like he knew things would be ok from the start.

“Damn you! Carcharias! Use Focus Energy and break free with Slash! Then use Night Slash on the Golduck!” Abby commanded.

“Go after the Infernape with Skull Bash!” Sean added.

“Lloyd! Blast a Water Gun trail 20° to your right!” Zack commanded.

“Get ready to engage with Close Combat!” I called with my hands in my armpits for warmth. While Carcharias gathered her energy and then shredded her former Surf, Sharkopath charged at Axel with his head lowered. Meanwhile, Lloyd spewed at stream of water that extended all the way to my feet. The momentum of the Water Gun caused the Duck Pokémon to slide back. Unfortunately for Lloyd, he attacked too soon allowing Carcharias time to go after him. With her pectoral fins covered in darkness, the Bully of the Sea viciously slashed at him. Axel couldn’t even lend assistance as he was too busy engaging the other Sharpedo with Close Combat.

“Brian! Step forward!” Zack told me. I stepped on the now frozen water trail and found myself once again slipping and sliding.

“Zack, I hate you!” I yelled at him. This was not fun at all! Brilliant strategy, but still excruciatingly difficult for me. Axel grabbed Sharkopath by the pectorals and threw him aside. He then skidded over to intercept me.

Gotcha!” he said grabbing my arm. Unfortunately, we kept sliding until hitting a rock that was in front of me and behind Axel causing us to fall on top of each other. “What happens in Icefall Cave stays in Icefall Cave.” he said pushing me off.

“Agreed.” I said. Up close I noticed a lot of small scratches and cuts on Axel’s body from the Sharpedos’ Rough Skin.

Heads up!” he warned throwing me out of the way to catch Sharkopath’s jaws which were wide open. His teeth were covered in ice meaning the Bully of the Sea was trying to Ice Fang us from behind.

“Take this! Water Pulse!” Sean commanded.

Oh fuck y--” Axel started before getting a face full of water.

“Lloyd! Ditch Carcharias with Strength!” commanded Zack. The Golduck grabbed his opponent, lifted her over his head, and flung her into Sharkopath.

“Thanks!” I called giving Zack a thumbs up.

“Sean! Let’s get them from underwater!” Abby suggested.

“Great idea! Sharkopath! Dive!” he ordered.

“You too Carcharias!” followed Abby. Both sharks returned to the lake preparing to attack at any moment from any direction.

“Zack.” I instigated shooting him a sideways glance.

“On it! Surf’s up Lloyd!” he acknowledged. The Golduck dove into the water after the sharks and summoned a huge tidal wave carrying gallons of water and two Brutal Pokémon with it. Lloyd slammed the water to the ground knocking the two sharks out cold.

“What the hell? No way!” yelled Abby in denial.

“I should have expected as much out of Team Neos. None the less, you will be beaten!” promised Sean.

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep!” I taunted.

“Oh yeah? Crush him Sebastian!” the Aqua called throwing a Lure Ball. A large red crab with a white belly appeared. It had huge spikes growing from its back, large teeth-like protrusions coming from its lower jaw, and a giant left claw compared to its right. The Kingler slammed its left claw on the ground creating a small crater to show off its power.

“Show those weaklings the power of Team Aqua Lobo!” Abby called sending out a canine with thick shaggy black fur. The Mightyena growled at our Pokémon giving them a fierce glare. Both Axel and Lloyd fell for the Intimidation tactic. Even if they know it’s coming, it seems like getting Intimidated by formidable looking Pokémon is ingrained in a Pokémon’s instinct.

“Oh I’ve seen the power of Team Aqua and I have to say, I’m not impressed.” I mocked. “Axel! Show them their power is nothing compared to ours! Use Double Kick on the Mightyena!” I commanded.

I don’t feel so good…” replied the Flame Pokémon in a daze. Dammit! That last Water Pulse must have confused him!

“The Infernape is defenseless! Get it with Bubble Beam Sebastian!” commanded Sean. The Kingler opened his mouth and shot off a stream of bubbles at Axel.

“Lloyd! Get in front of Axel and use Protect!” countered Zack.

“Lobo! Intercept Golduck with Thunder Fang!” Abby called.

“Get down and slide!” Zack shouted. Lloyd ran as fast as he could before dropping on the ice and letting the momentum carry him to Axel. I saw the jewel on his forehead glow blue indicating he had to use his psychic powers to stop exactly where he wanted. The Golduck threw his hands out creating a fluid bubble around himself and Axel which absorbed the bubbles from Sebastian. Lobo chomped at the barrier with its fangs coated in electricity. Because the bubble was made of water, it conducted all of the electricity and diverted it away from our Pokémon.

“Good work guys!” I complemented.

“It’s not over yet! Push Axel to me!” Zack requested getting a vial out of his pocket.

“Stop them! Crush them all with Crab Hammer Sebastian!” ordered Sean.

“You take care of Axel Lloyd!” I instructed moving to intercept the Pincer Pokémon. I held up both hands trying to catch his left claw as he swung it down on me. The Kingler proved tougher than I thought as the impact forced me to my knees. Even using every ounce of strength my Dragon-Forme offered, the giant crab was putting up an incredible fight. I was pretty much stuck in place until either Lloyd or Axel did something to distract or knock away Sebastian. When will I learn to stop engaging enemy Pokémon like this?

“I’ve got you this time! Jab him with Metal Claw Sebastian!” the Aqua commanded. Or he could go on the offensive and cause me serious harm. Joy. The Kingler’s smaller right claw turned metallic silver as he drew back his arm to stab me in my stomach.

“Lloyd! Disable that attack now!” called Zack desperately.

“Not so fast! Taunt the Golduck Lobo!” Abby countered. Before Lobo could act, it was blasted by a stream of flame.

How about no.” Axel said still in a bit of a drunken state. Lloyd sent a blue psychic wiry string from his jewel which tied itself around Sebastian’s claw turning it back to its normal red and stopping it just millimeters from my body. The Pincer Pokémon was dismayed long enough for me to get out from under his claw and move to safety.

“Took your good ol’ time there.” I teased. Getting back to my feet was hard because my feet kept slipping on the ice.

“Yeah, well these guys aren’t exactly making it easy for us.” Zack pointed out. He was now getting Axel to drink the Full Restore he pulled out. The Infernape’s wounds slowly disappeared thanks to the rapid healing properties of the medicine.

“Better?” I asked my partner.

Oh yeah! Let’s kick their asses back to Hoenn!” replied Axel punching his fists together.

“*Grrr* Sean! We have to beat these guys!” growled Abby in frustration.

“I agree! Slam the Infernape Sebastian!” Sean commanded.

“And you Bite the Golduck Lobo!”

“Get ready you two!” Zack prompted skating out of range of the incoming attacks. Sebastian turned with his left side facing our Pokémon, leaned to his right, and then lunged at Axel. Lobo did a similar maneuver by crouching and jumping forward at Lloyd. My guess is so that they wouldn’t slip on the ice.

“Now! Push off each other!” Zack commanded. Axel and Lloyd put their hands together and then pushed causing both Pokémon to slide on the ice to dodge their respective foes.

“Now attack Sebastian with Close Combat!” I called. Axel assaulted the giant crab with a series of punches, kicks, and the occasional tail smack.

“Smack that monkey away with Superpower!” Sean commanded. The Kingler slammed Axel with his claw with incredible strength sending him flying through the air. The Infernape attempted to catch himself as he landed, but the slick ground caused him to skid and fall flat on his face.

“Now attack with Stomp!” Sebastian scooted over to Axel, lifted one of his legs, and Stomped it down towards the Flame Pokémon.

No you don’t!” Axel rejected rolling away from the attack. Despite the fact that Superpower takes up so much energy it’s supposed to weaken the user, the giant crab was still leaving cracks in the ice and shaking the ground with every attack.

“Keep that damn Fire-type on the run! Crab Hammer!” Sean continued with delight. Sebastian slammed his giant claw down which Axel also dodged by rolling away. That also shattered the ice.

“Use Hydro Pump Lloyd!” Zack commanded at the same time my battle was going on.

“Sucker Punch that fool Lobo!” ordered Abby. Just before the Duck Pokémon could attack, Lobo smacked him in the face with its paw causing him to spew his attack off to the side.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” Zack said casually.

“Not very nice? Do you have any idea how much trouble Team Neos has caused Team Aqua? How many of our members you people have killed? Not killing you and that partner of yours would be the nice thing to do!” Abby yelled furiously.

“So dinner and a movie is out of the question?” asked Zack pretending to miss the point.

“You are so dead! Tear this four-eyed idiot to shreds with Crunch!” commanded his opponent. The Mightyena barked and ran at Zack with its jaws wide open.

“Lloyd! Water Pulse!” he called in defense. The Golduck blasted rings of water from his beak which hit the Bite Pokémon in its flank diverting it from Zack.

“For the record, I only have two eyes. These just improve my vision because I’m far sighted.” Zack said tapping the rims of his glasses.

“Lobo! Attack with Take Down!” commanded Abby deciding to ignore Zack’s taunts.

“To the left!” Zack countered. Lloyd turned his head right and shot a Water Gun which allowed him to slide left and dodge Lobo. “Now Aqua Tail!” the Golduck secreted water from the pores on his tail and smacked Lobo.

“Vice Grip with both claws!” Sean ordered getting annoyed with Axel’s last two rolling dodges. Sebastian attacked with both claws and caught my Infernape in his smaller one. “Alright! Now finish it wi--”

“Sean! Behind you!” Abby called. Before my opponent could react, Sebastian was hit in the back by Lobo.

“Guess that Aqua Tail was a Critical, huh?” mused Zack.

“Now’s your chance Axel! Double Kick!” I called. The monkey gabbed the claw that was holding him for stability and then kicked the Kingler in the face twice causing his grip to weaken.

Finally!” Axel cheered as he broke away and successfully landed on his feet this time.

“Abby, let’s work together again!” Sean suggested.

“Agreed! This clown is a pain in the ass to deal with, even by himself!” said Abby crossing her arms.

“Leaving me so soon?” Zack asked pretending to be hurt.

“Fine by me! Axel! Flare Blitz Lobo!” I called. The Infernape got down on all fours as the flame on his head ignited surrounding his entire body. He then launched himself at the canine causing it to yelp on impact. Axel also fell to the ground from the damage he sustained but only he got up.

“Shit! I’m sorry Sean!” Abby apologized as she recalled her Mightyena. Sounds like someone’s out of Pokémon. I’ll wait to kill her until after Sean’s done too.

“Don’t worry about it Sweetie. I’ll finish these two off! Kill that Golduck with Guillotine!” Sean commanded.

“Lloyd! Get out of there! NOW!” Zack screamed. The Duck Pokémon tried moving out of the way, but the giant crab caught him by the neck and started squeezing causing Lloyd screeched in pain.

“Axel!” I called.

I know!” he responded.

I gathered as much draconic energy in my hand as my body would allow and blasted the Kingler with Dragon Pulse. That distracted Sebastian long enough for Axel to axe kick him in the head cracking his carapace above his eyes. Sebastian’s grip was now weak enough for Lloyd to free himself. The Golduck choked for air while rubbing his bruised neck. At least he wasn’t hurt too bad. The Aquas meanwhile were wide eyed with their mouths hanging open. I sighed. Must everyone have the same reaction to seeing my abilities for the first time?

“What the hell was that!?” Abby cried in shock.

“That’s probably why the Rockets refer to this guy as a demon.” Sean figured out. He looked over to his motionless Kingler and growled. “Looks like he’s done.” Sean tried to return Sebastian but it failed.

“What the hell? Why can’t I call him back?” Sean questioned with a scared look on his face. The look then turned to one of fury. “You bastard! You killed him!” he roared.

“It was either him or Lloyd and I had to save my comrade.” I said. “Now surrender! It’s two to one, you can’t possibly beat us!” I told him.

“You think!? I still have one Pokémon left and I’m willing to bet it’s strong enough to crush you!” boasted Sean. “Finish them off Samurott!” he called throwing a Pokéball. Emerging from it was a Pokémon I’d never seen before! It was a quadrupedal Pokémon with slick dark blue skin, a light blue belly, black claws, long white whiskers, a huge beige helmet with a long spike horn coming from it, and beige bands on its forearms that looked like sheathed swords. The Pokémon called Samurott gave us a fierce glare which made my body freeze in place, though not from the cold or even paralysis. It then gave a loud roar which caused me, Zack, Axel, and Lloyd to fall to our knees as if we were bowing to the monster!

“It looks like Samurott was able to subjugate you Neophytes easily! I think it’s you who should surrender!” taunted Sean. I slowly got to my feet and stared straight at my foes.

“No way! No matter how formidable your Pokémon may be, we won’t lose!” I declared.

“We over heard the two of you talking earlier. That Samurott is stolen, isn’t it?” Zack questioned. Sean smirked.

“It was stolen, but it belongs to me now. Right Samurott?” he asked the sea lion. Samurott hesitated for only a second before giving a reassuring growl.

“Looks like it still has some loyalty to its previous Trainer.” Zack said to me.

“That just means we have to beat it without killing it. After that, who knows.” I said back.

“What are you two whispering about?” demanded Abby.

“Just strategizing on how to beat your boy-toy.” I said sarcastically.

“We’ll see about that! Avenge Sebastian with Retaliate!” Sean commanded. The Formidable Pokémon roared vengefully as it lunged at Axel and slammed him to the ground with a powerful punch.

“Lloyd! Help out with Cross Chop!” Zack called. Lloyd karate chopped Samurott with both hands forming an ‘X’ causing the sea lion to roar.

“Axel! Attack with Fury Swipes!” I commanded. The monkey hopped back to his feet and began rapidly slashing his opponent.

“Enough of this! Use Revenge Samurott!” ordered Sean. Samurott grabbed both of our Pokémon behind the head and smashed their heads together.

I do not have a hard skull! You have a hard skull!” Axel yelled in retaliation to something Lloyd must have said.

“Now for maximum power! Samurott! Use Focus Energy and Swords Dance!” commanded Sean. The Formidable Pokémon roared as it was surrounded by a blue aura. It then placed its forelimbs on the bands on its arms and pulled out two large swords that it began swinging around rhythmically. I was awed at how badass that creature looked standing on its hind limbs with freaking swords in its hands! Samurott was generating so much power that the ice beneath its feet started to shatter and rise up before melting.

“Since when do Pokémon wield swords?” commented Zack voicing what I was thinking.

“They’re called seamitars and trust me, they’re stronger than any sword!” Sean bragged.

“Mach Punch it Axel!” I called. Axel turned into a golden blur as he sped towards his opponent and lobbed it with a punch.

“Is that all you’ve got? Show them the power of your Razor Shell!” the Aqua commanded. Samurott lifted one of its seamitars, which was now covered with water, and slashed Axel with it causing him to scream in pain.

“Use Psychic Lloyd!” Zack called. Lloyd concentrated on Samurott surrounding both Pokémon in a blue psychic aura that caused pain to the sea lion.

“Blast it with Water Pledge!” Sean commanded. The Formidable Pokémon stabbed the ground with its swords sending pillars of water at Lloyd.

“Slide right to avoid them!” called Zack.

“You should learn some new tricks! Keep the Golduck in place with Ice Beam!” Samurott did as told, firing a stream of frozen air at Lloyd’s feet which froze him up to his knees completely immobilizing him. “Now use X-Scissor!” The sea lion lifted his seamitars and slashed them across Lloyd’s chest in an ‘X’ shape.

Back off you oversized otter!” yelled Axel running to the Duck Pokémon’s defense and using Close Combat.

“That damn monkey just won’t go down! Slash it!” ordered Sean spitefully. Samurott gave Axel a simple Slash with its seamitars, but it was enough for my Pokémon to fall. The only thing letting me know the Infernape still had some fight left in him was the fiery aura that now surrounded him thanks to Blaze.

“Axel! Free Lloyd!” I commanded. The Flame Pokémon leaped to his feet and fired Embers at Lloyd’s feet until he could break out of the ice on his own.

“That’s it! This time you won’t get up! Finish off that Infernape with Hydro Cannon!” roared Sean. The Formidable Pokémon firmly planted all four feet and launched a high powered torrent of water from its mouth.

“Take the attack with Aqua Jet!” Zack called quickly. Lloyd surrounded himself in water and bolted between Axel and Hydro Cannon taking the most of the attack. The force pushed the Golduck into Axel and pushed both into a wall. Both Pokémon were almost completely motionless.

“Zack! Why did you sacrifice Lloyd like that? I still have more Pokémon, you don’t!” I berated. He only smirked and briefly shifted his eyes upwards.

Oh my head…” I heard Axel moan. I turned to the Pokémon to see him pushing an unconscious Lloyd off. “What was the point in you fainting instead of me?” I looked up to where Zack had indicated a second ago and saw a bunch of icicle stalagmites on the ceiling above Samurott.

“Is that your plan?” I inquired holding my hands upside down and waving all of my fingers.

“Ember and Dragon Pulse will finish this, don’t you agree?” he answered.

“They’re planning something Sean!” Abby warned.

“Don’t worry. The Infernape is on its last leg and I can easily clean up any other Pokémon he has just like I did with these two.” Sean said confidently.

“I wouldn’t be so sure! Axel! Ember the ceiling!” I commanded gathering my draconic energy again. Axel looked up and fired a barrage of small flames while I used only one Dragon Pulse. It was all I could muster in this cold environment after saving Lloyd earlier. Our attacks hit their mark sending ice and rock collapsing on top of Samurott. It roared in surprise and pain as it was bombarded with the rubble. When the dust cleared Samurott was unconscious under the debris.

“Return it now!” I ordered. “You’re beaten.” Sean screamed in frustration but did as told anyway knowing there was no way around it.

“Damn Neos bastard!” cursed Abby. “If we had the rare Pokémon in this cave we would have won for sure!”

“What kind of Pokémon was it you were looking for anyway?” inquired Zack. The Aquas only glared at him.

“Like we’d tell you! The last thing we need is for Team Neos to find it and use it against us!” Abby snapped back.

“Nothing says we can’t come back later. Hopefully we won’t be dealing with any more setbacks next time!” Sean said looking at me and Zack hatefully. “I need a new Pokémon to replace Sebastian anyway.” With that, the two Aquas tried to walk away. Axel and I looked at each other before grabbing the two by their shirt collars.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” I questioned in an upbeat tone.

“Let us go! You beat us, isn’t that enough?” Abby demanded.

“Look, whatever it is you want, take me and let Abby go! You only need one of us right?” Sean offered chivalrously.

“No, I’m afraid I need you both. Where is your base?” I asked nicely.

“Our base?” Sean repeated.

“Your base.” I said. Axel and I dragged our captives over to the lake and dunked their heads in. The Aquas struggled for air so I nodded to Axel allowing them to come up.

“What base!?” Abby asked frantically gasping for air.

“For wanting to expand the world’s oceans you two can’t hold your breaths very long.” I said casually before dipping their heads back under. After a few more seconds we pulled them back up.

“You want the base we’re using on the Sevii Islands right?” guessed Sean.

“Yup.” I acknowledged.

“We honestly don’t know! The Rockets have a main headquarters around here but we Aquas and the Galactics aren’t allowed to know where it is I swear!” said Abby.

“Then where do the Aquas stay?” I interrogated politely. Too bad for them they took too long to answer so it was back underwater with them.

“You’re enjoying this way too much.” Zack pointed out.

“Yeah, your right. Let’s just drown them and be done with it Axel.” I said boredly.

Too bad. I was just getting in to that.” Axel lamented as we held the Aquas under until their struggles ended. I took Samurott’s Pokéball from Sean so that I could turn it in at the Pokémon Center as a stolen Pokémon. Hopefully they would know who to contact to get it returned to its rightful owner.

“Well Zack, shall we be off now? Lloyd’s fainted and Axel’s exhausted plus I desperately need warmth so there really is no point in staying here.” I said.

“Sounds good to me. But what should we do about them?” he asked looking at the Aquas with their heads still in the water.

“Tell Master Raiden and get a cleanup crew in here?” I suggested not knowing that answer myself. The dead Kingler then caught my eye and it made me realize that I was pretty hungry. “That, however, is coming with me as my dinner.” I declared walking over to it.

Dibs on the big claw!” Axel claimed

People stared with confused expressions as I dragged the dead Kingler through town by a rope I had stashed in my backpack. Not far behind me were Axel and Zack. Lloyd was still unconscious from the battle so he was resting in his Pokéball.

“Oi! You two! Stop right there!” called a charismatically masculine voice. Approaching us was a tall well-built man with chin length black hair and ocean green eyes wearing a brown suit and a black and white checkered scarf. Traveling with him was a large red and black boar with a flaming beard. Yet another Pokémon I had never seen before!

“Today has just been full of new discoveries, hasn’t it?” I said quietly.

“Detective Zachary Klink, International Police. This is my partner Franky.” he introduced holding out a police badge and motioning his Pokémon. “Do you have a permit for that thing?”

“That is so cool! My name is also Zack!” my teammate said excitedly. I couldn’t really blame him as this was the first time we had actually met someone with the same name as someone we actually knew.

“You too huh? Your parents have really good taste in names.” complemented the detective. “Too bad I’m going to have to arrest you two for not showing us the proper papers.” he said pulling out two sets of handcuffs.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on a second! Why are we getting arrested? What kind of permit are you talking about? We haven’t done anything wrong!” I protested waving my hands out. Well, nothing wrong other than the crimes we’ve committed as Neos officers anyway.

“If you don’t know the permit I’m talking about then you two are obviously guilty of poaching.” said Zachary twirling the cuffs around his pointer fingers. “Now are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?”

I vote hard way. Let’s ditch the crab and run!” declared Axel.

“You mean the Kingler don’t you?” deduced Zack. “Yeah… we didn’t poach that.”

“Well clearly you don’t have a fishing license that makes it legal to catch Kingler.” retorted the detective.

“True, but it was already dead when we found it on the beach. I was hungry so I decided to bring it home for dinner.” I lied hoping it would sound at least partially plausible.

“Bullshit.” Zachary said flatly. Oh crap.

“It’s true!” I persisted.

“Idiot, I know when people are lying and you are clearly very nervous around me meaning you did something wrong.” Probably because I’m a member of an internationally wanted terrorist organization not to mention a mass murderer. But he was right about me being more nervous than I should be.

“You just caught us off guard, that’s all.” Zack said coolly. “If you had asked us more clearly for a fishing license and not threatened us with arrest, Brian here would have reacted much more calmly.”

“Then why does Franky claim the Infernape said to ‘ditch the crab and run’?” pointed out the detective.

“You understand what you’re Pokémon is telling you too?” I said in awe. “Axel and I have the same relationship! Me and him are BFFs!”

Damn straight! And I can honestly tell you, we have done no crimes. Tell your Trainer that one Franky.” my monkey defended proudly.

“I’ll tell you everything that we did today. It all started this afternoon, when Axel and I went down to the beach for a sparring match. Zack came with us because we had heard that Team Neos was on the island today. Safety in numbers ya know. Zack and his Golduck, Lloyd, got bored of watch us spar so we had a battle which I just barely won hence why Axel looks pretty beat up.” I explained. Since most of it was true, hopefully the detective can’t call me out on this nonsense.

“Then where did the Kingler come from?” he questioned. Crap, I knew I forgot a detail.

“We saw it on the beach while battling, but it wasn’t until Lloyd fainted did I realize the Kingler hadn’t moved at all and was laying in an awkward position. We went up to it, found out it was dead, and that’s when Brian realized he was hungry. Just like he said.” Zack said vouching for my earlier BS. “The fact that it didn’t smell and Wingull weren’t on it yet meant it was fresh so why waste such a rare opportunity for a free meal?”

“Something is still fishy about this.” mused Zachary looking us over.

“Would it help if I told you I’m a Pokémon Ranger?” Zack said pulling out his ID. “Poaching goes against everything I stand for.” Zachary took the card and looked it over.

“Zack Kaguya from Almia. You’re ID expired two months ago.” chastised the detective handing the ID back.

“Well ok, I was kicked out because of sexual harassment charges, but I still value the cause.” defended my teammate.

“That I believe.” Zachary looked as if he were thinking for a bit before sighing. “The only way to settle this is for one of you to battle me. If I win, I at least bring you in for questioning. If you win, then I come over your place for dinner and you let me eat some of that Kingler.” he bargained.

“Done! He’s all yours Brian.” Zack volunteered.

“Hang on! Let me at least get Axel to a Pokémon Center first! He’s still tired from our earlier battle.” I said.

“Go for it. It’ll be a boring fight if you aren’t at your best.” allowed Zachary.

“By the way, what species is Franky? I’ve never seen anything like him before.” I asked.

“Franky’s an Emboar, a species native to Unova.” the detective answered. “Now hurry up and heal your Infernape! I want a fight!” he demanded.

Both Zachary stood there panting. We ended up tying in our Pokémon battle, so that meant the only way to settle things was for Zachary and I to have a fist fight. His fighting style was apparently self-taught like mine, but he had a lot more muscle and raw strength than I did. Lucky for me, I was a lot faster due to being lighter than him and my constant matches with an agile monkey.

“Looks like you win Brian.” conceded the detective. He picked up his jacket, scarf, gun, and badge which he took off for our fist fight and put them back on. “So where are you staying?” he inquired.

“Ya know, I just realized that our apartment is way too small for that Kingler and an extra guest.” Zack spoke up. I knew he was only saying that because it would be a horrible idea to bring a cop to our hideout.

“No problem, the place I’m staying should be big enough.” Zachary offered.

“Perfect! Let me grab our dinner and we can be on our way!” I said. “Although I guess we should go back to the Pokémon Center first.”

That night at dinner we got into discussions about why we were on Floe Island so Zack and I had to come up with a half-truth story that we wouldn’t get busted on. I said I was looking for fun and adventure which has always been true no matter what I was doing. Zack shameless admit he was looking for women and that there were two in particular who’s attention he desired.

“One is this really cute albino chick who said she only goes out with strong Trainers and the other is a sexy blond who I’m almost positive is into S&M.” he explained. “Oh how I would love to take a beating from her.”

“Come on, I’m eating here!” protested Zachary throwing a chunk of shell at Kaguya. The detective then went on to explain that he was in the Sevii Island on the trail of a couple of Aquas who stole a Samurott from a regular competitor in Unova’s tournaments and Battle Subway. It explained why the Pokémon was so strong and well disciplined. It also made me wonder just how long Sean had it and what he did to it to make it obey him. I hadn’t had a chance to turn it in yet nor can I hand it over now because that would raise too many questions that I couldn’t answer without getting myself in trouble.

“Something wrong?” asked Zachary obviously sensing the situation.

“Nah, I just feel bad for that Samurott and its Trainer. I’d lose my mind and probably go on a rampage if anything happened to Axel or any of my other Pokémon.” I said.

“Same here. When I catch those Aquas they’re getting an ass kicking before I arrest them.” he promised. Unfortunately, I already knew he wasn’t getting his wish. The rest of our meal carried a much lighter tone and was actually pretty enjoyable. I figure as long as Zachary doesn’t find out I’m a criminal, we can possibly be friends.

Hey! That’s my piece!” Axel yelled as Franky took a chunk of meat the monkey had reached for. The Emboar slammed his fist to the table and obviously said something insulting to Axel because the Infernape stood up and growled at him. Franky responded by getting up as well, sticking his face in front of Axel and snorting at him. Axel’s flame got more intense as he leaned forward and growled at Franky again. The Emboar’s beard flame also flared as he leaned into Axel. Looks like they’d get along too.

“Hey Brian.” Zachary said when we finished eating. Without waiting for me to respond he punched me hard in the shoulder. “We’re rivals now! From this day forward we must fight every time we meet! Got that?” he declared.

“Understood. So right now the record is 1-0 me, right?” I teased.

“Just who the hell do you think I am? I’ll make that score 1-1 million, you can be sure of that!” he proclaimed dramatically.

“Then I’ll just have to make sure you actually win one.” I retorted.

That night before returning to our hotel, Zack and I put on our Neos uniforms and went to the Pokémon Center. There was still one more thing we had to do.

“Oh no! It’s Team Neos!” cried someone in panic. The people around us looked apprehensive, but Zack and I paid them no mind.

“What do you want?” asked the nurse at the counter nervously. I pulled out Samurott’s Pokéball and put it on the counter.

“This Pokémon was stolen by Team Aqua. I believe there is a detective of the International Police on this island who is searching for it. Tell him we defeated those Aquas and return this Pokémon safe and sound.” I said. Without another word, Zack and I left the Center.

Done?” asked Axel who had been waiting outside with Lloyd. We didn’t want them to contact Zachary and be able to give accurate descriptions of us.

“Yeah, we’re done here.” I said. When we finally got back, we had to explain to Raiden what happened and where we had been all day. Apparently he had tried calling us but both of our phones were conveniently dead. Deciding it couldn’t be helped, he let us off with a slap on the wrist.

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