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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 32: Thunder’s Judgment

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Raiden has been tasked with finding Team Neos traitors. Witness the might of a Third Seat!
Chapter 32: Thunder’s Judgment

Raiden Arka’s search had been going on for over a week now, but it was finally at an end. After an unanticipated betrayal of three of Team Neos’s officers at Cinnabar Island, the Third Seat was charged with finding them for punishment as he had been their direct superior. The traitors, having presumed that Raiden was killed by Team Rocket before fleeing to Canalave City, Sinnoh, believed that they were in the clear. It would only be a matter of time before the trio would realize how wrong they were.

To avoid detection by his marks, Raiden wore his long black hair down instead of the pony tail he normally kept it in. He also traveled in his civilian clothes consisting of faded black jeans, a faded long-sleeved denim jacket over a navy blue T-shirt, and brown hiking boots. Surely the fugitives would assume that potential pursuers would be dressed in Team Neos uniforms and traveling in larger numbers.

Raiden entered a bar located within the inner-city hoping that he could get a solid lead on the rogues rather than a general location of their whereabouts. He hadn’t noticed what the name of the bar was, nor did he care. It was irrelevant. Raiden shifted his eyes side to side scanning the area. This bar wasn’t as sleazy as the Left Atrium that his branch of Team Neos owned. It seemed respectable enough. It was a typical Sunday night crowd of everyday people who just needed one more moment of relaxation before going back to work the next day. That, and the game on one of the TVs above the counter that had a decent sized group of guys around it watching. The Third Seat doubted the trio would be in a place like this, but it never hurt to ask.

“What can I getcha?” asked the female bartender as Raiden approached the counter.

“Information.” he said producing a sheet of paper from his pants pocket that had three mug shots on it. One was of a brutish looking man with a wide face, a seemingly permanent scowl, short black hair, no eyebrows, and brown eyes. The second one was of a female with a bob cut black hair and brown eyes. The final one was of the trio’s commanding officer who had medium length bleached white hair and blue eyes. They were the Hunter Siblings. “Have you seen these three?” The bartender gave the pictures an inquisitive look.

“I have actually.” she answered after some thought. “They came in here not that long ago actually. I think they went to sit over there.” She pointed to her right toward the furthest corner of the bar. Raiden followed her lead narrowing his eyes in that direction. It was certainly an out of the way area where they wouldn’t draw much attention.

“Thank you.” he said appreciatively. Raiden got up, put the mug shots away, and proceeded in that direction. Sure enough, there they all were. Sitting, talking, drinking, and acting like nothing was wrong. The Third Seat casually walked over to the siblings and without saying a word, placed his hands under the table and flipped it spilling all of their drinks on them. The glasses that once contained those drinks were shattered upon impact with the floor.

“What the fuck is your problem!?” shouted Buck, the large muscular man in the first photo and the oldest of the siblings. His face turned white when he realized who he was dealing with. “Third Seat Arka…” he whispered in denial.

“You’re alive?” Marcy, the middle sister, questioned.

“We do not except resignations.” Raiden threatened. He was answered by the traitors each pulling out a Pokéball to which he responded in kind.

“Hey! If y’all are going to fight, take it outside! Don’t make a mess in here!” demanded the bartender who had come to see what all the commotion had been about.

“You heard the lady. We shall take this to the gutters where trash like you belongs.” decreed Raiden. He made sure that the traitors were the first ones out so as not to risk them escaping or attacking him while his back was turned. Of course, once they were all outside, the rogues wasted no time in surrounding their former superior to cut off all possible routes of escape as well as to attack from potential blind spots.

“Cowards.” Raiden belittled shifting his eyes to keep his adversaries in check.

“I’m impressed Arka. I didn’t expect you to get away from Team Rocket’s ambush. That must be some squad you put together for yourself.” commended Terrance, the white haired leader of the team. Despite being the youngest, Terrance was the smartest and most cunning between his brother and sister.

“Why did you betray us?” demanded Raiden. He would still show them no mercy, but he had to at least know what their motivation was.

“Survival.” Marcy said bluntly.

“Team Rocket ambushed us in what was supposed to be your mission in the first place. You so carelessly handed it to us. So after convincing the Rockets we just lowly grunts, we simply promised them a higher ranked member of Neos in exchange for letting us go. We knew someone as noble as you would be there in a heartbeat to save your comrades.” mocked Terrance.

“And it worked too. You guys showed up and we got off scot free.” added Buck.

“For such shallow and selfish reasons you shall receive the maximum punishment.” declared Raiden.

“And what are you going to do about it? You’re all alone. It’s one against three.” Marcy taunted. “Take him out Gengar!” she called summoning a transparent purple demon with stubby limbs, spikes running down its back, and a murderous grin coupled with red eyes.

“Get ‘im Scizor!” Terrance yelled sending out a metallic red mantis Pokémon that had crab like claws, four wings, yellow eyes, and three horns on its thin head.

“Burry him Hippowdon!” shouted Buck releasing a large black hippo onto the field that had a very large mouth filled with bone crushing teeth and pores on its back that began excreting copious amounts of sand. At the sight of the monster, Raiden’s eyes widened, not out of fear, but out of annoyance.

“You dare use a Ground-type on me?” he said with disgust.

“Sure do! Everyone knows you only use Electric-types.” Buck said superiorly. “We got this in the bag.”

“Because I specialize in Electric-types it is a fallacy to think that I am not well prepared to deal with their only natural weakness.” warned the specialist. “Allow me to demonstrate with Raichu!” Emerging from his Pokéball came an orange furred mouse with a long black tail tipped with a lightning bolt, yellow cheeks, brown hands, and pointy black ears that were yellow on the inside and had twirled lobes.

“Ya think that little rat can take Hippowdon? Use Earthquake!” the brute commanded.

“Buck you fucking shit head!” Terrance yelled. “Iron Defense now Scizor!”

“Fly.” Raiden told his Raichu.

“Sucker Punch Raichu Gengar!” ordered Marcy.

Gengar dove into its own shadow, raced under Raichu, and emerged from the shadow to punch the Electric-type in the face while he was off guard. Raichu then crouched low and with incredible jumping power shot himself into the air. At the same time, Scizor’s body turned metallic silver as it hardened its exoskeleton in preparation for the immanent attack.

Meanwhile Hippowdon rose up on her hind legs and threw all of her weight into an attack that sent massive tremors throughout the area shaking buildings and knocking over trash cans. Scizor barely kept its balance through the ordeal and Gengar and Raichu only got out undamaged because of their Ability and their Trainer’s quick thinking respectively. The four Trainers weren’t as lucky as each fell to the damaged ground with varying degrees of panic. Raiden of course managed to keep his cool despite the danger.

“Dumbass! What the hell were you thinking? Are you trying to take us all out!?” reprimanded Terrance getting back to his feet.

“I’m sorry Terrance. I guess I just wasn’t thinking.” apologized Buck with his eyes lowered.

“Obviously. Don’t use that attack again! There are plenty of other Ground attacks you can use.” added Marcy.

“Well how was I s’posed to know the rat could fly?” defended the elder.

“Raichu is the Mouse Pokémon.” Raiden corrected flatly. “And his target shall be Gengar!” he declared pointing to the Ghost-type. At that moment, the Mouse Pokémon came falling from the sky right onto Gengar’s head stunning it momentarily. While Hippowdon was the greatest threat defensively as well as elementally, Gengar had the lowest defense of Raichu’s three opponents and that was a weakness Raiden was more than willing to exploit. The sooner a weaker opponent was removed, the more time and energy could be spent on the harder enemies.

“Payback Gengar!” its Trainer commanded. Gengar returned Raichu’s attack with a swift headbutt to his forehead.

“Now strike with X-Scissor Scizor!” Terrance shouted. The Pincer Pokémon crossed its thin arms into an X shape and prepared to strike Raichu.

“Agility.” the Electric Master called quickly. By the time Scizor swung his attack down, all that remained of Raichu was an after image. “Counter with Charge Beam!” A few feet in front of the Steel/Bug Duel-type was Raichu who now had his hands cupped with a sphere of electricity forming in them. He then thrust his hands forward blasting Scizor with the beam attack.

“There is no way you can dodge this attack! Double Edge Hippowdon!” called Buck believing he had caught his foe off guard. Raiden barely acknowledged the charging hippo as he uttered his next command.

“Grass Knot.” The Charge Beam had only begun to dissipate yet Raichu was already waving his hands up and down to summon grass to grow through the cracks in the street left by Earthquake. The grass tied itself together on Raichu’s seemingly mental command making the Heavyweight Pokémon trip. Due to the nature of Grass Knot, Hippowdon’s own bulk was turned into a brutal weapon dealing severe damage to her.

“*Grr* How can you be this good!?” cried Buck in frustration.

“Because I am a Third Seat and you are weak.” he answered straightforwardly.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see how weak we really are! Team attack!” ordered the youngest.

“Terrance is right. If we all attack at once, Arka will have nowhere to run!” Marcy concurred gleefully.

“Then what are we waiting for? Use Stone Edge Hippowdon!”

“Shadow Punch Gengar!”

“Scizor! Attack with Night Slash!” they each shouted at once. The Shadow Pokémon’s fist took on a ghostly aura as it moved toward Raichu. Simultaneously, Scizor’s claws were surrounded in a dark energy while it also went in for the attack.

“No good! Flash!” commanded Raiden closing his eyes tightly. The Mouse Pokémon’s yellow cheeks started sparking, but instead of devoting energy to a powerful Electric-type attack, Raichu concentrated on a bright attack that blinded the siblings and their Pokémon. In the confusion, both the Third Seat and his Pokémon got out of the way as the three enemy attacks collided. Scizor was struck by Gengar’s Shadow Punch, Gengar received a Super-effective hit from Night Slash, and both Pokémon took severe damage from the sharp rocks Hippowdon had blasted long before the blinding Flash.

“Now finish them with Surf!” instructed the Electric-type Master. Appearing from the ground under Raichu’s feet was an intense stream of water that quickly grew into a tidal wave that Raichu then rode over his three opponents. By the time the traitors could see again, they were shocked to see the receding water and even more shocked to see their fainted Pokémon.

“Impossible! It’s three against one! How are we losing?” yelled Terrance in disbelief.

“I would like to know that myself. It is shameful to think you were once officers of Team Neos. You cannot even handle one man.” The Third Seat scoffed

“Don’t mock the Hunter Siblings! When the three of us fight together we never lose! Right guys?” Buck proclaimed in an attempt to boost his younger family’s moral.

“That’s right! We still have five Pokémon each meaning it’s really fifteen against six!” Marcy agreed. “That is why I’ll use Exeggutor now!” Appearing on the field to replace Gengar was a tall palm tree with a body made from sturdy brown bark, long green leaves coming from its head, and three yellow coconut shaped faces under the broad leaves.

“Let’s crush that rat Hariyama!” called the oldest replacing his Hippowdon with a massive tan Fighting-type Pokémon that had thick blue legs, a yellow skirt, and a large head with a blue bandana wrapped on it. Hariyama’s most notable feature was its gigantic orange three fingered hands.

“Then I’ll use Gallade!” announced Terrance sending out a slim Pokémon with white legs and hips, green bladed arms, a green torso, a white face, red eyes, green hair, and a blue blade like crest on his head. A red spike protruded from both Gallade’s chest and back.

“Before we attack though, how is it that you’re Raichu knows both Fly and Surf? I’ve heard that on rare occasions Pikachus can learn Surf and on rarer occasions Fly, but it is unheard of for it to know both.” Terrance pointed out.

“You are correct. But I told you, I have found ways to combat my Pokémon’s weakness to Ground-types. We mastered both through training.” revealed the Neos. “Now no further talk! Use Volt Tackle on Gallade!” In an instant, Raichu’s body was emitting so much electricity that his body looked like lightning itself. Coupled with the incredible speed the Mouse Pokémon moved at, it appeared that Gallade had been struck by horizontal lightning rather than a Pokémon.

“Zen Headbutt Gallade!” the youngest sibling commanded his Pokémon. The top of the Blade Pokémon’s head began glowing a bight shade of blue. He then smashed his head into Raichu’s causing the Electric-type to flinch.

“The rat’s off guard! Attack with Arm Thrust Hariyama!” ordered Buck excitedly. The large Sumo wrestler esque Pokémon brutally pounded Raichu with its broad hands one after another leaving Raichu panting heavily.

“We’ve got it! Finish Raichu with Seed Bomb Exeggutor!” Marcy called victoriously.

“Not yet. Hit Hariyama with Iron Tail!” Raiden countered. As Exeggutor shot large grenade like seeds from the tree on its head, Raichu’s long tail took on a metallic silver sheen. He then whipped the Fighting-type with his tail before getting hit with Seed Bomb. “You did well Raichu.” his Trainer praised as he was recalled to his Pokéball. Raiden then readied his next one to continue the battle.

“You won’t be sending out another one! Hariyama! Crush Arka with Brick Break!” Buck commanded ruthlessly. The Arm Thrust Pokémon charged forward, but Raiden wasn’t even the slightest bit nervous. Just as Hariyama thrust its arms out in what would have been a lethal bone shattering blow to a human, Raiden did a back flip avoiding the strike by a hair’s length. So close was the attack that Raiden could still feel the incredible force even though he wasn’t hit which caused him to fall off balance when his flip was finished.

“Get ‘im again!” Buck persisted.

“Not so fast. Thunder.” the Third Seat called. Hariyama didn’t even get a chance to step forward before the Pokéball Raiden had so tactfully left under its feet burst open. Appearing was a blue canine with a yellow mane that stood straight up and yellow fur on his ankles and hips that also stood straight up on end. The second it was released, the Manectric discharged an incredible Electric attack that knocked the sumo wrestler on its back a few feet away.

“How? I never saw you throw a Pokéball!” interrogated Terrance.

“I placed it down when I flipped. The fact that I had something round in my hands along with Hariyama’s incredible power caused me to lose my balance and trip.” answered Raiden. “Now Manectric, bite Exeggutor with Fire Fang.” The Discharge Pokémon roared as he ran at the living palm tree with fire coating his teeth.

“No you don’t! Stun Spore!” Macy retaliated. Exeggutor swished its head side to side releasing a yellow cloud of spores, but Manectric dodged left avoided the entire mist. He then bit the Coconut Pokémon’s leg causing to cry in pain. “Get it with Stomp now!” The angry Exeggutor lifted its tree trunk sized leg and slammed its foot down on Manectric’s skull and held it there so that its Trainer’s brothers’ Pokémon could attack the Electric-type as well.

“Good job Marcy! Gallade! Attack with Slash!” Terrance called.

“And you get it with Vital Throw Hariyama!” added Buck. Raiden simply shook his head as all three Pokémon yet again assembled in the same place.

“Discharge.” he instructed. Manectric lived up to his species name by emitting a massive burst of electricity from his body in every direction. The humans of course were protected because they had unknowingly sent their Pokémon out as meat shields to take most of the hit.

“Endure Hariyama!” shouted the elder knowing full well that Hariyama would otherwise not survive the attack. He was proven right when the sumo wrestler fell to its knees with the other two Pokémon in fatigue allowing Manectric to get away from them.

“No way! You aren’t winning that easily Arka! Use Psycho Cut Gallade!” Terrance ordered. Gallade’s arm blades took on a blue glow as it ran at Manectric.

“Bite.” Raiden told him. The canine bit down hard on the Blade Pokémon’s attacking arm, but the latter retaliated with a Psycho Cut with his other arm leaving a nasty gash on Manectric’s face and shoulder.

“Hit that mutt with Leaf Storm now Exeggutor!” commanded Marcy. Exeggutor shook its head side to side blasting an intense flurry of leaves from its head. Gallade took that as his cue to jump out of the way to let the onslaught of foliage hit its mark.

“Don’t count me out! Brine!” Buck followed up. Hariyama clapped its hands together then opened them palms out to launch a torrent of salt water at its enemy. Manectric howled as the salt got in his wounds before collapsing. The Third Seat wordlessly returned his fallen Pokémon and readied another Pokéball.

“End this Electabuzz.” he commanded throwing the sphere. Appearing was a medium sized bipedal Pokémon with yellow fur, jagged black stripes, a long tail with alternating yellow and black bands, thick arms, two fangs coming from his mouth, and two ball tipped horns.

“He’s already down two! Let’s keep up the pace! Gallade! Use Close Combat!” Terrance motivated.

“Thunder Punch.” Raiden said simply. Just as Gallade engaged Electabuzz in combat, the Electric-type punched him with a fist crackling with electricity. The Blade Pokémon fell backwards unconscious.

“Attack with Wood Hammer Exeggutor!” yelled the middle child.

“Low Kick.” Before Exeggutor could slam its wooden body into Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon swept his feet under the tree causing it to trip and faint itself under its own weight.

“Hariyama! Hit Electabuzz with Force Palm!” Buck ordered.

“Charge Beam.” Electabuzz gathered copious amounts of electricity into his cupped hands. He then drove his arms forward sending a powerful beam of lightning at Hariyama also taking it out of the fight.

“You gotta be kidding me!” rejected Buck.

“Afraid not.” Raiden said pulling a pair of black rubber gloves from his pants pocket.

“Well no matter, we still have twelve Pokémon between us! You still don’t stand a chance!” Marcy bragged.

“Wrong. I have had enough of this foolishness. It ends now.” he decreed pulling out an Item Ball. With the press of a button, the sphere burst open to produce a long spear. The shaft of the spear was black with yellow lightning bolt patterns on it. The bottom of the shaft was tipped with a spiked blue ball. The blade was fang shaped and shiny silver in color. Connecting the blade to the shaft was a blue X shaped crest that also held a long purple ribbon that flowed like a cloud and was almost as long as the shaft. When held vertically, the spear stood 6ft 3in, which was approximately five inches taller than Raiden. This weapon was named for the same creature it was designed after: Raikou.

“What is that!?” Terrance cried in alarm of the formidable weapon.

“This is my Raikou. Thunder.” Raiden commanded. Electabuzz sent a powerful burst of electricity from his body into the metallic spear. The only thing preventing Raiden from being electrocuted was his gloves.

“You can’t! You’re actually going to kill us!?” screamed Marcy.

“Spare your remorse.” Raiden refused before slashing Marcy from her shoulder down into her torso. Due to the electricity coursing through the spear, every swing sounded like thunder; just like the Legendary Raikou’s cry. The electrical charge also ensured that those executed by the blade would die as they would be electrocuted from the inside.

“Marcy!” screamed Buck furiously. “You bastard!” The brute roared running at Raiden from behind. All the Third Seat had to do to stop him was pull the spear out of his sister and, without even turning around, thrusted the shaft upward so as to hit Buck in the jaw. While the big guy was momentarily stunned, Raiden spun around and sliced open his stomach with the blade.

“Not Buck too!” cried Terrance. He didn’t get a chance to say any more before the butt of the spear smacked him in the face knocking him to the ground. The youngest held his bleeding face staring at Raiden with hatred. “You killed them!” he yelled.

“I told you, we do not accept resignations. Traitors will receive the maximum punishment. You and your siblings brought this upon yourselves.” Raiden said condemningly stabbing Terrance through the heart. The last thing Terrance ever saw was the wrathful silhouette of the real Raikou imposed over the spear of the same name.

Raiden wasn’t fond of doing such a dirty job, but someone had to and he was the one given the order. Anyone who would willingly betray their own comrades had no place in the utopian world Team Neos was trying to create.

Once he was sure the rouges had been eliminated, he returned Raikou to its Item Ball and shook his hands a few times. Even with the gloves, holding something carrying that much voltage still made his hands tingle. After the feeling returned, the Third Seat recalled Electabuzz to his Pokéball. Next, he pulled out his cell phone and pressed 1 on the speed dial. After a few rings there was an answer.

“Captain Ross speaking.” answered a female voice on the other end.

“Captain, this is Third Seat Raiden Arka. I have just dispatched three traitors and am requesting a clean-up crew.” Raiden explained professionally.

“Raiden, you know you should be reporting this in to Lt. Deter, right?” inquired Captain Ross indifferently.

“You are correct. However, Lt. Deter would then have to report in to you to request for a clean-up crew. I know it is against protocol, but I was merely trying to cut out the middle man.” justified Raiden.

“Ha! More like the ‘little’ man.” the Captain laughed. For whatever reason, Captain Ross and Lt. Deter didn’t get along. Arguments usually went in the Captain’s favor since she had rank and seniority. While Raiden didn’t like members of Team Neos disrespecting one another like that, it would be just as disrespectful if he scolded someone of a higher rank than him for such a frivolous reason.

“Anyway, my coordinates are inner Canalave City, Sinnoh. The bodies are in an alley between 33rd and Main.” he continued.

“Alright, a squad will be sent to get rid of them. I’d advise you to get out of there just in case the police get there before our people do.” she informed.

“Yes Captain.” Raiden said obediently. He put his phone back in his pocket after hanging it up. With that he left the scene of the crime to return to his squad. Then a very disturbing thought crossed his mind.

“I sure hope those four have not caused any trouble.” he mumbled.
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