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The Journal of Augustus Price: Chapter 3

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Yee chapter 3
The alarm clock next to me on the nightstand wakes me up. The sword was still on my back as I forgot to put it up before I had passed out. I stand up and look around my room. It seemed the same but something felt odd. I walk around the room and head to open the door. But before I do it’s opened from the other side. Standing in my doorway is a man looking to be in his late 20’s. In his left hand is a small package.

“Are you Augustus? I was sent to give this to you.” The man hands me the package.

“Thanks… Who sent it?”

“It’s signed somewhere. I’m just the mailman for this place.”

“Alright. Thanks again.”

As he walks off I shut the door and head back into my room. The package itself was only about the size of my hand. I sit down on my bed and carefully open the paper wrapping it. I looked for the signature on the paper but didn’t find anything that looked remotely like a name. After I tossed the paper into the trash I was left with a small black box. Inside the box was a golden pocket watch. Also inside the box was a small slip of paper

Use this only when you need it most.

There was no signature anywhere on the paper or inside the box. I put the paper back in the box and move the box onto a shelf above the desk. Next I examine the watch itself. It is engraved with several intricate designs. The designs themselves were the same as the ones on my bracelet. I press the button on the top to reveal the clock itself. Again it has the same designs as the casing on the clock face. Conveniently it was already set to the correct time. I place the watch in pocket and attach the chain to one of my belt loops. As I go to stand up I notice a note on my desk.

Come to my office when you wake up –Max Price

I pick up the note and head out my door. As I walk down the hall I get strange looks from the people in the rooms around me. I ignore them and continue on towards the staircase. Once I reach the third floor I head towards Max’s office. The doors were already open and I could see people other than my grandfather inside. There were two other than my grandfather, one woman and one man, and they all seemed to be arguing about something. I wait until the man and woman get up and leave to head into the office.

“Hey Max, you wanted me?”

“Ah yes you did get my note. I would you to tell me what happened yesterday. It’s always interesting to hear how people find out their gifts.”

“Well I found a sword in a cave, then when I walked out a giant bear attacked me. I managed to dodge around in and kill it. The bear itself had gunshot wounds in its back. That is probably the reason why it attacked me in the first place.”

“Anything special about the sword?”

“When I found it is was in the middle of an underground lake stuck in a boulder. As I neared the edge of the water a stone bridge rose out of the bottom of the lake that lead directly to the center.”

“May I see the sword?”

“Sure but you’re not going to touch it.”

I unsheathe the sword and hold it out in my hands. Max studies the sword and after awhile seems content with the sword.

“Did your bracelet do anything special? They both have the same markings.”

“Ah yes it turns into a shield.” I demonstrate this to Max. He again examines it and after a few minutes asks me to deactivate it. He then sits back in his chair and looks to be lost in his thoughts.

“These markings look familiar yet I can’t seem to remember what they are from. Oh and thank you for letting me look at them. I’ll start looking through my books to find out what they are from. If I learn anything I’ll let you know. For now I wouldn’t carry the sword on your back. Maybe it’s able to convert to a bracelet like your shield?”

“I’ll see what I can do. Bye Max.”

I head out of his office and shut the doors behind me. Again as I walk down the hall I get odd looks from the people in the rooms lining the halls. I continue my walk and reach my room. I close my door behind me and lock my door. I look around my room. Sitting next to my nightstand was a small fridge. I looked inside and found several sandwiches inside. I grab one and sit down at my desk. After taking a few bites of the sandwich I set the sword on the desk. The sword itself doesn’t seem to have anything that would look to change it. But as I examine it I notice a small indention on the bottom of the pommel. Hoping nothing bad will happen I press the bottom of the pommel. Another blinding light similar to the one when my bracelet first changed filled my vision. The weight of the sword was gone and my right arm felt a little heavier. Once my vision returned a bracelet identical to the one on my left arm was on my right. I finish eating my sandwich and grab another one from the fridge. After that sandwich was gone I felt dizzy and fell over on the ground. As I fell my head hit the side of the bed causing me to fall unconscious.

End of Chapter 3