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Darrius' Tale: Chapter 3

by PokemonTrainerDArrius

PokemonTrainerDArrius Kalos pt 2- Daisy and Sycamore's Challenge.
"So, tell me Professor, why did you decide to help Professor Krane?" I asked him, as he took me into his office.
"First of all, please, call my Augustine. Secondly, I think Professor Krane's aspiration of compiling a universal document to encompass the research of all of us throughout the world is a grand undertaking, and I couldn't help but want to share my knowledge with him, and the rest of the Pokedemic* community." he said, a brilliant smile flashing across his face.
"However, more importantly, is it true you only have one Pokemon?" he asked me. I simply nodded.
"Orre does have much in terms of wild Pokemon, and Pokeballs have kind of fallen out of fashion. Michael said he ended up finding most of the Pokeballs he used." I replied. Orre was not very hospitable to Pokemon, and that was sad to say, since there were a lot of strong Trainers throughout the region.
"I see. What a tragic tale. Well, I had a pair of trainers come through earlier, and there's one Pokemon left that neither of them decided to take with them on their journey. It is a Bulbasaur, the grass type of the Kanto starters. Would you want to take her with you as you explore Kalos?" Sycamore asked me. I stared at him for a moment, completely flabbergasted. I've barely known this man more than a few weeks, and he's already offering to give me a Pokemon.
"I'm flattered Augustine. Yes, I would gladly take her with me." I replied after regaining my composure. He handed me a Pokeball, and I tossed it. The little Bulbasaur popped out with an excited cry. I knelt down and gave her a gentle pat on the head.
"Hey there." I crooned softly to her. She met my hand enthusiastically, and let out a loud "Bulba" in response to my greeting. I smiled.
"I think I'll call you Daisy." I said. I received another enthusiastic "Bulba" in response.
"Well, now that that issue is settled. I have a little... challenge for you Darrius." Sycamore said.
"A challenge eh? Alright, i'm listening." I replied, a bit of a smirk crossing my face as I recalled Daisy to her Pokeball. Sycamore passed me a Pokedex.
"I challenge you to meet every Pokemon that is native to Kalos before the Kalos League Tournament begins." he said, his teal eyes glimmering.
"When does the tournament start? If it begins in a few days, that's quite the task you're giving me." I replied. Not to say I couldn't have done it.
"No no, you have several months still. I think by the time you've made it around the region on foot, it'll be time." he replied, laughing a little bit.
"Well then, challenge accepted Augustine." I replied with a smirk.
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