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Digimon Tamers 2: Chapter 3

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox This is the longest one yet! Hope ya enjoy!
Chapter 3: The Kasai Knight and the Sea Dragon

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I can feel it, Joey, I can feel it! Today is the day I get MY partner!” Richard exclaimed to his brother, who laughed a bit, as did Gummymon.

“Me too, Ricky!” “Richard.” “Whatever! I just can’t wait to see what he looks like! Maybe it’s a Tentomon? Or a Bearmon! Or a Kunemon, an Armadillomon, a Candlemon, a Coronamon, a Monmon…..Maybe even Betamon!” Gummymon rambled, bouncing and wiggling on Joey’s head.

“Betamon…..Huh, I think I’ve heard of that Digimon before. He’s a little fish guy, right?” Richard responded, thinking about Betamon, and how he what he could Digivolve to.

“Hey, Richard, look! There’s Logan and….Agumon!?!? Why is he digivolved!??!!?” Joey panicked, and he and his brother ran to their friend.

“Logan, what happened? Why is Agumon digivolved?” Richard asked, catching Logan’s attention, with Agumon chuckling nervously.

“Hi guys….Uh….Well, last night, when me and Koromon were walking home…” Logan began, and the flashback began.

Flashback Begin

“I was walking home, carrying Koromon since he almost put a dent in my goggles, when we saw a blue flash over near that girl Jo’s house. So went over there and a bunch of fog started lifting in. When we went into the fog, we saw a Gotsumon!” Logan said, monologuing, as the Logan in the flashback walked into the fog, a bit nervous, with Koromon gulping. Suddenly, they saw a figure about as big as Logan, who turned around, revealing to be a bear like creature made entirely of rocks with large yellow eyes with black pupils and a large black mouth.

“Hehehehe! I did it! It worked! Dr. Octomon’s invention worked! His Digi to Earth Transporter worked! Now we can come to the Human world to invade!” Gotsumon laughed, then spotted Logan and Koromon.

“AH! You heard me! I made the same mistake as that fool HoneyBeemon…..No! I will not! Unlike that idiot, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!” Gotsumon shouted, and ran at them with his Rock Fist attack, and threw several rocks at the leader and his partner.

“Crap! Koromon, use your….Uh, Bubble thing!” Logan told his partner, who nodded and jumped at the rocks and blew bubbles at them. However, the bubbles did nothing and the rocks popped them, then slammed into Koromon, soaring right at Logan along with the In-Training Monster.

“Ow!” Logan said, the rocks hitting him and knocking him onto the ground. Koromon saw his partner was in trouble, the rocks causing him to cough out some blood.

“Logan! I can’t do this in my In-Training form…..Logan! Try to Digivolve me!” Koromon cried, and Logan nodded slowly. He pulled his Digivice out from his pocket, then held it up high while saying, “Digivolution…..Activate!”. An orange beam of light came out of the voice and hit Koromon.

“Koromon digivolve to…..Agumon!” Koromon exclaimed, and became a orange sphere of light that formed into Agumon and cried out his name.

“Spirit Fire!!!” Agumon roars, and fires out several fire blasts, hitting Gotsumon and knocking him back. Gotsumon tries getting up, but Agumon runs up and screams out his next attack.

“Mach Jab!” Agumon shouted, and delivers 3 quick, powerful jabs to Gotsumon’s face. Gotsumon stumbles back, dazed from his opponent’s attack. This gave Agumon the chance to go and free Logan from the rocks.

“Thanks Agumon, I think we’ve got him good. But from what he said, it seems like this Octomon guy is pretty smart. We should tell the others about it and see what Wizardmon thinks….But right now, let’s finish him! Hit him with your Pepper Breath!” Logan told his partner, who grins widely and charges up his attack at Gotsumon.

“I won’t lose that easily! Crazy Crusher!” Gotsumon screamed, and smashed his fists against the ground, causing a large earthquake to come at Agumon.

“Jump up and fire!” Logan exclaims, and Agumon follows, then jumps in the air, avoiding the shake, and shoots his Pepper Breath, hitting Gotsumon straight on and starting to melt him, right before he burst into data without any last words.

“Woo….Way to go buddy. That was rough.” Logan cheered his partner, getting a high fived from him.

End Flashback

“Wow! Well, that was cool! But also really bad! As soon as all of us get our partners, we have to find that Octomon guy before any really strong Digimon come through! This is just like Digimon Tamers….Who we technically succeeded.” Chase said, who had came out a little after Logan began his story.

“Yeah, but I’m sure we’ll beat him! Right, Kokomon?” Meredith asked her Digimon partner, who giggled and nodded. Meredith had been there first, unlike the day before.

“Yes, I’m confident you will. Also, last night I got some information from one of my Candlemon, who went to the Dragon’s Den last night and he said that he saw Octomon with Devidramon, and they were working on some sort of machine. That means that Devidramon is Octomon’s boss, and therefore the Gotsumon was one of his soldiers. This is becoming a big problem…...I’ll have to talk to some of the other village leaders about it….If it comes to the worst possible situation, we’ll have to take care of this ourselves.

“Yeah! And by take care of, we mean take care of!” Richard chuckled, pounding his fists.

“Speaking of us, today is the day you, Richard Kasai, will meet your Digimon Partner!” Wizardmon told Richard, whose face lit up. He gives Richard a blue Digivice, and then looks to Logan, who has the yellow card.

“Alright then, here you go Richard! Time to go to the Digital World, Beta Beach!” Logan tells Richard, who nods and excitedly slashes the card through his blue Digivice, transporting them.

Beta Beach, Digital World

The group arrived on a boardwalk area, with a tropical forest behind them and a large, beautiful sandy beach in front of them, with a glistening, blue ocean beyond the sand. The digidestined looked at the wonderful sight that their eyes saw in awe.

“Hey, look! It’s an Ikkakumon! Wizardmon, should we talk to him?” Richard asked, looking up at Wizardmon.

“Definitely. That Ikkakumon is this village’s leader! It is actually the father of your partner, Richard. We can go meet him over now, if you would like.” Wizardmon replied, and before Richard responded, he had already ran off to talk to Ikkakumon.

“Hey, Mr. Ikkakumon!” Richard called the Deep Saver champion, who looked over at the boy and smiled.

“Hello young one. You must be one of the Digidestined! Tell me, what is your name?” Ikkakumon asked, and waddled over to Richard.

“I’m Richard, and these our my fellow Digidestined! The guy in the brown shirt is my brother, Joey, the guy with the goggles is our leader, Logan, the girl is Meredith and the small one is Chase! Also, the Wizardmon you see next to them is our guide, and the leader of Candlemon Village. As you may have guessed. We’re here to meet your son, since I’m his partner!” Richard said, introducing himself.

“Nice to meet you. So would like to meet- oh...Um, we’ll need to get you some bubbles first. Upamon!” Ikkakumon called, and a yellow ball like creature with yellow wing like ears, and a smile that could only be matched by Terriermon or Joey.

“Bubble Blow!” Upamon cried, and fired 5 bubbles at the group’s faces, letting them breathe underwater. The Digidestined had brung their swimsuits with them, knowing they would probably go for a swim, and Ikkakumon pointed them to the, not sure how they have them, changing rooms. After that, the Digidestined dove into the ocean, with a Crabmon guiding them to Richard’s partner, while Wizardmon informed Ikkakumon of the previous attacks on the other villages.

“Devidramon’s army has attack 5 villages so far, mine being the 4th. They started with Aquillamon’s, then Digmon’s, after that IceDevimon’s, next was Growlmon, then me mine, and yesterday he attacked Pandamon’s. It seems he’s attacking all the different families, from Wind Guardians to Jungle Troopers to Nightmare Soldiers, to Dragon’s Roar, to Virus Buster and Nature Spirits. There is two left. The Deep Savers, you, and the Metal Empire. He may have spies, probably DemiDevimon, that know which place we are going next, and that’s how his soldiers have been attacking us. So I think we should be prepared for whatever he sends at us today. After that, we will go to Guardromon’s Factory and do the same. Because there is Chase’s partner. Last night, one of my Candlemon said to me that one of Devidramon’s minions, Octomon, had developed a machine that allows the evil Digimon to come to the human world. After finding the last Digimon, we will find Octomon’s machine and destroy it. We will then hunt down Devidramon and defeat him. After then, we will have won.” Wizardmon explained, and Ikkakumon nodded, and they went off to assemble his groups.

(Author’s note: Trust me, there will be much more after Devidramon. And it will not be as short or easy as Wizardmon says it is. He sounds a lot like one of my friends….Hint)

Back with the Digidestined, Joey had been showing his swimming skills by doing several backflips, resulting in eye rolls from Richard and Logan, with Chase clapping in awe and Meredith ignoring it. After the 2nd Digidestined was done showing off, Crabmon lead them down to a water cave, with beds of coral surrounding it. When they went inside the cave, the saw several Gomamon, who pointed to the further part of the cave Once drawing near, Richard reached the end, and looked down, seeing his Digimon Partner, which was a brown snake like Digimon with orange hair and big eyes. It had fins and a dolphin like tail.

“Hi! I’m Bukamon! Are you….Are you Richard? Cause he’s my partner!” Ikkakumon’s son asked, hopefully.

“Yeah! It’s awesome to meet you! So….wait, you’re only in your In-Training form...shouldn’t you be in your Rookie stage, though?” Richard responded.

“Yeah, but I just...have trouble maintaining it. My dad says it’s because I haven’t gotten my partner yet….But now I have you! Let’s try it out, r-right?” Bukamon asked, which Ryan nods to.

“Sure! Should be cool! And work probably. Ready? GO!” Richard shouted and held up his Digivice. It released a blue light that shot at Bukamon, turning him into a blue ball of light, and it formed into his Rookie form, which was a green fish like Digimon with an orange mohawk like finn on his head, big, beady eyes and blue stripes on his back.

“Bukamon digivolve to….BETAMON!” The newly digivolved Rookie exclaims, and looks at his new body, surprised.

“Huh!?!? Normally I become a Gomamon….Guess that Digivice took me on a different path! COOL!” Betamon exclaimed.

“Wow, Betamon! So cool!” Richard shouted, and picked his partner up, hugging him.

“Aw, so cute! Hey, I have a question, you guys have bubbles on! But me, Lopmon and Agumon don’t! I mean, Betamon’s a fish, but we’re a dog, a lizard and a bunny! How are we not drowning?” Terriermon asked, looking up at Joey.

“Uh…..Crap.” Joey realised, and the group quickly swam up, bursting out of the water, and swimming to land.

“Hello Digidestined, I assume you’ve met Buka- Hey! Where’s Bukamon? He’s your partner! All I see is a Betamon.” Ikkakumon asked, looking down at Betamon.

“It’s me, dad! We tested out Digivolution, but I became Betamon instead of Gomamon! Cool, huh?” Betamon explained, resulting in a dumbstruck congratulations from Ikkakumon.

“Excuse me, Wizardmon, we’ve only being here for about an hour.! None of us are really tired, either, so maybe we should go to find my partner!” Chase suggested, which the other agreed on.

“Actually, we are going to have to stay here. We’ve gotten….intel that some of Devidramon’s soldiers have located our location and are planning to attack. So we’ve decided to get prepare. Ikkakumon has gotten his groups ready, and they will be sure to get rid of the enemies.” Wizardmon told the Digidestined, who nodded, understanding.

“So that means it’s gonna be like a whole army against a few baddies? Seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?” Logan asked, Agumon concerned as well.

“No, not really. A lot of Ikkakumon’s people are still in training, only a few are full on soldiers, which are over there.” Wizardmon explained, and pointed to a few Digimon over near the forest, waiting for the Digimon to come, which were Gaogamon, Coelamon, Submarimon and Orcamon, who were all very powerful Armor and Champion Digimon.

“Those are our teammates, huh? Then we should beat him no problem! Let’s get ready too, guys!” Logan said to Joey and Meredith, who nodded.

“DIGIVOLUTION…ACTIVATE!” The three called out, inserting their drives into their digivices, which shot three lights, orange green and pink respectively, transforming them into their Champion forms.

“Agumon/Terriermon/Lopmon digivolve to…..TYRANNOMON/GARGOMON/TURUIEMON!” The trio of Digimon screamed, and jumped next to the soldiers, which Chase and Richard standing back, Betamon laying by his partner. Ikkakumon waddled up to the others, with Wizardmon floating next to him.

“Man, Betamon, I can’t wait till we reach Champion. But we need some kinda drive for that…..You see, in the last two times, they got their drives when they were in danger and they felt an emotion really strongly….For Logan it was caring about his friends, and for my brother and Meredith it was for loving their partners and hoping they were okay. I wonder how I can unlock mine….” Richard pondered.

“Yeah, it’ll be so cool! Maybe we should try joining the fight!” Betamon said to Richard, who shook his head.

“No, those guys are probably Champion or even Ultimate! It’s better for those guys to handle it….But if anything bad does happen, yeah. We’re joining in.” Richard clarified, which earned a nod from Betamon and Chase.

“At least you have your partner. I’ve waited longer than all of you by now! It sucks. I guess I’ll have to wait another day.” Chase complained, thinking of who his partner could be.

“Eh, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Or it could be a Chuumon!” Richard joked, which got him a smack in the head from Chase, who was angry from the remark.

“You get your humor from your brother….Hey, look!” Chase pointed to the skies, where 3 2 figures, one small and circular with a giant lance, the other taller with wings and a katana. The two landed on the ground, in front of the army, and instantly slashed right through Gaogamon, Submarimon, Orcamon and Coelamon, turning them into data, which floated away back into the sea to become Digi-Eggs.

“Hahaha! Even Armors are no match for the Blade Dancing Duo, Gladimon and Buraimon!” The smaller one laughed, as his partner rolled his eyes.

“Don’t get so cocky, Gladimon. We still have the Digidestined to deal with, and their all Champion level. Their stronger then all of those guys put together. So let’s mess them up! Swallow Duet Reverse!” Buraimon cried, and flew at Tyrannomon, sheathing his swords and slashing them furiously.

“Slash Claw!” Tyrannomon roared and clashed with Buraimon, both trying to push each other back. Logan cheered on his partner as Gladimon glanced and Gargomon and Turuiemon, who gulped.

“Hahaha! Looks like you are….NEXT! Wheel Rush!” Gladimon announced and curled into a ball, then launched at the duo.

“Gargo Laser/Ninja Fist!” The team screamed, starting their combo with Turuiemon scratching Gladimon across the chest to stop him, then Gargomon blasting Gladimon with his energy balls.

“Frozen Blitz/Bunny Pummel!” The Digimon siblings growled, and Gargomon ran up and smashed his arm cannon into Gladimon’s stomach, and after that, ice shards were fired from Turuiemon that chipped Gladimon’s armor.

“Ah! Well that hurt! But now you will be hurt! Sword Dancer!” Gladimon yelled, and repeatedly slashed Gargomon, who countered by blocking the slashes with his arm cannon, then fired right in Gladimon’s face, knocking him back.

“Wait to go, Gargomon/Turuiemon!” The Digimon Tamers cheered, and hi-fived each other then their Digimon.

“Tyrannomon, use all your strength to lift him up!” Logan told his partner, who nodded, then grunted as he clutched onto Buraimon with his claws, who was still slashing at him, and fired his Blaze Blast attack directly into Buraimon, sending him flying back and hitting Gladimon.
“I told you these guys were strong….Guess we’ll have to DNA Digivolve….” Buraimon told Gladimon, who nodded, and the two become grey and red balls of energy that collided with each, forming into a dark, crimson large ball of energy that slowly formed into their DNA Digivolved form.

“Gladimon/Buraimon! DNA Digivolve to…..Butenmon!” The Ultimate cried, becoming Butenmon, a giant red, armored eagle man with a gigantic sword.

“He became Butenmon! Ultimate Level! Quick, team attack!” Tyrannomon told his partners, who nodded and they fired their attacks, Blaze Blast, Frozen Blitz and Gargo Laser, which formed into a fiery, blue laser beam that hit Butenmon in the chest, which they called their Tri Attack. However, it did not succeed in damaging Butenmon, and he delivered a gigantic slash to Gargomon and Turuiemon, knocking them back into a rock on the beach. Butenmon turned to Tyrannomon and used his Dance of the Sun attack, where he ignited his sword and continuously slashed him until he countered with his Slash Claw, but the sword overpowered his claws and cut Tyrannomon’s arm.

“OWWIE! Logan, can I have some help?” Tyrannomon asked his partner nodded, forgetting to order strategies.

“Use your Wild Buster attack!,” Logan called, and Tyrannomon instantly bashed into Butenmon, who grunted as a response, until Logan called out his next attack,”Now, Dino Kick!”

Tyrannomon kicked Butenmon in the stomach, knocking him back a bit, then shot his Blaze Blast directly into Butenmon’s face.

“OW! Buraimon, stop loafing around! We can’t store our energy or he’s gonna beat us! Even though we easily defeated the rabbit and the do- Speaking of which, where are they?” Butenmon asked as Gladimon.

“HERE!” Turuiemon called, and Butenmon turned around, with Turuiemon and Gargomon kicking him in the chest, causing him to call on his back.

“GARGO LASER!” Gargomon cried, and shot a bigger sized energy blast at Butenmon’s feet, making it harder for him to stand up.

“Gladimon, it’s ready! It’s time for…..,” Butenmon spoke as Buraimon, and he slowly got up, “EAGLE FLAME!!!!!” Butenmon screamed, and became surrounded in fire, causing the Champions to back up, with their partners running next to them.

Butenmon then shouted in anger, and a gigantic wave of fire was shot at the Digidestined, Wizardmon and Ikkakumon, knocking them back into the water.

“GUYS! Hey, leave them alone! Or I’ll…..uh…..Betamon what can we do?” Richard asked his partner who shrugged, when suddenly, a blue drive appeared out of nowhere above Richard and dropped on his head.

“My drive! How did I get this….Maybe I was been courageous…..Friendship, Love, Courage…..Hm…. This is familiar….Nonetheless! Ready Betamon?” Richard asked his partner.

“As ready as you are! So I hope you’re SUPER ready!” Betamon responded, and Ryan grinned.

“DIGIVOLUTION…..ACTIVATE!” Richard shouted, and inserted his drive into his blue digivice, which shot a blue light at Betamon, which turned Betamon into a blue, light figure of himself, and he began Digivolving.

“Betamon digivolve to…..,” Betamon became a lot longer, like a sea serpent, grew some kinda of helmet on his face. He grew a fin on the end of his tail and his legs disappeared, but his arms became longer and fin like arms, then burst out of the light in the same color scheme as Betamon though his helmet was golden,”SEADRAMON!”

“Woah! He actually became a Seadramon! Well how convenient that I know all his attacks and have good strategies written down for him just in case I ever got one. Use your Ice Blast attack directly to his arms!” Richard commanded, and Seadramon did just that, freezing Butenmon’s arms and causing him to drop his sword from the weight.

“Now use Water Breath!” Richard told his partner, who sent a high pressured blast of water at Butenmon, knocking him back quite a bit.

“Hey, look!,” Joey said to his friends, pointing at his brother and his partner, “Betamon digivolved! We should help! Right, Gargomon?”

“YEAH! Come on, Turuiemon!” Gargomon agreed, and the two jumped out of the shores and next to Seadramon.

“Don’t leave me out of this!” Tyrannomon called, and ran to his teammates.

“Envious levels have reached maximum potential.” Chase said, annoyed at the fact he had still not received his partner.

“BUNNY PUMMEL/NINJA FIST!” The bunny and the dog cried, and smashed their fists directly into Butenmon’s chest.

“Ergh...Dance of the Su-” Butenmon’s attack was stopped by Tyrannomon’s.

“BLAZE BLAST!” Tyrannomon screamed and fired his flaming ball of death right at Butenmon, leaving him stunned and coughing from the smoke left by the fire.

“Now Seadramon, finish him off!” Richard ordered, and Seadramon nodded, then grinned.

“WATER BREATH!” Seadramon shouted, and his high pressure water beam hit Butenmon’s chest plate, then burst thru it, then burst thru the other end of it.

“Oh sh-” Butenmon’s foul language was interrupted by him separating into Gladimon and Buraimon.

“Well, looks like we lost! I totally blame you, Buraimon.” Gladimon nagged, then turned back into his Rookie form, Kotemon when becoming data.

“As always whenever we do something stupid. Well, goodbye, Kotemon.” Buraimon sighed, then turned into his Rookie form, Hyokomon, before both of them exploded into data, which was absorbed by Logan, Joey, Meredith and Richard’s Digivices.

“Nice job, guys!” Meredith congratulated her friends, while Chase walked over. The Champions turned back into their Rookie forms and ran over as well.

“Congrats on finishing that guy off, Richard! We only need one more Digimon! Hey Chase, Wizardmon said that tomorrow we’ll be going to Guardromon’s Factory, and we’ll probably meet a lot of Digimon from the Metal Empire! So what if….Your partner is from the Metal Empire as well! Like Hagurumon!” Joey exclaimed, which got a shocked look from Chase.

“Oh please no….I don’t want a Hagurumon! It’s really…..creepy looking. Maybe something classic, like an Armadillomon or a Veemon? A Gabumon? An Elecmon? Anything but Hagurumon!” Chase cried, naming off a number of Rookie Digimon.

“Huh, never thought you’d be picky with your own monster partner, but whatever. So, Ikkakumon, thanks for the help. But, what about your soldiers?!? Your only official ones were turned back into Digi-Eggs! So how will you defend your village now?” Logan asked, concerned.

“No worries, Logan. Our doctor, MarineAngemon, is very good at taking care of the Digi-Eggs. They always hatch very quickly and reach their Champion forms very fast too! So we’ll probably have them back in a day or two.” Ikkakumon explained, then said goodbye and he and the other Digimon dove into the ocean, presumably back to the large cave from earlier.

“Well, looks like it’s time to return home, Digidestined. Tomorrow is the day we meet our last partner, so be prepared. I assume that some of Devidramon’s minions will be there to fight again. Remember are plans for after, though. We can not allow Digimon to invade the human world as well.” Wizardmon told his group, who nodded, then Richard slashed the card through his Digivice, and they disappeared in a literal flash.

Bareru Residence, Human World

The group flashes back to Chase’s backyard, with the Rookies back to their In-Training forms.

“Well, see you guys tomorrow. If any Digimon bio-emerge or whatever they called it in Tamers, call me tonight.” Logan told the others, and with Koromon nibbling on his goggles, on top of his head, he walked off.

“Yeah, I gotta get home and fast! It’s spaghetti night at my house! Come on, Kokomon!” Meredith said, and her and Gummymon ran home.

“Well, Joey, Richard, I can’t wait for tomorrow! I can’t freaking wait to get my Digimon partner!” Chase smiled, and went inside his house, while Wizardmon floated back inside Chase’s treefort.

“Come on, Richard! It’s time to introduce Bukamon into Spongebob! And have Pizza!” Joey cheered, and the brothers beginning heading for their house, with Bukamon floating above Richard’s head and Gummymon wiggling on Joey’s head.

“So, Bukamon, it’s kinda weird seeing you like this again, after….y’know, Seadramon! That was really awesome!” Richard complimented his Digimon partner, who slightly blushed and smiled widely.

“Aw, shucks! You’re making me blush! But thanks!” Betamon laughed, and the others laughed too.

Dragon’s Den, Digital World

“Excuse me my lord, but today, the Blade Dancers were killed by the Digidestined….and tomorrow, we have only….him.” Goblimon told his overlord, shamed by the situation.

“Oh, dear Goblimon, do not worry about tomorrow! Actually, Dr Octomon modified his body so he could be more versatile. Now he will have a much better shot at being….useful. Though I don’t count on him beating them, since they will have all their Digimon tomorrow….unless….We send Arresterdramon. He could….capture him….Capture the Veemon.”
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