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From the Ashes: Chapter 3

by CherryBlossomGirl

CherryBlossomGirl Chapter 3! Hope you all like it!
Stella walked into the house to see Clemont working with some great deal of vigor. "Whatcha doing, Clemont?" Clemont jumped at the sound. "Oh, I'm sorry! I did knock, didn't I?" "No no Stella, it's ok." "Yeah, you where very deep into something. What is it?" "Well, I'm trying to build the ultimate generator that can power the whole city, but my plans so far have failed." "That's ok. You'll get it someday." "Did Bonnie tell you?" "About the Pokémon thing? Yeah." "Did you do it?" Stella could hardly contain her excitement. "Yes, are you going to give me my Pokémon now?" Clemont said nothing, but slid a recording device across the table. The words "play me" where written on a piece of paper taped on the front. Stella pressed a button on the side and Clemont's voice sounded from it. "Stella, you've been my sister for as long as I can remember," It said. "You've been the best sister ever. You are always willing to help Bonnie and I, and we are very thankful for you're efforts. Now, Bolt. She bonded with you from the moment she saw you. That is very special indeed. You have been taking such good care of her, so I feel, as to be a good brother to you, I should give you something back. Go to the tinkering room, Stella." "Aww.... Clemont.... That's awfully nice of you." Clemont didn't really speak, but his light blushing proved he was glad for his foster sister. Stella headed for the tinkering room. That was the room Clemot built all his machines in. A light was cast upon a pokéball in the center of a table in the back of the room. Taped to it was a piece of paper that read "For you, Stella". Stella opened the pokéball and an ampharos popped out. "Oh hi! I'm Stella! What's you're name?" Stella stared into the ampharos's eyes for the answer. Stars shined somewhere deep in its eyes. "Star.... Starshine!" The ampharos nodded its head and cried "ampha roooooooooos!" She liked that name. "Ha ha! I'm so glad you like it!" Starshine's eyes showed she loved the name. And Stella loved Starshine.