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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 3

by ~Pokelover~

Bug Battle

"Do you give up? Or shall I finish this?"
"No answer....? Then this will be a picture perfect defeat for me! I can already see it! Gust, Vivillon!!"
Bonnie caught Chikorita in her arms. It had fainted.
She put its Pokeball away and looked up at Viola, smiling.
"Wait. Where's your other Pokemon...?"
"Up in the air, using Thunderbolt!!"
Dedenne jumped from a tree and used the attack. It hit Vivillon right on que.
"What!? Not so fast! Infestation!!"
"Use Quick Attack to dodge, then Nuzzle!!"
The Gym lit up with electricity. Vivillon fainted.
"Return, Vivillon."
Viola walked up to Bonnie.
"I was very surprised by the way you battled with Dedenne. Something tells me you've been partners far longer than you have with Chikorita."
She handed Bonnie the Bug Badge.
"Thank you, Viola. Dedenne and I have been partners for a really long time. I guess it would make sense that I battled differently with it."
They shook hands.
"By the way... where did you get that Chikorita?"
"Tee hee.... it's a secret."
  1. ~Pokelover~
    Heads up, the next chapter might be really long, because I have plans of a new Pokemon joining Bonnie's party!
    Jul 19, 2015
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