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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 3 The Hoenn Region: Chapter 3, Wally?!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Now i will make team things on the summary. Ace: LVL 10 Blaziken. But also in the wally battle Mega Blaziken And Blaziking!!, Lvl 5 Zigzagoon.
Jason: To continue your journey. Go to Route 102. Bye!" Ace: Okay then." Ace goes to Route 102. Fighting 5 trainers and beating them SOOOO EASY and it sounds liek GET REKT because of Tailows, Zigzagoons, and Wurmple. And a Zigzagoon is wanting to join Ace's party. And Ace befriends a Zigzagoon. Why befriend? Ace has no pokeballs. Ace gets to Petalburg City. Finding. Wally? Wally: Hello newfriend. I call people who come here newfriends." Ace: Ooookay?" Wally: So. Make yourself at home. I rule this town." Ace: Wait WAAAAAT?" Wally: Yeah. Sa wha? Whatever. Bye." Wally goes to his house? Ace: Okay. Im going to stock up on pokeballs. Yes! Okay Zigzagoon. Go Pokeball!" Pokeball: Click, Click Click, Click Click Click!" The Zigzagoon Is Caught. Ace: Yes! Go Zigzagoon!" Zigzagoon: Zigzagoon!!!" Ace: Hi! Return Zigzagoon! Okay. Zigzagoon is on the front of the party. I think im all set to go to Petalburg Woods!" Wally: Woah woah woah. You cant go out of Petalburg City like that? Your held prisoner for the rest of your life unless you defeat me. Yep, only grinding in that grass. And these worthless trainers. I have tons to grind on!" Ace: .... No...... That cant be......" Wally: It is!" Ace: GO BLAZIKEN! MEGA STONE!" Wally: You want to fight me now? Okay. Go Gallade! MEGA STONE!" Ace: FIRE PUNCH!" Wally: Gallade! Use.. Uh.. I'll finish this with style? Hmmm." Ace: Your such a idiot. GIVE IT ALL YOUR GOT!" Mega Blaziken: BLAZE!!!" Mega Blaziken Mega Mega Evolves Into Blaziking! Ace: No... Way.... FIRE PUNCH!" Wally: Thats not possible! Come back Mega Gallade!" Ace: Now i'll finish YOU! FIRE PUNCH!" Wally passes out. Ace: Heh. EVERYBODY! YOUR FREE FROM THIS CITY!" 900 Youngsters: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!" The youngsters take Wallys Secret pokemon. The Kanto Pidgey and fly out to Kanto hoping to have a better life. Which is sure because Ace and Jason saving Kanto. Ace: Okay. Lets go to Petalburg Woods." Jason: Did you hear on the news? Somebody beat Wally with a unknown pokemon and everybody's free!" Ace: That was me and Blaziking." Jason flips out and runs to Petalburg Woods. When Ace goes in Jason demands a battle.
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