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POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: Explorers of Light: CHAPTER 3: Trap of the Mind - Day 1

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Pika and Vee attempt to catch a mysterious figure who has attacked the guild and stolen an object from Police HQ.
"Yes, mistress? I am here, like you ordered."
"Good. We attack today. We need that item."
"And what of...?"
"You will take care of that too. Depart immediately."
"Copy that."


"Morning?" Pika asked. Vee nodded. "Come on, we got roll call."

"Roll call!" Chatot said. "TREEKO!" "DRILBUR!" "Whismur!" "GOLETT!" "CRANIDOS!" "KADABRA!" "MEOWTH!" "EMOLGA!" "PIDGEY!" "PIKA!" "VEE!" "Alright, everyone's here." Chatot said. "Back to your jobs, everyone!" The two friends started to head upstairs, but the lift wasn't working. "That's weird." Pika said. "The lift's always kept in top condition. It wouldn't just break down unexpectedly." Vee started to examine the lift. "No wonder it's not working. The support ropes have been cut. Why, though?" Then everything happened so fast, not even a Rapidash could keep track of it.

Something greenish fell on top of Pika, knocking the electric mouse to the ground. As Vee turned, it leaped off again, this time jumping to the lights on the roof. Using Mach Punch, it destroyed the lights, plunging the room into darkness. Emolga, Pika and Zapdos generated electricity to light up the room a bit. A few seconds later, the light from Emolga dissipated as the infiltrator sent her flying into Golett. Kadabra unleashed a Psybeam at where the Pokemon had just been standing, but hit Golett instead. Meowth started freaking out, and Cranidos and Drilbur were slammed into each other. Pika lit up the room even more, exposing the attacker about to hit Vee. The Eevee's Safeguard protected her, allowing her to retaliate with Iron Tail. However, the person was gone. Treeko leaped after it, followed by Pidgey and Chatot. "We need to fix the lift!" Vee said. "We don't have time for a full patch! I'll keep it together!" Kadabra said, floating the others onto the lift. Using his powers, he held the cords together. Vee activated the lift, and they started to rise.

Arriving outside, the guild members dashed out to see Treeko, Pidgey and Chatot on the ground. Chatot was unconscious, while Pidgey's wing was hurt and Treeko had sprained his ankle. "Ugh..." Treeko said, obviously in pain. "He was too fast... took us out in seconds..." Pika and Vee looked at each other before starting to run into the city.

They didn't get far before they heard noise of a fight. The invader was currently fighting Pachi, Bulba, and Blastoise. The streets were messed up from the opposing forces' fight. The Pokemon was dodging a Leaf Storm attack from Bulba. "Bulba! Pachi! Blastoise!" Pika shouted, running over. "This Pokemon stole a precious orb from police headquarters!" Blastoise said, countering a Water Gun attack with a Hydro Pump. "These two decided to help us fight. The thief took out my entire unit! And I assume he attacked your guild, too!" Pika nodded. The guild members, Blastoise, Pachi and Buloba surrounded the suspect. They all used a combination attack, but the Pokemon dodged. He tightened his bag around his hips, and jumped on top of a building. Pika and Vee nodded. The two of them hopped onto a nearby trampoline to follow.

Landing on the roof, Pika saw the thief jumping from roof to roof. He began to chase him down, Vee following close behind. They jumped across the city roofs, vaulting over chimneys and ventilation shafts. The thief tried to hop into one, but Pika's Electro Ball stopped him. They needed to keep him in view. "Just try me." Pika said. The thief stopped, turned around and unleashed a Water Gun attack. Pika countered with Thunderbolt, allowing Vee to charge forwards with Quick Attack. The mysterious Pokemon dodged, using Mach Punch to hit Vee in the side. She yelped in pain as she hit a ventilation shaft. "VEE!" Pika shouted. He was angry now. The Pikachu unleashed a storm of Electro Balls. The thief conjured a Protect to save himself before using Magical Leaf. The attack was dodged by Pika's Volt Tackle, which was followed up by charging into the invader's chest. He linched before throwing Pika away. The electric mouse landed on his feet, storming the offensive once again. However, Vee was back on her feet and hit the thief with a Headbutt from behind. The attack snapped off his back, causing the mysterious Pokemon to flee. The two prepared to give chase, but were stopped by a painful wing-flap. "PIKA! VEE!" Pidgey said. "The thief! That's LOMBRE!" The two adventurers were so shocked that Lombre escaped down a vent. Vee, however, saw which one it was and she jumped into it, Pika close behind.

Entering the vent, they found a grate had been knocked off. Lombre was in that room, running for the door. "GET BACK HERE!" Pika said, dashing after him. Vee ran around while Pika stayed on his tail. Lombre attempted to stop the explorer with a Magical Leaf attack, but his efforts were met with failure, as the enraged adventurer dodged the attack easily. Vee dropped out from in front, forcing the thief to jump over her. He leaped high and crashed through the window. The two headed out the door, but all they saw were the bustling city streets. Lombre had escaped.

The adventurers returned with Pidgey, seeing as everyone else had headed back already. Arriving back at the main floor, they saw everyone trying to rebuild. Chatot and Treeko were being treated by Chansey, Emolga and Drilbur were trying to install some new lights and everyone else was over by Zapdos' room. "What's going on?" Pika asked Golett. "Police Commander Blastoise and Zapdos are talking about what to do." he responded. The door opened that very moment, and Zapdos came out with the police chief. "ROLL CALL!" Zapdos hollered. Everyone except the injured and Chansey got into position. "DRILBUR!" "Whismur!" "GOLETT!" "CRANIDOS!" "KADABRA!" "MEOWTH!" "EMOLGA!" "PIKA!" "VEE!" "Friends!" Zapdos said. "Today, we faced a threat that even the guild and the police together couldn't handle. Some of us have been hurt by this threat." The guildmaster motioned towards Chatot, Treeko and Pidgey. "We cannot stand by, or more people will get hurt. However, we face a dilemma. We do not have a name for this thief." "But sir!" Pika said, stepping forwards. "We do have a name. The thief's name is Lombre."

The guild immediately snapped into discussion. "Lombre?" "Isn't that what Pidgey said when the seer first got here?" "Why was Lombre here?" Zapdos flapped a bit before barking out; "SILENCE!" The guild quieted. "Lombre must be caught. For the time being, the guild will focus on attempting to locate and capture this thief. We will work in conjunction with the police. Our search begins tomorrow. For now, rest and gather your strength. We will all need it." Zapdos flapped back to his chamber, and Blastoise left the guild. Chansey finished patching up the injured guild members, and headed upstairs. All the Pokemon began to head to the dining hall.

"Now, everyone, DIG IN!"
"Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp!"

After supper, Pika and Vee were in their beds. "Let's rest up, like Zapdos said." Pika said. "Agreed." Vee replied. "Let's hit the hay."

"Hey, Pika?"
"Yeah, Vee?"
"So we finally know what 'Lombre' means."
"So we do. But why?"
"Why what?"
"Why did he come here? Does he have some sort of boss?"
"Maybe. That's a viable hypothesis."
"Or maybe he wanted revenge for something?"
"Who knows? I think it's best if we save the questions for tomorrow. Good night, Pika."
"Good night, Vee."

(Special thanks to; @EspeonTheBest, @~Pokelover~, @Twilight Nova, @Shauna23, @JacobRaze, @SismicFlareCharmander and @Bulba the Curious.)
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