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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 3: Those Who Can’t Teach

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Who is the bigger fool? The student or the teacher? And can one overcome the other?
Chapter 3: Those Who Can’t Teach

“Madison. Oh Madison. Wakey, wakey.” I cooed over her sleeping body the following morning. She made no response, not even a yawn. An evil grin came across my face. “This is going to amuse me a lot more than it will amuse you.” I said pulling a Pokéball from my side. Coming out of the ball was an orange furred otter Pokémon with two tails and a flotation ring around its neck.

“Buizel. Water Gun.” I said pointing to the sleeping girl. Buizel did as told spewing a stream of water at Madison.

“WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!” she screamed when the cold water hit her. In her panic she fell out of bed. I put my left hand to my mouth trying to contain my laughter. Ah, sweet revenge. Madison looked around in a panic trying to figure out what just happened. She saw me, Axel, and Buizel, then realizing she was soaked, and put two and two together. “Did you do this Onii-sensei?” she asked angrily while water dripped from her short brown hair and pink bangs.

“Yup!” I said proudly. “You wanted me to train you, so we’re doing it on my terms. I wasn’t about to let you sleep away your first day.” Madison crawled out of her wet bed causing me to snicker at her purple footie pajamas covered in yellow stars. She pulled a watch from her Magical Girl themed backpack.

“WAAAAAHH!!!” she screamed noticing it read 6:10am. “Are you serious? The sun isn’t even awake yet.” she complained.

“Six is a good time to wake up. It gives you a good two hours for each Pokémon, along with ample time for rest and food.” I said pacing across the floor with my arms crossed. Then I turned to face my trainee. “Now unless you want hypothermia, I suggest you get changed and dried off. No use going back to sleep in that wet bed. Meet me outside your door in five minutes. I’m sending Axel in if you’re late.” I called back Buizel and walked out of the room with Axel. Once the door was closed, I started laughing unable to contain it any more.

Exactly five minutes later Madison came out wearing another cosplay, this one more recognizable as being some sort of Magical Girl than the last one. The skirt was even shorter but she still had her leggings on. At least she has some decency. I led her to the deck of the ship to take advantage of the open space. “Now, show me what I’m working with.” I told her when we got outside. Immediately I regretted coming out because of how cold it was.

“Yes Onii-sensei!” Madison agreed enthusiastically pulling out six Pokéballs covered in stickers. Released from them came a Mime Jr., a Mantyke, a Pachirisu, a Buneary, a Cherubi, and a Cherrim. I scanned the newcomers with my Pokédex to gage their strength. Madison was right, they are pretty weak, and yet they all have diverse and higher leveled move sets already. All except Cherrim that is. So says she, her parents are breeders and that Cherrim was theirs. Said Cherrim is also the mother of Cherubi. All her other Pokémon are the result of breeding, hence their already decent move sets.

“Ok, this is how we’re going to work this.” I pulled a piece of paper and pen from my backpack and began doodling up a little chart that I then passed to Madison. “This is today’s schedule and sparring matches.” I said.

“What do you mean no breakfast until 8:00!? And what are all these names?” she complained. I snatched the paper back and overlooked it again.

“These are the names of your Pokémon, Fool.” I said giving the list back.

“No they’re not.” Madison insisted.

I pointed to the pink clown looking Pokémon. “Mime Jr.”

“Mimi.” she said like she was correcting me. I cocked my eyebrow.

“Mantyke.” I said moving my finger down the line.








“Cherrim.” I said almost out of breath. What nickname did see give this one I wonder?

“Well ok, that’s what Mommy and Daddy named her.” she admitted. I face-palmed.

Holy shit, she’s stupid.” Axel said in complete disbelief. I shook my head with my hand over my eyes.

“Are you feeling alright Onii-sensei?” Madison inquired bending sideways looking up at me with her arms crossed behind her back.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said regaining my composure. “I just didn’t realize how much of a pain this would be.” Emphasis on ‘pain’. I revised the names on the schedule so my seemingly brain-dead apprentice could understand it. “First sparring match will be against Fluffy and Chuchu. Begin!” I declared.

“Question!” Madison shouted raising her hand. “Why do my Pokémon have to fight each other?”

“Because mine are too strong, they’d rape the shit out of yours.” I said bluntly.

“Aaaahhhhhhh!! Naughty words!” she screamed holding her ears. Shameful.

“Are you sure you’re fifteen?” I questioned. So far she has given me no reason to believe her. “Regardless, if your Pokémon spar with each other, then you can get more accomplished in a shorter period of time. What you do is have one act like a Wild Pokémon to build independence, while you give commands to the other like you normally would. After a while, you’d switch off to give each Pokémon equal time.” I explained. “And go!”

“Chuchu! A… Umm… Use… hmmm…” Madison stared at her Pokémon like she was thinking.

“Too slow! Use Pound Fluffy!” I commanded. The Buneary reluctantly did as told by smacking its ear into Chuchu.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready! And besides, you said Fluffy was going to be Wild! Why did you take command?” Madison complained.

“Because you were slow. You must be able to make split second decisions in combat, no time to think. A Pokémon is only as strong as its Trainer, and you are weak.” I said lowering my voice. “Those words I have lived by since I first became a Trainer, and it will be those words that you will live by. You, Madison, must become stronger. Only then will your Pokémon be able to reach their full potential. Understood?”

“Yes Onii-sensei!” Madison said saluting me.

“Enough with the Onii-crap already. Anyway, get back to training.” I said leaning back against the wall next to the door leading to the inner ship. Watching Madison battle, I’ve got to say, she’s a pretty smart fighter and a good listener to what I tell her.

“Onii-sensei! What happened to Fluffy?” she cried. Did I say good listener? I meant selective hearing.

“Relax, she’s only fainted. Consider it a nap when Pokémon can’t battle anymore.” I explained. “Take a break, now is time to feed.”
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  1. Skippidypowpow
    Madison is so painful to read. She's a good character, don't get me wrong, but she's so dumb. I like the portrayal you have of her and I like that she makes me want to pull my hair out.
    Mar 12, 2019
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