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Eitasogare no Ai - The Story: Chapter 3: The Melancholy of Ayaka Ishida

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak A new girl transferred in, named Emiko Yamura! She wanted to protect Shigeo no matter what, but Ayaka was jealous, and said, and she entered a melancholy. Shigeo tries to get out of all the trouble to help cheer up Ayaka, but Emiko kept trying to drag Shigeo away. (You can hate your own characters, right? Am I the only one who does that?)
It was another normal day of school: or so he thought. Ayaka already left, and he had nothing to do, but break into his house and get ready. Once he was ready, he got the keys on the shelf, and then he realised and thought “Wait, who locked the door? When I close the door, it should be unlocked, because the keys are here.” But there was only one possibility that Shigeo didn’t think of: Ayaka locked it. She wanted Shigeo to stay at her house, because wanted to have a chance to confess, but…

She slept. There was nothing to do about the situation that night, so that night, Shigeo had to put her to bed. Shigeo checked his watch, and he was actually pretty early. So Shigeo rode his bike to school. On his way, he also saw Noboru riding a bike, and said “What is up, Chocolate?” and Noboru responded with “Stop calling me that, you white headed old-looking attractive jerk!”, which hurt Shigeo in the heart.

“Shut up. This was your punishment for calling me oldhead” Shigeo responded with a scary look, and then Noboru got scared, and fell off his bike. (Yes, he was riding a bike too.) Shigeo was surprised, but he got Noboru back to his feet before he fell to the floor, and he also got the bike. “Thanks a lot, Shigeo.” Noboru thanked Shigeo in a kind way, but then Shigeo broke the mood by saying “Okay cool, let’s go.”.

This made Noboru angry, and then Noboru said “Hey! At least say you're welcome! Oldhead…” in anger, walking up to school. “Welcome, class! We have a new student transferring into this class, please welcome her!” Nosaka-sensei, or Mr. Nosaka, which Shigeo calls him. The girl walked into the room, and the teacher wrote her name on the wall.

“Class, please welcome Emiko Yamura!” Mr. Nosaka announced once again. “Nice to meet you, everyone!” Emiko greeted, but then she set her eyes on Shigeo, smiling, but then Shigeo was confused. After this happened, Ayaka turned sad, since she thinks that she might never end up with Shigeo, thinking “Am I not perfect for Miki? I guess my future is unlucky.”.

Just then, Shigeo noticed, but before he could get up, Emiko grabbed him by the arm and said “Stay with me forever, okay? I will not let anyone touch you!”, which kinda made Shigeo angry, since he thought “No, my heart belongs to Ayaka, and no one else!”, and then Emiko grabbed him by the arm and took him outside for lunch. Ayaka began to cry a bit, and then ran off to the rooftop, with everyone noticing.

Ayaka was looking outside with tears running down her eyes when it was sunset, and then just then, the door opened. A shadow of a person came. It was a boy, with grey and white hair. It was none other than Shigeo. Shigeo was trying to walk up to Ayaka, and Ayaka was looking at Shigeo, and she said “Miki…”, but then Emiko came, and tried to drag Shigeo away, telling him “I said that no one will touch you, right?”.

Shigeo became more angry, and broke free from Emiko’s arm, thinking “No. I never even agreed or made a contract with you, Emiko.”, and then he ran to Ayaka, and Emiko pulled her hand out saying “Don’t! We agreed, right?”, and then Shigeo said something that hurt Emiko. “Never.” Shigeo said, and then he ran up and hugged Ayaka, trying to calm her down.

Ayaka blushed a little, and her heart beat a few times. “Look, I’ve never even agreed with Emiko about this rule she made up.” Shigeo said to Ayaka. Her heart beat once, and Shigeo was aiming for 5. “I never asked for this. The future is in my mind. It’s all set out, like a card game, and so is yours.” and Ayaka’s heart beat two more times. 3 out of 5. “Please don’t cry.” Shigeo told Ayaka again, which made Ayaka’s heart beat once, and then Shigeo finished the sentence with “I am here to help.”, which made her heart beat once.

Ayaka got her hands, and she put her around Shigeo, crying, and Shigeo was smiling, cheering her up. Emiko was angry a little bit, and was cranky. “This was never in our agreement, Geo!” and then walked up to Shigeo in anger, spitting out “You let me protect you, right? I cannot let you get kidnapped by the hands of her! Come back to--” and then her words were disrupted by Shigeo’s words, saying “I have one heart, and it’s pointing at you, saying ‘stop blabbering nonsense” and he pushed her. Hey, at least it’s just a slight push.

Ayaka walked with Shigeo, and then they walked home together. “Hey, about what happened…” Shigeo said to Ayaka, but then Ayaka responded with a smile saying “It’s okay, Miki!” and then Shigeo blushed and replied with “A-anyways…” and then Ayaka blushed too. They both looked away, without knowing each other's feelings. “I want to confess now, but should I?” They both thought, but then they shook their head and kept going.

But then Shigeo asked Ayaka something. “You know...do you wanna sleep at my house, tonight?” Shigeo asked. Shigeo looked at Ayaka in the eye, and Ayaka looked at Shigeo in the eye, and then Shigeo noticed, so he blushed in a dark pink. “Wait, n-no-no! It’s not what you think! This is just to be fair since I slept in your house last night!” and then Ayaka blushed, and said “Th-that’s fine with me, then!”.

They went inside the house, but while Ayaka was playing games on Shigeo’s TV, Shigeo was doing homework. “Wait, where are your parents, Miki?” Ayaka asked. Shigeo was frozen in place, and he dropped his pencil, and said just one sentence “They’re on a 3 year holiday with my sister. This is the 2nd year.”. Ayaka responded with “My parents kicked me out.” and then Shigeo replied with “That’s sad. But why next to me?” and then Ayaka was frozen. She saved her game, turned off the TV, and said “I’m going to change, okay? Into your sister’s clothes.”.

Shigeo replied with a “Sure.”. Ayaka changed into her sister’s pyjamas, and she realised that it fits. She blushed, since she doesn’t know what Shigeo will say about it. Ayaka came back and said “I’m sleeping here. The other rooms are not interesting. Plus, your parents took the beds.”, and then Shigeo said “Um, okay.”. Once Shigeo finished his homework, he went on his bed. First time sleeping with a girl? Get used to it, Shigeo. “Goodnight, Miki.” Ayaka said quietly, and Shigeo said “Goodnight, Ayaka.” and then they slept. Remember, get used to it, Shigeo!
  1. The AnimeFreak
    The AnimeFreak
    Look, I understand the title is JUST like Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. That's the point, and that's where I got my inspiration for the chapter.
    Sep 24, 2016