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Special Monsters of Chaos: Chapter 3 : The Hailing Evergreens

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen Hey Guys I Was to Lazy To Make a New One so My Old Work Could go Into My New Series So That's That.
After Destroying The Unova Museum in Kalos.A Group of Pidgeotto and Pidgeot Were Teaching There Young To Fly When Suddenly a Hail Storm Appeared They Called Landorus,Tornadus and Thundurus for Help But Unfornutanely they could not have helped They Asked Zekrom and Reshiram But Still They Could not Help.The Legendarys Searced After Searching They Found a Abomasnow Covered In Tainted Crystals.They Tried Defeating it But Only Landorus Stopped Him Unova Was Saved.