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The Eroteric Odyssey: Chapter 3: The Cherrygrove Battle Competition

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm Dimrill arrives in Cherrygrove City, so what does he do first. He battles with his Pokemon. Will he win first place? Or will he get dead last? And what was up with that female character in the cover for this fanfic? Read to find out...
The Cherrygrove Battle Competition

New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City aren’t too far away, so it didn’t take us too long to get there. But to pass the time Shinx and I listened to the Morning Talk Show with Mary. Professor Oak used to be on that station before he passed away about 8 years ago. Anyways, some of the things Mary talked about was the weather (Rain in Cianwood, cold as usual in Blackthorn), an interview with Falkner, the Violet City Gym Leader, and even a Video Game Convention in Ecruteak City. The thing that stood out to me was the Cherrygrove City Battle Club Competition, which was to take place the next day.

I turned off the PokeGear's radio. "Hey Shinx," I began. "Do you think we should participate?". He looked up at me and said,"Shiiiiiinx!" cheerfully. So after the next few hours of hiking west, we arrived within the boundaries of Cherrygrove City.

I'd only been there once or twice, so I kinda knew my way over there. First we stopped at the Pokemon Center. We walked in the sliding glass doors are were greeted by the nurse at the main desk.

"Hello! Welcome to the Pokemon Center, is there anything I can help you with today?" I approached the desk.

"I'd like to restore my Pokemons' health please," I said. I unclipped Charmander's Pokeball from my belt and placed it on the tray on the counter. I then scooped up Shinx off the ground and placed him on the tray with the Pokeball.

"It will be just a few minutes sir," she said, and she took the tray into the back room where the healing machines were located. I took this oppurtunity to go to the video phones and call my aunt. It took a few moments, but I finally got a connection. Aunt Cassie's face appeared on the screen. Our house phone was located on the living room, so I could see what she was watching on television. It was off at the time of the call.

"Hi Dimrill!" she greeted.

I waved. "Hi Aunt Cassie! How are you?"

"I'm doing alright. I'm in Cherrygrove City, I wanted to give you a call. Where's Pidgeotto?" I asked.

She turned around. "He's sleeping right now. I had him pick up my pay check from the farm today. You know how the journey is."

"Yeah. Anyways, I'm gonna stay at the campground with Shinx and Charmander tonight, and then I'm gonna compete in a battle competition tomorrow at the Battle Club."

"Oh, that's sounds great! Just be sure to be easy on your Pokemon."

Just then the nurse called my name and gestured to Shinx and the Pokeball on the tray. "Aunt Cassie, I have to go. See you soon!" We both waved at each other and then I pressed the red End Call button on the phone. I walked over to the desk clipped the PokeBall on my belt and put Shinx on the ground.

"Have a good night!" the nurse said as we walked out. I waved to her as we walked out.

It took Shinx and I about 20 minutes to get to the Battle Club. We approached the regestration desk. The man at the desk looked up. "Hello sir, are you interested in registering for the competition tomorrow?"

I nodded. He picked up a form from the pile on the desk and clicked his pen. "Your name, sir?"

I told him my name (Dimrill Roos), hometown (New Bark Town), badges (none), Pokemon (Shinx and Charmander) and when I wanted to battle (2nd battle in). After becoming registered, I looked around the room. A few people were in line behind me, leaning against the wall, and walking around. A few of them had gym badges of their own, and one even had a few badges from Unova and Hoenn!

The three of us sat in at Ursaring Diner for dinner. I ordered a hamburger salad, and Shinx and Charmander had chicken bites. By the way, most food here was modified to be edible by people and Pokemon, which was convienient. After paying for our food at the front register, we set up the tent. In the tent I set up two mini air matresses (One for me and the other for Shinx and Charmander), my sleeping bag, and my alarm clock. We settled down for bad, ready to get up the following morning at 7am.

"Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling! It is time to get your lazy butt up!" I heard a robot voice say. I opened my eyes. My alarm clock was telling me to get up, so I turned it off, got dressed, woke up Shinx and Charmander, and after packing up our gear, we walked across town to the Battle Stadium, where the competition would take place. I checked in at the back gate, and immediately as a I walked in the room with the trainers in my class, the announcer began the competition.

"Greetings Poke fans, and welcome to the 11th Annual Cherrygrove Battle Competition! This is Robert Dashin, the official commentator of this year's competition. Before we begin the battles, please welcome: Jimmy Yeft, the very first winner of the competition, and Miranda Plistal, last year's champion!" The audience cheered.

"This year we have 5 categories: The Rookie Class, the Hive Class, Fog Class, Mineral Class, and the Rising Class. Each of the trainers here today have been divided amongst these based on how many Gym Badges they currently have. Are you ready!" The audience cheered once more.

"First we will start with the Rookie Class. To begin the competition, we have Joey versus Wesley. Joey is using just his Rattata, while Wesley has Metapod and Ledyba. Ready? Begin!"

After Joey swept Wesley's bug Pokemon, both trainers shook hands and walked through the doors to the waiting room. "Wow, that was a strong Rattata!" the commentator exclaimed. Next up is Ashley versus Dimrill. Ashley is using Bulbasaur and Pidgey, while Dimrill has Shinx and Charmander." Both Ashley and myself stood at opposite sides of the arena. "Ready?" the commentator said. Both of us pulled a Pokeball from our belts. I took a deep breath. "Fight!"

I threw the ball into the center. "Go, Charmander!" I yelled and he emerged from the ball, ready to battle. Ashley sent out her Pidgey at the same time.

Charmander started the battle with shooting a few fireballs at Pidgey, who attempted to avoid them but was hit by one in the leg. The Pidgey leaped at Charmander and tackled it to the ground. Charmander finished it off with a few scratch attacks. Ashely returned Pidgey to its ball. She unclipped the last Pokeball and released Bulbasaur.

I knew this would be an easy battle, because of Charmander's type advantage. Charmander ran toward Bulbasaur, charging up a large fireball. Bulbasaur used its vine whip to trip Charmander who somersaulted back on his feet and blasted the Bulbasaur in the face. Bulbasaur couldn't take the heat and was knocked out.

"And the winner is Dimrill and his Charmander!" The audience cheered. I waved at the audience and walked with Charmander out the doors to the healing stand to restore Charmander's health.

A few more battles in our class took place then it moved on to the other categories, in order of how many badges each contestant contained. Finally it was again back to the Rookie class for round 2. I was in the third battle.

"Next up is Joey versus Dimrill. Joey is using his Rattata, while Dimrill has Shinx and Charmander." Both Joey and I stood at opposite ends of the battlefield. "Ready?" I grabbed Charmander's ball once more. "Begin!" Both of us sent out our Pokemon.

Charmander and Rattata charged at each other, but Charmander was charging up a Fire Blast. Rattata went for a Bite, but Charmander leaped over it and blasted Rattata with the Fire Blast. Rattata endured the hit due to its Focus Sash around its neck. This time when they charged at each other, Rattata summoned a fist of darkness (Sucker Punch) that knocked aside Charmander as he was about to scratch him. Charmander stood back and shot Embers at Rattata who dodged them due to its speed. Rattata finished off Charmander with a Quick Attack. I recalled Charmander and sent out my last Pokemon - Shinx.

Shinx knew that the Rattata would dodge all his Spark attacks, so Shinx charged up a powerful attack as Rattata ran straight for Shinx. At the last second, Shinx let loose a new move, Shock Wave. It was a electric ring that shot out in all directions lightning fast, which I assume is unavoidable (unless your a Ground-type of course). The last hit caused Rattata to faint.

"And the winner is Dimrill and Shinx!" The audience cheered. I again waved at the audience. I scooped up Shinx and we headed off to the healing stand to restore my Pokemons' health.

The next round there were only 5 contestants left in my category, which meant one of us gets a by this round. Fortunately, luck of the draw, I got the by. So Shinx, Charmander, and I ate lunch at the stadium. We bought hot dogs and chips (which were all edible to Pokemon). It wasn't that great, but oh well.

Round 4 came by and it was "Dimrill versus Brandon. Dimrill has Shinx and Charmander, while Brandon has Treeko and Combusken. Ready?" I assumed he would start with Combusken, as it was his strongest, so I grabbed Shinx's ball. "Begin!" He sent out Combusken, like I predicted, so I sent out Shinx.

Combusken was a physical attacker, so as long as Shinx kept his distance, he should be okay. Shinx knew this, of course, so he charged up electricity as Combusken sprinted at him, shooting fireballs. One hit Shinx's tail, but he seemed to be okay. Combusken leaped over Shinx to kick him, but Shinx ducked and let loose a Shock Wave which sent electricity through Combusken. Combusken got back up and before Shinx could react, it blasted fire like a Flamethrower in to Shinx's face, knocking him out. I returned Shinx to his Pokeball and sent Charmander into battle.

I'll tell you, this Combusken was tough. Charmander and Combusken charged at each other, and when they collided, Charmander scratched Combusken's foot which kicked him in the face. Charmander landed on his feet, then blew purple flames straight into Combusken's chest, a Dragon Rage. The attack finally knocked out Combusken. Brandon recalled his Combusken and sent out Treeko.

I knew we had this battle in the bag, but this Treeko surprised me. It closed in at blinding speed and pounded Charmander before it could even react. At last, Charmander fainted. I had lost the competition.

"And the winner is Brandon and his Treeko. These two are just sweeping the competition!" The audience cheered once more. I shook hands with Brandon and I set off to the healing stand.

I went to the administration desk to claim my third place prize, which was 2000. After leaving the stadium, I headed to the PokeMart, and purchased some Potions and a few Pokeballs in case I ran into a wild Pokemon I wanted to catch. Afterwards I went to the East Cherrygrove Campground and set up camp once more. I warmed up some dinner for my Pokemon and I and after watching the fireworks show from the battle arena we went to sleep.

The next morning Shinx and Charmander woke me up and after packing up, we stopped at the grocery store to stock up on travel food. We then set off north onto Route 30, ready for the next adventure...
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