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Star Wars Adventures: Chapter 3: Saving A Planet, Part 1

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer No activity from the Sith so Flame and Brittney were sent to deal with a crisis on another planet, find out why in this chapter. Enjoy :)
"Flame and Brittney." Boss said.
"Yeah boss?" Brittney said.
"What is it?" Flame said walking in.
"We havent heard anything about that sith in a while." Boss said.
"Good ain't it?" Flame asked sitting down.
"Well cat, no its not." Boss said.
"You know i hate it when people call me cat." Flame said.
"Excuse me, but why did we get called here?" Brittney interupted.
"Well, as from what I said." Boss said. "We havent seen or heard any activity from that sith so Im sending you two to a planet who has had a dispute with the dark side for ages and finish it."
"Sounds hard." Brittney said.
"Yeah, but knowing you two you come back alive." Boss said. Flame and Brittney got aboard the ship and headed to the planet.
*On the planet*
"Oh good, you two are here." A dude said walking up to them.
"And who might you be?" Flame asked.
"Im the leader of this planet, names Mitch." Dude said.
"Well, thats sounds like a Earth name." Flame said.
"Oh im from Earth, before it was destroyed." Mitch said.
"Ah, it was destroyed." Brittney said.
"I wondered what happened to that planet." Flame said.
"Well we are here to help." Brittney said. They went onto the battle field to fight. The good guys were making ground on the dark side's land and finally made to the leader of this attack.
"Its you." Flame said with his bloody swords in hands.
"Ah, i have been waiting for yah." Sith said. They were in a heated battle. Then the hoodie of the sith fell off.
"Its you." Flame said as he was thrown into a tree.
"Yeah its me." Sith said.
"Mal, why?" Flame said.
"Because, the dark side said they would keep me alive if i joined them." Mal said.
"What is going on?" Mitch said.
"No clue." Brittney said.
"Mal lets make a deal." Flame said.
"Fine, whats the deal?" Mal asked.
"You take me and you leave this planet including all the stormtroopers." Flame said.
"I accept." Mal said as they got teleported onto the ship and blasted off.
"Flame, no." Brittney said.