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Chapter 3 of The Backstory of Ravens Espeon

by Candy Espeon

Candy Espeon This is linked to a story created by Miss Pink Rebelle. Chapter 4 will be out later today.
Chapter 3
Petal wandered through the tree and eventually found a small corner at the top of the tree that was covered by thick, thorny branches and spiky leafs. "Ready or not here I come!" Petal heard the distant voice of Leaf. She crouched lower in the corner of the room as she heard her sister coming closer. The leafs and branches were pushed aside and Leaf appeared. "Ha! I found you!" She exclaimed. "Ya, ya, lets explore this part of the forest." Petal replied. "Ok!" Together the two eevees climbed down the tree and over the lake to the field on the left side of the tree. Together they raced through the field while greeting passerby pokemon. "Hello." a passing by floette greeted them. "How are you?" "We're great!" Leaf replied out of breath. "If you want a great resting spot you can look over there at that huge rock. There might be a bad gang of pokemon there though, before." The floette told them cautiously. "Thanks for telling us, I think we'll be fine, I mean with the evil pokemon." Petal said. "By, thanks again!" Leaf shouted as they scampered of. They stopped three yards away from the rock when a fearow swooped down on them. "What are you doing here?" the fearow squawked menacingly. "We want to get to the top of the rock." Leaf answered. "Please move aside." Petal followed. "No way, Nido come help me sort these pokemon out." The Fearow barked. A Nidoking hoped down from the rock and growled. Suddenly the fearow began to attack the two eevees with the Nidoking following his lead. Fortunately, after the floette had talked to them they planed out a fighting tactic. Leaf began to distract the two pokemon with using swift and controling the stars to go around their heads. Petal sneaked away to climb to the top of the rock. When Petal got to the top of the rock she jumped of and screamed while using iron tail. Petal smacked the two evil pokemon in the head while her sister nocked them out when her swifts made contact. "You've made the wrong enemies." the fearow said backing away. Petal and Leaf simply just growled at them, and with a yelp of fear the Nidoking and Fearow scurried away. Leaf and Petal rested on the warm rock for a while after their well fought battle, and then returned to their safe and peaceful tree home for the night.
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