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The Johto Escape: Chapter 3: Jasmine

by Drider

Drider In this chapter, Banjo, Goku and their trainer go out Pokémon hunting, and find a Pokémon that they'd never seen before... #summercamp15
"Woah, I haven't seen that Pokémon before," I muttered to Goku and Banjo. We were out Pokémon hunting on Route 31, and after failing to catch two Sentrets, four Rattata, an Abra and an Aipom, we finally spotted another Pokémon.

"Do you think it's native?" The two Pokémon shook their heads. They had never seen the strange humanoid creature with the Venus flytrap hair before, and neither had I.

I wanted to catch it.

I stood up from the bushes we were hiding behind, and that startled it. Surprisingly, it didn't run, but it instead readied itself for a battle.

"Alright Banjo, show it what you've got!" I shouted, and pointed at the Pokémon. As I was expecting the Teddiursa to leap from the bushes and start the battle, I was severely let down.

"Uh... Banjo? Aren't you going to battle?" I looked back at him and he shook his head furiously, motioning to the top of his head.

"C'mon, that flytrap won't be able to hurt you much," I sighed, and the new Pokémon started to laugh.

"That's okay Banjo, I'll just send out... Goku! Show it what you've got!" I pointed at Flytrap once more, and this time, I was not let down in the expectation department. Goku leapt from the bushes elegantly and squared up with Flytrap.

"Alrighty, go for a Water Gun!" I shouted, and Goku did so. Flytrap dodged though, and ran in closer to Goku, its toothy hair swinging around... "Quick attack! Go!"

Goku dodged the hair and managed to body slam Flytrap into the ground. Banjo cheered from behind me.

"Okay, scratch!" All Flytrap could do was brace itself; Goku swung his claws and scratched the toothy hair, which caused Flytrap to have a hard time standing up.

"Good job! Now go, Pokéball!" I shouted, throwing a Great Ball before I realised I had just talked to a Pokéball.

It turned Flytrap into pure light, and encased it snugly. Now was the moment of truth...

One wobble...

Two wobbles...

Three wobbles...



"Woohoo!" I shouted with joy. "Toto!" "Teddi!" My Pokémon celebrated too.

"I can't believe I caught a..." I frowned, realising that I forgot to check my Pokédex. Before I did that however, I walked over to the Great Ball and picked it up. Pressing the button, I released Flytrap.

It looked pretty dazed, so I sprayed it with a Potion from my backpack.

"Hi there," I said gently, kneeling down beside it. It looked at me. "The name's Thomas, and these guys are Banjo," the Teddiursa waved cheerfully, "and Goku." He came over to shake hands. Luckily Flytrap didn't seem to bear a grudge, it shook the hand back cheerfully.

I took this as an oppurtunity to have a look at my Pokédex.

Mawile, the Deceiver Pokémon, said the Dex, and Mawile looked at it curiously, With its cute face, it tricks opponents it into letting down their guard, then chomps down with its massive jaws. The steel jaws are really horns that have been transformed. For some reason, I felt less calm.

"Well I gotta say you're a cool Pokémon, Mawile," I tucked the Dex back into my jeans, "now, I reckon we should give you a nickname. But before that, and sorry for saying it so bluntly, but are you a boy?" Mawile shook its head. "Then you're a girl?" "Maw!" She nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, congratulations on being the first girl on my the team," I chuckled, then scavenged my brain for a moment. "So you're a..." I pulled the Dex back out of my pocket and double checked Mawiles typing, "a Steel and Fairy type. I reckon we could name you something based on that..." I frowned, thinking hard. Then it occurred to me. Back in Olivine City, I have a good friend named Jasmine. Her father is the Gym Leader of Olivine City, and he recently started using Steel type Pokémon. So maybe...

"... How about I call you Jasmine?" Mawile looked confused as to why I would associate Steel or Fairies with Jasmine, but she nodded nonetheless.

"Jasmine it is then," I clapped my hands, then extended one of them, "welcome to the team Jasmine!"

"Wile!" She grinned, and ran past the extended hand and gave me a hug. I chuckled and returned it, surprised by her immediate friendliness to me. I had often heard that once you captured a Pokémon, it took a while to get used to you. It must've been my lucky day.

"Judging by your performance back there, you look like a bit of a fighter." I let her out of the hug, "is that correct?"

"Maw," she nodded eagerly, "Maw, wile!"

"Well me, Goku and Banjo we're hoping to take down the Gym Leaders of Johto one by one, starting in a few days, so would you be willing to let me help you train up for the challenge?"

"Wile," grinned Jasmine rubbing her hands.

"Alrighty then, let's go back to the Pokémon Centre for a rest, then let's go and start training!"

With that, I led my three Pokémon back to Violet City. Emphasis on MY three Pokémon. Saying it made me feel like the proudest trainer in the world.

* * *​

“God DAMNIT!” shouted the Nurse, hitting the PC in the corner of the room angrily.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, running over to her.

“Oh, this PC won’t work,” she said angrily, turning it back on, “every time trainers attempt to access their items, it glitches out and crashes!”

“I can have a look at it if you want,” I offered, “I’m not too bad with computers.”

This was true. About a decade before I was born, my dad was an infamous hacker. It was all for fun really, accessing the PCs of people who got on his wrong side and re-nicknamed their Pokémon, deleted items, stuff like that.

He was unfortunately caught though, and he was put in jail for a year. When he got out, he decided to become a trainer. Catching a Teddiursa, he trained it up and travelled around Johto, managing to defeat all the Gym leaders.

He stopped his dream of becoming the champion though, as he met my mother in Blackthorn City, and they married a few years later and moved to Olivine City.

When I came around, he showed me a few tricks and tips about PCs here and there, and from his advice I soon taught myself to become a hacker. I never did what he did though; I used my skills as a way of impressing my friends by accessing their PCs and withdrawing their Pokémon.

Anyway, back to the PC in the Pokémon Centre. I managed to bypass the screen that causes the crashing by holding down a few buttons, causing the PC to restart back to the crashing screen, thus allowing it to allow access to items.

“Thank you very much young man,” beamed the Nurse, and shook my hand, “what’s your name?”

“Thomas Maxfield ma’am,” I said politely, “and I’m always happy to help.”

I walked back over to Banjo, Goku and Jasmine, who were waiting for me on a couch. The Totodile and the Mawile were clearly impressed, Banjo had seen me do stuff like that before, so not as much.

“Okey-dokey,” I said, clapping my hands once, “let’s go out and do some training!”

* * *​

As Maxfield and his Pokémon walked out the Centre, I chuckled to myself. I walked over to the telephone behind the desk and dialled the number of a certain man.

“Sir? It’s me, Ariana,” I said softly, “You were correct. It was as easy as you said it would be, and he’s as good as you say as well. ... ... ... today, you think? It might... ... ... very well sir, I’ll send for the grunts. Goodbye sir.”

I hung up, barely suppressing a grin. With a boy like Maxfield on our side, Team Rocket was going straight to the top.