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Crystal Gems: Chapter 3: Flame's Battle

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is Flame's first battle, lets see what happens. Enjoy :)
*With Garnet and Flame*
"Hey its a person." Flame said.
"No its not, its corrupted." Garnet said as her iron fists appeared.
"Nice." Flame said gripping his sword.
"Try not to get killed." Garnet said rushing to it. Flame got his sword out and started hitting the corrupted gem. Garnet was quick and hitting with lots of power while Flame was trying to figure out how to work the sword.
"Never used a sword before?" Garnet asked.
"Nope, trying to figure it out." Flame said as the blade of the sword turned into a flame.
"Seems like you figured it out." Garnet said.
"Guess so." Flame said hitting the gem. The corrupted gem was hard to beat but thanks to Garnet it didnt take as long. The went back to the pad after Garnet had the gem teleported to the gem headquarters.
*At Beach City*
Flame and Garnet returns to the house.
"Your back finally." Chrome said.
"Yep." Flame said.
"Oh cool nice sword." Chrome said.
"Its a sword, whats special about it." Mal said.
"The blade so far can turn into a flame blade." Flame said.
"Now thats lighten it up." Aspen said.
"Oh come on, jokes why." Mal said. Pearl, Steven, and Connie came back from training. Connie left, the other two came into the main room.
"Oh I see you got a new sword." Pearl said.
"Time for sword training." Chrome said.
"Not yet, Flame may do it if he wants." Garnet said.
"Stop being a downer." Amethyst said.
"Whatever." Garnet said.
"Welp, how was your first mission Flame?" Steven asked.
"It was awesome." Flame said and he told the story of the mission to the others.
"Wow, trying to figure out the sword." Flame said.
"That was clowning around." Aspen said and got slapped by Mal.
"My bad, my hand slipped." Mal said sitting down.
"I wonder whats next for us." Chrome said.
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