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Poke-Trainer Vision: Chapter 3: First Battle

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Team Before:
Flame- Charmander (Male), Eevee (Female), Hoothoot (Male)
- Pidgey (Female), Houndour (Male)
Charmander- Scratch, Growl
Hoothoot- Tackle, Growl, Foresight
Pidgey- Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust
Houdour- Leer, Ember
Remember to check out @Typhlo.sion and @Devan_Plays for their sides of story!
There is a Foreshadow in here of a new series im going to start soon.
"Pidgey I choose you." Girl said.
"Hoothoot I choose you." Flame said.
"Pidgey use Sand Attack." Girl said and Hoothoots accuracy went down.
"Hoothoot use Tackle." Flame said and Pidgey was weakened.
"Pidgey use Gust." Girl said and Hoothoot was sent flying and was defeated.
"Hoothott return, Charmander your ready?" Flame asked and it jumped onto the battlefield.
"Ember lets go." Flame said and Pidgey was defeated.
"Pidgey return, Houndour I choose you." Girl said. "Houndour use Ember." Charmander was weakened.
"Charmander use Scratch." Flame said and Houndour was weakened.
"Houndour use Ember." Girl said and Charmander was weakened. Then Eevee, Charmander, and Houndour was taken.
"Who did that?" Flame asked.
"Team Disaster." The dude said.
"Mareep I choose you." The girl said.
"Gligar your up." The dude said.
"Pidgey come back out." Girl said.
"Welp, I dont think Hoothoot is ready yet." Flame said.
"Dont worry, I got this." Girl said. "Pidgey use Gust." Mareep was weakened.
"Mareep use Thunder Shock." Girl said and Pidgey was knocked out on the ground.
"Guess not." Flame said.
"Pidgey return." Girl said.
"Scizor use Metal Claw." A person said and Mareep was weakened along with Gligar.
"Who are you?" Dude asked annoyed.
"Yes hes here." Girl said.
"You alright sis?" Boy asked the girl.
"Yeah im fine." Girl said.
"I told you not to run off like that." Boy said.
"Sorry." Girl said as a Pichu was watching us.
"Thunder Shock." Girl said and Pichu jumped out right infront of it to absorb it. Flame caught the Pichu.
"Scizor finish them off with Giga Impact." Boy said and the two blasted off with their pokemon.
"So, now will you tell me who you two are after I take this Pichu to the Pokemon center." Flame asked.
"We will get Charmander and Eevee for yah and bring them to yah." Girl said as Flame ran off.
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