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Poke-Academy: Chapter 3: Family Problems

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer People/pokemon before:
Chrome- Litten, Rockruff
Mindy- Popplio, Alola Rattata
Bob- Rowlet, Alola Grimer, Pikipek
Danya- Mimikyu, Komala

Litten- Ember, Scratch, Lick
Rockruff- Tackle, Bite, Howl
Popplio- Pound, Water Gun
Alola Rattata- Tackle, Quick Attack
Rowlet- Leafage, Tackle
Alola Grimer- Poison Gas, Pound
Pikipek- Peck, Echoed Voice, Rock Smash
Mimikyu- Wood Hammer, Astonish, Scratch
Komala- Rollout, Rapid Spin
It was the next day in the school.
"Man, I wanna battle again." Chrome said. Litten was asleep on the floor.
"Want to battle, we have lessons to cover." Danya said.
"Yeah, i suggest you better get quiet." Mindy said.
"Fine." Chrome said.
"Alright continuing with Alola form pokemon." Danya said.
*About 3 hours*
The phone rings, and Danya picks it up.
"Chrome, you should go home." Danya said with a sad face.
"Oh no, please no." Chrome said rushing out the door after picking up Litten.
*At Home*
"Where is my mom?" Chrome said with Litten on his shoulder.
"She is at the hospital." A man said.
"Oh no, what happened?" Chrome asked.
"She had a heart attack." Man said.
*At the hospital*
"Mom, are you alright." Chrome asked.
"Probally not." Mom replied.
"No, not you two." Chrome said sadly. Litten was curled up in the corner.
"Here." Mom said while handing him a pokeball.
"Whats this?" Chrome asked.
"The pokemon that belongs to it is in the house, and she hates to be in her pokeball." Mom said.
"Mom, thanks but why." Chrome asked.
"Well, I wanted to give you a pokemon for your birthday but it looks like I might not make it." Mom said weakly.
"Mom." Chrome said.
"Yes?" Mom said.
"I love you." Chrome said hugging her, but she didnt move. A doctor came in and had Chrome removed with Litten.
*Back at the house*
"Hello, pokemon are you here?" Chrome asked.
"Litten." Litten said jumping on his shoulder.
"Your right, maybe the others can help." Chrome said.
*At School*
"Im back." Chrome said.
"I win the bet." Bob said.
"I hate you." Mindy said.
"Why are you back so soon?" Danya asked.
"I could use your help." Chrome said.
"With what?" Bob asked.
"Well, my mom gave this pokeball to me and the pokemon is in the house." Chrome said.
"And you want us to find it for yah?" Mindy asked.
"Well, sort of, help me find it." Chrome said.
*Back at the house for a third time*
"Any idea on what it is?" Danya asked.
"Nope." Chrome said.
"Cant we scan the pokeball and see what belongs in it?" Mindy asked.
"Excelent, we can." Danya said. "Rotom." A rotom like pokedex appeared.
"Whats that?" Chrome asked.
"Its the pokedex for this region." Bob said. Rotom scanned the pokeball.
"Hey I think I see it." Chrome said. "Its alright im your friend."
"Vulpix." The pokemon said walking to it.
"How come it looks different then other Vulpix?" Chrome asked.
"Remember, alola form." Danya said.
"Oh right." Chrome said.
"According to the rotom its a baby and knows no moves." Danya said.
"Wow." Chrome said as the vulpix went on the other shoulder, Litten didnt look very happy.
"Litten be good." Chrome said.
"Looks like another pokemon, but no moves." Bob said.
"Litten look, use Scratch." Chrome said and the Vulpix outside was weakened.
"Another Vulpix, and this one is regular." Danya said.
"It should go to the lab." Bob said.
"Its probs got a trainer and its trainer brought it here." Mindy said.
"Such a stickler." Bob said.