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Locked Away - The Story: Chapter 3: Elimination Reveal

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak The killer will be revealed in this chapter.
Sonozaki was just in his room lying down. His partner was Takakuwa, but they didn't get along very well. Roommate disaster, pretty much. "Back off, you witch! There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY YOU CAN SAY I AM THE KILLER!" Rin complained. Takakuwa looked at Rin eye-to-eye aggressively, then Takakuwa got her wand and threw a pot at Rin's forehead.

"Cut it, you too." Yuu declared. Rin and Benio looked straight at Komuro, then Rin got a book and almost slapped Yuu with the book. Yuu back flipped away, and got Takakuwa's broom, and hit Rin's left temple with it. "Ow, screw you!" Rin aggressively said to Yuu. Rin got a sword, and almost stabbed Yuu, but Yuu dodged, then Rin stabbed the broom against the wall! After that, Yuu stabbed the broom on Rin's stomach, but not through it.

Rin was in pain, then he said "Ouch. Die, man.", but after that, Yuu hit a book on top Rin's head, then Rin passed out. "Please let me examine." Yuu asked Takakuwa. Takakuwa bowed and said "You're free to examine.". Yuu got out a mini statue, and then Takakuwa saw the statue. When she saw it, she was surprised, then she cried "Th-that's my childhood friend's mini-statue!". When Yuu heard this, asked...

"What's her name?". Benio then replied "I forgot, but I saw the forums, and it said she's entering this school, lost her memory 5 years ago, and made 10 animations.". Yuu was surprised when he heard the word animations. "White powder, please." Yuu asked Benio. Benio passed over white powder, then Yuu put white powder everywhere, then used a fan.

"This won't work." Yuu said. Yuu got a fingerprint detector from his backpack, then he checked the statue for fingerprints. It turned out the fingerprints spelled out a word. "W-A-T-A-N-A-B-E... Ha!" Yuu said to himself. Yuu threw everything into the bag, then gave the white powder back to Benio. "The fingerprint was there for 10 years..." Yuu thought to himself, then he asked Benio "When did you give this mini-statue to your friend?".

Takakuwa responded "Ten years ago. Exactly ten years ago.", then Yuu responded "That's all I need. Thank you.", then Benio suddenly blushed a deep red, then said "U-um, you're welcome.", then opened the door for Yuu. Yuu ran to the crime scene, to find Minori Watanabe.

"Minori Watanabe, you're the murderer!" Yuu declared. Minori was in shock, then everyone took a good look at her. "Question. What does the statue have to do with anything?" Minori asked, but then Yuu then responded "You should say what the knife has to do with everything. You took the knife and made it look like the murder weapon! You had to do this because you don't want everyone to think you're the killer, because the statue belongs to you!"

"Are you even SURE the statue is the murder weapon?" Minori responded in anger. Yuu replied "Read the report. He was killed with a blunt object. Knife isn't blunt, and the statue is.". Minori got her fists pumped, and then shouted "SHUT UP!" then almost punched Yuu, but he dodged. Minori got tired out, and angry, so she fell to her knees, then said "Fine... I admit it.".

"So you're the killer?" Yuu asked. Minori got her breath back, then said "Yes.", then Robōkami announced "Good, you think you got the killer? Post on the forums on who you think the killer is.". Everyone said Minori, including Minori herself. After a few minutes, the robot wolf announced "You got it right, morons! Alright Minori, to the Occupunishment Room!"

Minori had to go the the Occupunishment Room for her punishment. An Occupunishment is an execution relating to their occupation (Almost like Danganronpa :p), so Minori gets her punishment. Minori sits down a chair in the room, and everyone had to watch it. An animated cute cat came up to Minori, and Minori liked it, but then the setting changed to a classroom, then two boys chased the cat.

The two boys got a whip, and used it at the cat to brutally murder the kitten to death. They even used a hammer. After that, Minori was in tears, then Shino wanted to look away. After that, the animated boys used the same weapons to punish Minori. This was Minori's punishment.

Name: Minori Watanabe
Motive: Wanted to get out
Occupation: Animator
Age: 22
Punishment: Whip, Hammer.