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The Legend of the Guardians: Chapter 3: Discovering the Power

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Last time, Melody discovered that she was considered a child of the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta! After she became aquatinted with quite a few legendaries, she has to face one of her future partners, Sora the Child of Keldeo, to a battle. How is is going to battle if she doesn't know any moves?
"I am so ready to see what I can do." Melody cheered. "Great!" Sora gave a silly grin.
"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, first we need a recap on who Meloetta is." Tyre said seriously, but excitement sparkled in his eyes. "So from what I can remember, Meloetta is the Pokemon of Song and Dance. We know you sing, Melody, but can you dance?"
He asked. "Uhh, I don't think I'm that good at it but my dance teacher one year said I was a natural." Melody responded. "Ok, so that's all we need to know." Tyre said, formally.
"Ok, face Sora in a Guardian match. In that kind of battle, two Guardians use their power to fight one another, usually for training or settling arguments. But, Child of Keldeo, Melody has never been in a match before, so take it easy." Tyre finished.
"What in the world am I supposed to do? Punch him? Attack him?" Melody cried deliriously. "How am I suppost to fight if I don't know any self defense?" Tyre smiled at Melody's reaction, remembering that his reaction to his first match was similar to hers. "Remember, Meloetta is the Pokemon of Song and Dance. Begin."
As soon as the word left his mouth, Sora glowed for a second, three other people apearing and then disappearing just as quickly. Then once the light faded, Sora's appearance changed. His bright red hair was even more wild and his horn from earlier became rigid, and a navy blue color.
"My gosh!" Melody exclaimed. "Whoops, forgot to let go of that item..." Sora's voice trailed, obviously beating himself up over it. "Hey, I'll still find a way to beat you!" She called across the grassy feild.
By now, a small group of Guardians formed in a circle around the two battlers, probably curious of what the Child of Meloetta could do. Before she left the room to go outside earlier, Kallie had said something. "When you are being attacked by a head-on move, imagine that you can fly."
"Are you ready? Because here I come!" The Keldeo child ran towards her, using a weak Aqua Jet. "Imagine you can fly." Kallie's voice echoed through her mind.
Just before she was sure Sora would hit her, he missed. More like, she dodged. Melody found herself about 7 feet up in the air, with a somewhat surprised Sora beneath her. "Another Pixie legendary!" Some Guardians cheered.
"So, We didn't know much about Meloetta before today, we only knew that she was the Pokemon of song and dance. But now, we know that's Meloetta is a Pixie Legendary!" Tyre said, moderately surprised at this news. "Ha, you can float all you want, but I've got ranged attacks!" Sora called as his hands shot out a water gun.
Melody moved right, left, Up and down to dodge the attacks. 'Sing! My child, show them the Power of your Voice!' The voice that sang with her earlier echoed In her mind. Right then, she knew what to do.
Melody put one hand over her hair clip on the left side and... Sung. A very loud high pitched noise erupted from her mouth, making all of those around her recoil and cover their ears. Only Sora however, seemed to have physical damage.
'Echoed voice.' She thought to herself. Melody liked that move. "Let's see here..." Melody mumbled as she landed. She stared at the dizzy Sora, and concentrated hard. Slowly, he was lifted into the air, then slammed back to the ground. 'Psychic. That's a cool one.'
Sora was on the verge of being too injured to battle, so he was enraged. "That's not fair! You can't do that!" He launched a sacred sword at her, the attack was going to land, for sure.
'Sing my child, did I not tell you to show them the power of your voice?' Her mind echoed. Melody started to sing a song, the one for the ceremony. Bright lights surrounded the Child of Meloetta.
As she continued to sing, Melody felt physical changes happening. Her dress split, so it looked more like a tutu, the green band transforming into orange and her hair was wrapping up around itself. Though she did not notice it, her hair and eyes became a deep autumn orange, as did her circlet.
The light faded and Melody took a second to study herself. "Hmm, now this is interesting." She said. Melody felt the urge to run up and swiftly end this match. So, she flew over to the Child of Keldeo and, well, used close combat.
Sora fell, too dizzy to continue with the match. Most of the Guardians cheered for the new recruit. Others just remaind still and admired the power Melody possesses.
"Yes!" Kallie ran over to Melody. "Welcome to the club Pixie!" Behind her stood a few other girls, who also seemed like they were floating. "Well, I'm glad to be part of it." Melody responded.

-------Meanwhile In a dark place somewhere...-------
"Has the Child been found yet? Have we failed?" A raspy voice whispered to a man. "No." His voice boomed throughout the empty room.
"We have not failed. They have found her, but the Child can be manipulated." There was a pause. "And how will we do that sir?" The raspy one sounded. "Let's see if waging war makes any difference...."