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Pokehigh School: Chapter 3 || Broken heart, Stronger Soul

by Bellenette

Bellenette #Summercamp15
After class~

"Omg, Serena, did you see that?!" White said angry. "She just freaking kissed him and he didn't do anything!" White was furious. "I heard that they're dating!" Crystal added. "What a jerk, that is why I like Xavier", Yvonne said. They all agreed. "I know, he's such a jerk, I don't even want to look at him, nor Miette, seven if I still love him", I said angrily. "Hey girls..." I said with a sly look on my face. "Let's sabotage them", I said. "Oh yes! You guys should!" Some random girl added. "Uh...who are you?" I asked. "Oh I'm Sapphire", she said, she had vampire like teeth. "Oh okay", I said. "Oh yeah, Calem wanted me to give you this!" She said and then ran off, yeah, I said ran. "Hmm...", I said, I had a michivous look on my face. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" White asked. "I think, I'm going to have to "fake date", I said. "Ohh...ask Calem if he would help you...", Platinum said. "Yep", I said. "Or, we could just become super popular AND reject Romeo (Calem)", I said. "Yes, let's do that!" They all agreed. So this was the start of something new, and big.

At the dorms~
"So, White I guess we got the giant dorm room, so our whole group will sleep here!" I said excitedly. "Yeah!" They agreed. We were already changed, the night sky looked beautiful. "Omg, did you just read what Rosa posted on Pokesation?" Platinum said. "What did she put I didn't see it?" White said. Platinum threw the phone to White, it landed on the bed. "Wow, no way!" White said. "Ash actually hugged Miette!" White said. "What no way!" I said and grabbed the phone out of her hand. "That little jerk, how could he, is she doing something, this can't be real!"I said, I am truly amazed at what he just did! "Let me login on my phone!" I said while typing in my password. I found Ash, oh Arceus, he is corny. He put "Miette is so wonderful, couldn't have asked for more", as his status and his photo with of him and Miette.

The Next Morning~
"Wow, we look amazing?" Crys (Crystal) said as she twirled in the mirror. "Yeah!" Yvonne agreed. We all looked amazing in their uniforms, our hair did too, everything was perfect. "Okay, let's go!" I said as my group walked out the door with style. When we went to the lockers (Not that shower room-_-) and we walked with style.

"That was awesome", May said as I and her walked down the hallway to class. "Yeah, it sure was!"She said with a smile on her face. "Um Serena?" Ash randomly came up and said. "What do you want brat?" I asked and flipped my hair. "Uh um", he stuttered. "Oh shut up, you messed up this tme, I have no time for losers", I went and walked on. He got in my way. "Wait!" He said as he was in her path. "Get out of my way!" I said as I slapped him down, people were laughing. "Let's go May", I said as we both went into the same classroom.

At lunch ~
"Wow that was so awesome Serena", White exclaimed as she sat next to me. The girls agreed. "Heh, thanks!" I said. "Hey Serena, loser alert", Yvonne said as Ash was being me, he gave her a frown. "Can I talk to you in private?" He asked. "Fine", I said angrily. We went into a vacant hall and he told me everything. "You saw all of the posts right?" He asked me. "How could I not?" I said. "Well, Miette posted those to make you jealous", he said. "You know I'd never do that to you EVER", he said. "What about you dating her?" I asked. "I-I just wanted to try it out, so I'd be sure if I wanted date the person I truly love", he said. "Miette and I are through", he said as he backed of. "Thanks for letting me explain", he said and walked into the cafeteria. I waited, then I went back into the cafeteria and sat with the girls. "So what happened", Platinum asked. I explained to them.

At night~
"Hmm...who is this letter from?" I asked White as I showed her the letter. "I don't know?" White was puzzled. "To my dear Serena, meet me on the roof to marrow at 6:00 an hour before you get ready", I read aloud. "I-is", White couldn't finish the sentence. "A love letter!?" We said at the same time. "I guess, I'll go on the rooftop..." I decided. "Tomorrow", I said. "Yeah...", White agreed.
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